Chapter 49:  Searching for a present

After Luna had gotten over her bad cold she was able to go to school and play with her friends. One afternoon Luna in her earth pony form and had hurried home from school. She ran into the house and up the stairs to her room. Then she left her bag on her bed and hurried downstairs. She went to the kitchen and saw her mother making cookies. Skyview was looking at a calendar by the kitchen door.
"Hi, Mom."
"I see your back from school," Rosebud replied.
Luna looked curiously at Skyview wondering what he was doing. She walked over to him and looked at the calendar. There was no marks on it so why was he staring at it?
"Oh Luna," Skyview exclaimed after realizing Luna was standing next to him, "Did you have a good time at school?"
"Yes, It was great. Ummm...Skyview do you know what day it is today?" Luna asked.
"Sure I do. It's thursday. Didn't you know?"
"Sure I just thought you were trying to find out what day it is," Luna replied.
Skyview smiled greatly, "That wasn't why I was looking at the calendar. Our birthday is coming up at the end of this month."
"Birthday?" Luna asked surprising, "Who's?"
"Stardust, Mine and Starfire."
"All three of you?"
Skyview laughed, "Don't' tell me you forgot. We are triples, born on the same day, of corse we would have the same birthday."
Luna blushed, "Oh, I...I never thought of that," She looked up at him, "What should I get dad?"
"Oh, I'm not sure. He has just about everything," Skyview replied.
"I got to get him something," Luna replied, she looked at the calendar and realized something important, "That's after the full moon. I won't be able to go!"
"Unfortunately not, Luna."
Luna felt disappointed.
"But you can still get Stardust something for his birthday."
"What though?" Luna asked, "A book?"
"Well, he does read but not as much as I do."
"Umm, coloring books?"
"No, he's to busy to stay put and color. Luna, why don't you go shopping and pick what you think he would like. Remember we may look alike but we are very different," Skyview told her.
"Ok, I'll get dad something. I'm not sure what though," Luna replied. As she turned and was about to leave, Skyview stopped her, "One more thing Luna, what ever you get will glow on a full moon."
"Ok," Luna replied then she hurried out the door.

She walked through the park and was about to exit when Blueberry approached her, "Lunarstar!"
Luna stopped and waited for him.
"I was about to go and see you. Want to...walk around or something?" Blueberry asked.
"I thought you have soccer practice."
"Our coach isn't feeling well so he canceled the practice," Blueberry replied.
"Well, I'm about to go shopping. You can come with me if you like."
"Shopping?" Blueberry asked loudly.
"Yes, my dad's birthday is coming up soon and I'm out to find something for him," Luna explained.
"Oh, well sure. I'll go with you."

Luna and Blueberry continued walking out of the park towards town. As they got closer, the sidewalk became crowded with ponies. Luna and Blueberry looked at every window as they walked by.
"How about a hat?" Blueberry asked.
"Well, He sort of has one. I want something special though," Luna replied.
They continued walking past stores as Blueberry tried to suggest things for a present.
"A cape?" Blueberry asked.
"No," Luna answered. She couldn't imagine her father walking around with a glowing cape.
"Well ummm...belt?"
"How about...a brush?"
"What are you going to get him then?" Blueberry asked.
"I don't know. He's got everything he wants. What can I give to someone who has everything?" Luna asked.
As they walked deeper into town, Blueberry spotted a photo store.
"What about a picture of you?" Blueberry asked.
"A picture?" Luna asked. That was the one thing her father didn't have, he has a baby picture of her but not when she older.
"You can go over there and have your picture taken," Blueberry pointed.
"No...ummm, I want the picture else where," Luna replied. She knew what would happened if a photographer took her picture, they would see a white winged unicorn and she couldn't allow that to happen. She would have to ask her friends for help and have the film developed herself.
Luna looked at the sky and saw the sun was setting, she and Blueberry had been busy walking all over town that she hadn't noticed the time.
"I got to go home but thank you for the help, Blueberry."
Blueberry smiled, "Sure. That's why I'm here for."
Luna gave him a kiss and ran out of town.