Chapter 48: Seing him for the first time

The sky was dark and the stars twinkled brightly through the drifting clouds. Luna laid awake in her bed thinking about her locket. Her friends had tried looking for it but couldn't find it, even Blueberry, Blizzard and Skyview looked but her locket was no where to be found. Luna closed her eyes trying to sleep but she couldn't stop thinking about her locket. She climbed out of bed making sure she didn't wake up Little Flitter who was sleeping on a pillow on her dresser.
"I got to find it. I'll be back before anyone knew I was gone," Luna thought knowing what she was about to do would get her in trouble.

Luna winked out and appeared in front of the school. She walked around the grass with her horn glowing as she searched for her locket. She wondered into the school playground and looked around but it wasn't there. She winked into the school and searched the halls. She went to her desk to look but it wasn't there.
"Where could it be?" Luna thought, "The park? but it was searched...wait a minute. I go to the lake a lot with Blueberry, it could be there." Luna deeply hoped she would find it.

She winked out and appeared at the lake in the park. With her glowing horn she began search the grass around the lake. She had walked around the lake and was heading towards the docks when a pony suddenly stepped in front of her. Luna stopped and looked up, to her great surprise it was the ice blue pony, the one she had heard so much about. She had always wanted to see him and now she got her chance.
"Umm...Hi," Luna muttered nervously. She couldn't see his face or his mane but he was defiantly ice blue with hairy feet. Then she realized the pony was about her age. She couldn't stop staring at him. She couldn't get over how close he was and the fact she was really seeing him.

Blizzard was just a surprised as she was. He had never been so close to her. As he stared at her, he felt something was familiar about her but she didn't know what it was.

"Are...are you after me?" Luna asked, "If so...why?"
"I'm ordered to kill you," his whispering voice answered suddenly he blew icy freezing air on her.

Little Flitter was sound asleep as she rolled to her other side, suddenly she slipped off and fell on the dresser. Little Flitter yawned and flew up to her pillow when she suddenly noticed Luna was gone. She flew to the bed to be sure she wasn't seeing things. She then flew to the kitchen and around the other rooms but Luna wasn't there, then she flew to Skyview's room but his door was closed. She knocked on the door knowing he would hear her. A few minutes later the door opened and there stood a very tired Skyview with his eyes half closed.
"This had better be important," Skyview muttered.
"It is. Luna isn't in bed," Little Flitter replied.
Skyview's eyes suddenly looked wide awake. He didn't have to look around the house, he could sense that she had left.
"Go back to sleep. I'm going out to find her," Skyview replied.

Skyview winked to the forest thinking she was out exploring but his sense told him she wasn't there. He winked to the park hoping she was there walking around, suddenly his senses became strong, she was very close. Skyview followed his sense to the lake and gasped when he saw Luna turning to ice. Skyview winked next to her, then he grabbed her and winked out.
"Him again!" Blizzard exclaimed, "I just can't get her when he's around!"

Skyview winked to the bathroom at home. He turned on the lights and saw Luna's coat hanging with icicles. Her hooves were ice. Luna stood shaking as tears flowed from her eyes. She couldn't believe the pony that was her age had just tried turn her to an ice cub and was even going to kill her. Skyview quickly filled the tub with hot water, close to warm. He picked up Luna and put her in the tub. Luna could feel the ice on her feet loosening and melting. The steam from the hot water was meting the icicles on her fur. Luna looked up at Skyview and saw is angry face staring at her. She had seen his angry face when he got mad at Starfire but he had never gotten mad at her.
"Just what were you thinking?" Skyview exclaimed, "You know better than to go out at night. Weren't you told not to leave the house at night?" When Skyview didn't get an answer he continued, "Answer me."
"Yes," Luna replied as tears dripped from her cheek.
"Luna, I don't know if I can trust you again. You were told not to go out and you did anyways. That ice blue pony almost got you and if it wasn't for Little Flitter he would have. If anything had happened to you under my care, Stardust would be forever mad at me and you know it's best not to get him mad."
Luna's legs felt warm and she was able to move them again. She laid in the water feeling her body quickly warming up as she cried, "I'm sorry." She looked up at him and saw he was still mad.
When she felt she had completely thawed out she stood and walked out of the tub. Skyview took two towels from the rack on the wall and handed it to her. Luna quickly dried her coat then her wings and hair.
"Now, get to bed," Skyview told her.
Luna turned and left the bathroom with Skyview behind her. He followed her to her room and waited till she climbed in bed.
"I'm sorry," Luna whispered.
"I know but we could have lost you for good because you didn't listen," Skyview replied walking towards the door.
Luna began to cry, she rubbed her eyes with her hoofs, "I was looking for my locket."
Skyview turned and looked at her, "You were out looking for you locket?" He walked to her bedside, "Luna, your locket is not worth losing you. I could have gone out and looked for you but tonight I was so very tired."
Luna sobbed trying to keep quiet.
"Mom and dad gave me the locket....I...I never take it off. I look at it when I miss them," Luna thought about her parents and the times she looked at her locket when she missed them. She began to feel lonely and miss them, she felt bad for losing something she had promised never to take it off.
Skyview sat on her bed. Luna leaned on him and cried, "It's me."
"I want your promise, your word as a Princess that you will never sneak out again."
"I promise," Luna replied crying.
"I hope I can trust you to keep your word," Skyview told her.
"I won't do it again," Luna muttered.
She covered her face and continued to cry.
Skyview sat on the bed till she had cried herself to sleep. He lied her in the center of the bed and covered her.
"Luna, that was just to close," Skyview whispered at the thought of when he saw her and the ice blue pony in the park. He turned from her bed and quietly left her room.

The next morning Luna laid in bed with a painful headache and sore nose. She didn't dare move her head or body. Skyview had woken up and just past her room when he noticed her in bed. He walked in the room and wasn't surprised to see she had a cold.
Just then Rosebud walked in the room, "She's got a bad cold."
Skyview noticed a book on the dresser or floating over the dresser, "I noticed."
"She told me she went out last night. Perhaps this will teach her to listen next time," Rosebud hopped.
Luna let a tear fall from her eye, she was still thinking about how mad Skyview was last night and how she had sneaked out of the house. Rosebud sat on the bed and stroked her head and dried her tear.
"Don't cry. It'll make your headache feel worse," Rosebud told her.
Skyview stood and looked around at the floating books and objects, "Maybe I'll take some things out of this room till she's better."
"Please do Skyview."
"Skyview," Luna whispered.
Skyview walked to her bedside, "Yes?"
"I saw him...the ice blue pony. He was my age."
"I know, Luna. I've seen him too."
"Why him? He's a little pony like me."
Skyview stood and pondered on her question. Why would a little pony go after Luna?
"I don't know, Luna," Skyview answered.
Luna let a few more tears drip from her cheek, "He said he was ordered to kill me."
Skyview looked at her surprisingly. That was something he didn't know. The little pony was ordered to? Who would order a little pony to kill another pony? When he had seen and fought the pony there was no hint or sign or rejection.
"Are you sure he said that?" Skyview asked.
"Yes," Luna answered.
Skyview continued to think about what Luna said as he walked around her room grabbing floating items.
"In the past when she had a cold, her powers weakened but within the last year or two they just seem to go out of control when she's sick," Rosebud observed.
"Well, it could be because she is Kesia a white dragon and as a little pony she can use the dragon's power and enhance her own unicorn powers," Skyview guessed.
Rosebud looked at Luna and felt her forehead again, she felt very warm, "Let me make you some soup then you should get some rest."
Rosebud left the room and hurried to the kitchen to make soup. Little Flitter hovered nearby as she watched curiously. After she had made the soup and put it in a bowel, she carried it upstairs with Little Flitter behind her. The soup was hot as steam rose from the bowel. When Luna saw her mother with the soup, she carefully sat up in bed. Rosebud handed her the soup. Luna took the spoon and blew on the soup till it was cool enough to eat. When she finished Rosebud took the bowel and left the room. Skyview closed the curtains while Luna laid back on the bed. He carried her stuff out of her room and placed it in his room on the floor.

After the morning had past and Skyview was the next room reading when there was a sudden knock at the door. Little Flitter went in the next room with Skyview, she knew better than to follow Rosebud to the door. She was told never to be seen at the door. Rosebud walked to the front door and opened it. There stood Luna's friends with Blueberry.
"Lunarstar didn't come to school today. Is she alright?" Starlight asked worriedly.
"She's sick but I'll let her know you all came by," Rosebud answered.
"Would you tell her I said to get well soon?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes...umm what's your name?" Rosebud asked.
Skyview lifted his head the book when he heard the name. That was the pony Luna loved, the one Luna was not suppose to get so attached to.
"I will," Rosebud replied.
The girls turned and left with Blueberry. Rosebud shut the door while Skyview stood up and left the room.

"I'll see how Luna is. She's been asleep all day," Rosebud told him.
"I'll go with you," Skyview added.
They walked upstairs and saw Luna still asleep. Rosebud touched her forehead, it was warm but not as hot as this morning.
"She's getting better," Rosebud whispered. She lightly shook Luna awake, "How are you feeling?"
Luna smiled, "Better at lest..."Luna suddenly felt like a sneeze was coming. Her nose began to tingle, "...I don't have a headache." Suddenly she sneezed and the door slammed shut.
"Great, Now the sneezing. At lest you took everything out of her room," Rosebud told him.
"Yes, except for the dresser, it's to big to carry out," Skyview replied.
Just then there was a knock at the door. Rosebud left Luna's room and hurried downstairs. She opened the door and found Blizzard standing there with a blank look on his face.
"Is Lunarstar here?" Blizzard ask.
"Yes but she sick."
"Oh, well could you give this to her?" Blizzard asked as he took out a while envelope form his bag.
"Sure," Rosebud answered and took the envelope.
"It's from Miss Hackney," Blizzard told her.
"What's your name?" Rosebud asked, "So I can tell Lunarstar who brought this to her."
"My name is Blizzard," Then he turned and left.
Rosebud closed the door and went upstairs to find Luna still sneezing.
"Blizzard came to give this to you," Rosebud told her as she handed Luna the sealed envelope.
"Blizzard?" Skyview asked thinking about the winter wind and the blizzard that was in her room at Dream Castle.
"Yes, it's just another boy pony from her school," Rosebud answered.
Luna quickly opened the envelope and gasped shockingly, "It's my locket!" Then she took out a note and read it, "Dear Lunarstar. I missed you today in school, hope to see you back soon. I found your locket on the seat of your desk. I think it broke off from the constant rubbing on your desk. It happened quite often at school. Next time I suggest you take it off in class or be very carful."
Rosebud and Skyview smiled, they were glad to see Luna happy again.
"You see Lunarstar, It eventually showed up," Rosebud remarked.
Luna smiled greatly, "Yes it did," then her smile faded, "I went out last night for nothing."
"Apparently so," Skyview replied, "I hope you learned a great lesson about sneaking out again."
Luna smiled at him, "next time I'll wait till morning."
"Lunarstar, I'll put the locket away, you just get some rest," Rosebud told her.
Luna gave her the locket and laid back down while sneezing.
Rosebud and Skyview quietly left her room.