Chapter 47:  Lost Locket

It was morning and Rosebud walked into Luna's room and stood by her bedside.
"Wake up, Lunarstar," Rosebud called to her as she shook her.
"Mmmm?" Luna mumbled.
"Come on, get up. I got your breakfast downstairs."
Luna opened her eyes and yawned while Rosebud left the room. Luna threw the covers off of her and climbed out of bed. She stretched her legs and wings then walked over to the dresser and began brushing her long white hair. Just then Little Flitter flew in her room from the partly opened door.
"Morning, Luna!"
Morning," Luna replied, feeling to tired to even talk to her, "Do you always feel so wide awake in the mornings?
"Yes," Little Flitter replied.
Luna yawned again, then she opened her jewelry box to get her locket but to her surprise it wasn't there. She looked all over her desk, the floor and in her school bag but she couldn't find it.
"What's wrong?" Little Flitter asked.
"My Locket is gone," Luna answered worriedly.
"That golden necklace you always wear?"
"Yes. Have you seen it?" Luna asked still looking around her room.
"Nope, in fact you wasn't wearing it last night. I guess you were too tired to notice it," Little Flitter replied.
"Why didn't you say something to me?" Luna asked looking up at her.
"I thought you had it put away so I didn't bother asking."
"I just can't loose it!" Luna exclaimed.

She hurried out of the room with Little Flitter behind her. She walked downstairs and saw Skyview curiously watching TV.
"Skyview have you seen my necklace?" Luna asked.
"No, like Little Flitter said. You didn't wear it last night," Skyview replied. He had heard Luna and Little Flitter upstairs talking.
"Am I the only one who didn't notice it?" Luna asked.
"Notice what?" Rosebud asked walking in from another room.
"My necklace with my locket on it."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't seen it. When was the last time you saw it?" Rosebud asked.
"When I put it on yesterday. I never take it off except when I go to bed," Luna replied.
"Well, why don't you look for it later. Eat your breakfast before it gets cold," Rosebud told her.
"But what about my locket? What if someone found it and opened it?" Luna asked as she walked to the dinning room.
"I don't think anything will happen, Luna," Skyview answered, "It's just a picture of your parents faces. You can't even tell Royal Heart is a pegasus."
"But..." Luna felt her eyes starting to water.
"I'll look around the house if you like," Skyview proposed.
"Thanks," Luna replied but she still felt worried.
"I'm sure you just misplaced it. It'll show up soon," Rosebud assured her trying to make Luna smiled but it wasn't working.

After breakfast Luna changed to an earth pony and hurried outside. She hurried through the park to the ice cream shop and saw her friends sitting at booth.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Starlight exclaimed.
Luna walked up to them breathing heavily from the long hard run she had.
"What's wrong?" Melody asked.
"I lost my locket," Luna answered, "I got to find it."

Blizzard sat behind them listing with interest. He remembered when he had lost his necklace which he found out Raspberry had it.

"Where did you last see it?" Sweetheart asked.
"I put it on yesterday morning," Luna answered.
"And when did you notice it was gone?" Bright Eyes asked.
"This morning when I went to put it on."
"Maybe someone at home took it?" Bon Bon suggested.
"No one at home had seen it," Luna replied feeling worried that someone had found it.
"We'll help you look," Patch suggested.
"I'll check here," Starlight added.
"Lets split up," Bright Eyes told everyone.
They got out of their booths and left the shop with Luna behind them.

Some went to town looking around the ground while some went to the park or checked with the boys. They looked at the school ground and asked other little ponies but still there was no locket. Luna walked sadly though the park, she thought about when her parents first gave it to her because of how sad she was. She had promised not to take it off and now it's gone.
"Lunarstar," Blueberry called to her.
Luna stopped and turned trying to smile.
"I heard you lost your locket," Blueberry remarked.
Luna let a tear fall from her cheek, "I'm sorry. That locket means a lot to me."
Blueberry nuzzled her cheek, "I'll keep looking for you. Maybe I'll ask Raspberry and see if she has it."
"Thank you Blueberry," Luna replied smiling.

Blueberry turned and left. He followed the sidewalk through the shadowy trees when he noticed Blizzard looking under bushes. Blueberry was curious ad had to stop.
"What are you doing?" Blueberry asked.
Blizzard raised his head and looked at him blankly, "Looking for a locket."
"You mean Lunarstar's locket?" Blueberry asked.
"Did the girls asked you or...were you spying again?" Blueberry asked.
"Spying?" Blizzard asked. He didn't like the way Blueberry was talking to him.
"I’ve seen you spying on little ponies in the park and listening to other ponies talking. I've even seen you eyeing Lunarstar a lot. I don't want to catch you spying on her again," Blueberry told him, "Besides, if anyone is going to find her locket it will be me." He turned and began to walk away.
"Not if I find it first and so what if I watch other ponies. You should mind your own business!" Blizzard warned him.
Blueberry turned angrily and face him, "Anything that deals with Lunarstar is my business. Why don't you go home and stay there."
Blizzard was getting angry, "I think it would be best if you went home with that stupid sister of your and stayed there."
Blueberry walked towards him and stood close to him, "You just leave Lunarstar alone and I'll be happy."
"I have the right to talk to her and walk with her or even watch her if I want to and there's nothing you can do about it."
"Oh well see about that!" Blueberry replied.
Just then Patch and Bon Bon ran up to them and was surprised to see them looking angrily at each other.
"Is...something wrong?" Patch hesitated to ask.
"No!" The two answered.
Then they turned and left, each going the opposite direction.
Patch and Bon Bon looked at each other feeling confused.
"I wonder what that was about?" Bon Bon asked.
"I have no idea but I don't think those two liked each other. Come on, we have to find Lunarstar," Patch replied.

The two girls turned and ran till they found Luna looking in trash bins.
"Lunarstar!" Patch called.
Lunar looked up at them hoping they had found her locket but she saw they weren't carrying it, she felt dissapointed.
"We looked everywhere and can't find it," Bon Bon told her.
Just then Starlight and Clover ran up to her.
"We can't find it either," Starlight told her.
Luna sighed sadly, knowing she had lost it for good.
Just then Bright Eyes, Sweetheart and Melody ran up to her.
"We can't find it," Sweetheart told her.
"Thanks for looking you guys," Luna replied sadly.
"Lunarstar it'll show up," Starlight assured her.
"I hope so. It's all I have of my parents while I’," Luna replied.

The girls walked together to the club house and had their tea as they talked for a while then when the sun began to set, Luna got up and left thanking her friends for the help.
She walked to the park and was about to leave it when she ran into Blueberry at the exit.
"I'm sorry Lunarstar. I looked everywhere," Blueberry told her.
Luna smiled weakly, "Thank you. I guess it's gone for good."
"I'll look tomorrow."
"Thanks Blueberry," Luna replied, "I better be going home."
"I'll see you tomorrow," Blueberry replied then he kissed her and left.
Luna turned and was about to leave when Blizzard walked out form the bushes.
"I...heard about your locket. I even looked and couldn't find it," Blizzard told her.
"Thanks but I don't think I'll see it again."
"I know what's it like to be...attached to a necklace. I lost mine and got it back thanks to you. Lunarstar, keep looking, something that special is bound to show up soon or later."
Luna was surprised to hear more than a few words from him, she was surprised he even said her name. Luna realized he was right, her necklace is special to her and will show up soon she just can't give up. Luna smiled at him, "Thank you Blizzard. I guess your right. I will keep looking till I find it. I got to go home before my parents sends someone to get me. Bye!" Luna turned and ran home.

Blizzard turned towards the park and saw Blueberry looking at him angrily. Blizzard stared at him blankly then he turned and went back to the shack.