Chapter 46: Raspberry's real self.

It was in the afternoon and Little Flitter laid asleep in her cage on a soft small blankets. Raspberry walked in and sat on the beg disturbing her sleep.
"Little Flitter, wake up," Raspberry exclaimed.
Little Flitter woke up and climbed out of her bed. She walked over to the bars looking sleepy.
Raspberry reached in her bag and pulled out a chocolate bar.
Little Flitter smiled greatly.
"I know how much you love chocolate bars," Raspberry told her. She opened the bar and broke it in half then she put half of the bar through the cage bars.
Little Flitter took the bar and began eating it when she was done, her hooves and face was covered in chocolate. Raspberry couldn't help but giggled.

Little Flitter hurried to her water bowl and quickly began cleaning herself, "why is it always so messy?"
"Good things are messy I guess," Raspberry replied.
When Little Flitter was done she went to the cage bars smiling, "So what happened today?"
Raspberry finished her bar and laid on her bed sadly, "Terrible as usual. I tried making friends but everyone thinks I'm after their big secret. I can thank my big mouth brother for telling the whole school. I asked my so called friends to stay at my house for the night or watch movies but they made up some story and left. I noticed Lunarstar today with her group of friends."
"You should talk to her," Little Flitter suggested.
"No, I don't want to be friends with her," Raspberry replied.
"Why?" Little Flitter asked.
"I just don't."
"Is it because she's got more friends than you do?" Little Flitter asked.
Raspberry let a tear fall, "All I ever wanted was lots of friends."
"I'm your friend," Little Flitter quickly said.
Raspberry sat up and smiled but then it quickly faded, "Yes you are."
Raspberry suddenly stood up and looked through her bag, then she took out a jar. Little Flitter was nervous and walked from the cage door. Raspberry walked to the cage and opened it, then she reached in and grabbed Little Flitter.
"Wait..what are you going to do with me?" Little Flitter asked.
Raspberry dropped her in the jar and closed the lid, then she held the jar up, "I'm such a terrible friend. I don't deserve it." She put the jar in her bag, "I'll let you go but far from town where no one else can get you."
Little Flitter smiled greatly, "Thank you!"
Raspberry left her room and went downstairs, "I'm going out!" Then she left the house.

She walked through the community of houses towards the forest. When she entered the forest she stopped and looked, no one saw her which was how she wanted it. She continued walking into the forest going further and further from town till she could no longer see any buildings.
She stopped and rested on a hill top, over looking a small stream that ran through the shaded forest. Raspberry reachwed in her bag and took out the jar.
"I think this is the place," Raspberry muttered. She unscrewed the lid and let Little Flitter go who flew wildly around her. Little Flitter was so happy to see trees and the grass, she had forgotten how much she liked the forest. she flew up to Raspberry's face and landed on her nose, "Thank you so much. The forest smells so good."
Raspberry smiled, "You can go home now."
Little Flitter didn't know where home was but she figured she could find Luna, "Bye and thanks." She flew from the tree tops and continued flying higher till she saw the town, "Oh, I'm quite far from town."

She flapped her wings and flew towards town. She was so small and the forest was so big it seem hours till she reached the edge of the forest, by then her wings were tired. She flew to the roof of a house and rested on it while looking around for Luna.
"She's got to be around...Wait a minute. She goes to school...but I don't know where that's at," She sighed sadly wondering how long will she be roaming around to find Luna?
Once she was rested she continued to fly around the community of houses looking at every pony. When the sun began to set she knew she had to find a place to rest for the night and yet keep herself hidden from other ponies. She flew far till she saw a familiar park. She instantly knew where she was. She flew to a fairly large tree ahead and landed in it, resting at the higher branches. She sat down and yawned, then she laid down watching the sun quickly setting. She had spent most of her morning waiting for Raspberry to come home from school and then searching for Luna. The day had worn her out.

As the night came and the stars shined brightly, Little Flitter was half asleep when she heard two familiar voices. Little Flitter opened her eyes and saw Buster and Charades. She quickly stood up smiling greatly. She left the tree and flew towards them, then she landed on Charades head and held his hair tightly not wanting to let go as she cried.
Charades stopped walking once he felt something on his head. Buster looked at him and smiled, "It's Little Flitter!"
"Little Flitter?" Charades asked, "Where have you been?"
"I was caught and put in a cage then I was let out and then I couldn't find you or Luna or anyone," Little Flitter replied.
"Well I better take you to Luna'rstars house then," Charades proposed, "Buster you head back to the apartment. I'll see you in the morning."
"Ok," Buster continued walking while Charades walked towards the park.
"Who caught you?" Charades asked.
"Raspberry," Little Flitter replied.
"Her...why am I not surprised?" Charades replied.
Charades began walking through the park as fast as he could.

When he reached Luna's house he noticed Blueberry leaving Luna's yard in a hurry. Little Flitter noticed Luna in her earth form at the door and quickly flew towards her but when she reached the house, Luna had closed the door.
Charades approached the door and knocked. Luna opened it and was surprised to see Little Flitter and Charades.
Little Flitter smiled greatly and flew to her face, hugging her.
Luna let Charades in and took him to the living room.
"Little Flitter," Rosebud called to her, "I'm sorry for throwing you out to the trash. I didn't see you."
Little Flitter flew from Luna to Rosebud smiling, "I'm just glad to be back."
"Charades how did you find her?" Skyview asked.
"Me and Buster were on our way back to the apartment when She flew towards us."
"Raspberry caught me and put me in a cage. I was set free and I found my way to the park," Little Flitter explained.
"Her?" Luna exclaimed," Did you tell her about me?"
"No, I told her nothing," Little Flitter replied.
"Good," Skyview replied.
"Was that Blueberry, her brother that was just here?" Charades asked curiously.
"Yes, it seems that Raspberry is lost," Booster answered.
"Lost?" Little Flitter exclaimed surprisingly, "I just left her in the forest."
"Then she is lost in the forest," Skyview remarked.
"Can we go look for her?" Little Flitter asked.
"I'll go too," Luna added.
"No Luna, you stay here. Little Flitter, you stay with me," Skyview told her.
Little Flitter smiled and flew to his horn to hold on to it. Skyview suddenly winked out leaving a cloudy mist in the living room.

When Skyview appeared in the forest Little Flitter looked around but it was to dark to see.
"I can't see anything," Little Flitter complained.
"Fly to the top of the trees and take me where you last saw her," Skyview told her.
Little Flitter flew from his horn to the top of the trees while Skyview turned into a cloud. She hovered in the air and looked around, she saw the town and the houses she had seen earlier. She smiled as she remembered where she was. She flapped her wings and flew over the tree tops with Skyview behind her.

She flew for a long time till she felt she was the same distance she was this morning. She flew into the trees and hovered above the ground, Skyview landed and returned to his pony form.
"Is this the place?" Skyview asked.
"Yes...or close to it," little Flitter answered.
Skyview lit his horn, giving light to the area. He stood quietly listening but all he heard was animals. He continued walking with Little Flitter next to him as they looked around. The trees grew close together making it hard to find Raspberry. Everywhere they looked they saw hills, cliffs, bushes and rocks. Animals would startle them at time. Little Flitter landed on Skyview's head when she was glowing yellow eyes watching her every move.
"That's just an owl," Skyview told her.
"And do you know what they eat?" Little Flitter asked.
"Yes, snakes, rats and other small crawling animals."
"I'm small so it wouldn't notice the difference," Little Flitter pointed out.
Skyview smiled at her comment. After their long walk he suddenly heard a noise. Skyview stopped and listened quietly. He heard faint sounds of a pony crying. He followed the sound for sometime till he saw her in a ditch huddled next to a tree.
Raspberry turned when she noticed the arena lighting up. She gasped and began to run but she fell over a rock and into a bush.
"Don't be scared of me. I mean you no harm," Skyview assured her.
Raspberry stood up and looked at him with fear in her eyes. When he took a skep towards her, she took a step backwards.
Little Flitter flew from his head to Raspberry, "Raspberry!"
Raspberry looked at her surprisingly and smiled. Without warning she suddenly grabed Little Flitter and rubbed her cheeks on her, "I'm so glad you came back."
"W-what are f-friends for?" Little Flitter replied trying to breath. Raspberry let go of Little Flitter and smiled.
"This is my friend," Little Flitter pointed to Skyview.
"Are you sure?" Raspberry asked without taking her eyes off of him.
"I promise, I mean no harm. I only want to take you home," Skyview told her.
"Are you sure?" Raspberry asked, "Your not here to get rid of me?"
To her surprised, Skyview laughed, "No, I'm just taking you home."
Raspberry gave a weak smile but she still didn't trust him.
"Sorry about scaring you before. I wasn't...myself when you first saw me," Skyview explained, "But I must ask that you tell no one about me."
"Who in the world would beleive me anyways?" Raspberry asked, "They'll think I'm crazy if I told them a black unicorn took me home."
Skyview smiled, "lets go." He turned and began walking with Raspberry trailing behind him. They walked for a long time in silence till Raspberry said something.
"Where did you come from?" She asked curiously.
"I'm sorry, I can not tell you that," Skyview replied.
"Oh, well how about the ghost of ponyland. Do you know her?" Raspberry asked.
Skyview remained silent wondering if it would be alright to answer her.
Raspberry looked at the ground figuring he wasn't going to answer.
"Yes, I do," Skyview replied, "Please don't ask anything else about her."
Raspberry smiled when she finally got an answer from him. Skyview looked back at her, "How did you get lost in this forest?"
"I came here to let Little Flitter go but when I went to go home I forgot how I got here. Everything looked the same after awhile."
"I heard Little Flitter call you friend. Is that true?" Skyview asked curiously.
"Yes, she's the first true friend I ever had."
"First friend?" Skyview asked, "You don't have any other friends?"
"No," Raspberry reaplied sadly.
"You seem so nice, though."
"To you I do but others thinks I'm mean."
"Well from what I hear I don't blaim them. Just be yourself, a nice and caring pony and you'll find ponies will want to be your friend."
"No they won't. They'll ignore me or say hi and leave. No one wants to be my friend if they knew the real me. I tried it before and no one cares."
"Then those ponies wouldn't have made very good friends. You've been trying to make friends with the wrong ponies. That's all," Skyview smiled at her, "give it another try sometime." Well, we won't make it to town on foot at this rate. Now hold still and don't be scared." He lowed his horn and touched her. Suddenly they turned into a cloud and flew over the tree tops.

They flew for a short time flying over the trees like a blur. When they reached the comunity of houses they landed on the sidewalk returning to their pony form.
"Oh that was awsome!" Raspberry exclaimed, "It was like flying without wings and I could see everything at once."
Skyview smiled, "so do I."
"Well I guess I better get home. Thanks for your help and don't worry I won't tell anyone. They'll think it's just another big lie to get attention."
Little Flitter flew to her and hugged her face, "Bye.
"Thanks for helping me. Goodbye," Raspberry ran down the street towards home.

"She's a very different pony when she's just herself," Skyview commented.
"She's just afraid to show other what she's really like."
"Yes, I kind of figured that. Maybe there's hope for her yet," Skyview replied, "Lets get back to the house."
Little Flitter held onto his horn and the two winked out.