Chapter 45: Luna's worries

It was morning and Luna had left her room in her winged unicorn form, wearing her golden locket. She walked downstairs to the dinning room where her mother had just sat her plate down. Luna sat at the table with Skyview across from her, he too was eating his breakfast.
"Skyview, did you find Little Flitter yet?" Luna asked worriedly.
"No I haven't. I looked every night and she's just not here in Ponyland," Skyview replied, "but I did run into that ice blue pony again. This time I got the best of him but I wasn't able to catch him."
Luna sighed sadly not paying attention to what he just said, "It's been almost two week. I'm worried that someone might have caught her. What if she told someone about me or you or.."
"Luna, I don't think she told anyone otherwise you would have ponies all over you and the news media would be all over this house and the gate. Believe me, if she told someone we would know it," Skyview quickly told her.
"Lunarstar, you might want to hurry. You don't want to be late for school," Rosebud told her as she walked into the livingroom to clean.
Luna quickly eat her breakfast and left the table, "I'm going. Mom."
"Ok," Rosebud replied, "be careful."
Luna changed to an earth pony as she walked across the living room. She took her bag and hung it around her neck then she left the house shutting the door behind her. As she walked across her yard she looked around hoping Little Flitter was nearby.

She continued walking down the street slowly as she checked every yard. She walked to the park and look around. Her friends quickly approached her from behind.
"Lunarstar!" Starlight called to her.
Luna stopped and waited for her friends.
"Still haven't found her?" Sweetheart asked.
"No, she's just not here. I keep hoping I would find her," Luna replied.
"I'm sure she'll show up," Patch assured her.

Blizzard had entered the park and saw how worried she look. She wasn't happy or running to school like she usually does.
"I wonder what's wrong with her?" Blizzard thought.
The ponies hurried to school and got in class just as the bell rang.

After school Luna walked out of class with her friends. She had spent most of the school time thinking about Little Flitter worrying if she told anyone about her families secrets. Even her friends noticed she wasn't concentrating on her school work so Luna ended up having more home work than usual.
Blizzard had just left the school when he noticed Blueberry running up to Luna. She smiled instantly pretending there was nothing wrong. Then he gave her a kiss and left.
Blizzard couldn't help but feel mad at Blueberry.

"I'm sorry, you guys. I'm going to go home and then look for her again. I'll talk to you later," Luna told them.
"Hope you find her soon," Sweetheart replied.
Luna ran off, heading home.

When she got home. She hurried upstairs and dropped her bag on her bed then she went downstairs and found her mother dusting.
"How's school?" Rosebud ask.
"Ok. I got a lot of home work though," Luna replied, "I'm going out to look for Little Flitter."
"Ok but I want you back here before dinner to do your school work," Rosebud told her.
"Ok," Luna replied. She looked around the room and noticed Skyview in the dinning room coloring in Starfire's book which she rarely seen him do, he was usually reading. Rosebud looked turned to see what she was looking at and smiled, "He discovered Starfire's book and wanted to color in it."
"Oh, I thought he would be reading or something."
"Luna," Skyview called to her, "I do like doing other things than reading...but playing all the time with Starfire...It's like he never gets tired."
Luna giggled. She loved it when her uncles got on each other's case, she knew neither one really means it or hurt each other but it was more like a game to them.
"Want to color with me?" Skyview asked.
"I'd love to but..I want o find Little Flitter," Luna replied.
"Ok, Luna. I'll continue to search at night," Skyview replied.
She turned and continued out the door.

She walked through the community of houses looking at every yard for Little Flitter. She roamed around town and nearby forests till she came to the park. She was worried that the wrong pony had caught Little Flitter, she wondered if ponies around her found out her secret. She began to imagine what would happened if ponies found out. What would they do? how would they act? Would she ever come back to this world?
She was so filled with worry and thought that she didn't noticed Blizzard following her at first.
"I see your not with Blueberry today."
Luna jumped, she hadn't expect anyone next to here.
"He's busy with soccer practice," Luna replied.
"I couldn't help noticing something was on your mind all day," Blizzard remarked curiously.
"I'm looking for something and I can't find it."
"Looking for what?"
Luna stopped and looked at him. Why was he asking so many questions? Why did he care anyways?
"Ummm, a yellow Butterfly with blue on it's wings."
Blizzard just looked at her with a blank look like he always did. She wondered if he ever smiled or cry or show any kind of emotions.
"I've seen quite a few of those around the park," Blizzard told her.
Luna continued walking as she looked around, "Well, this butterfly is special to me. I lost it and I really want it back."
Blizzard kept quiet as he looked around. When they reached an opened field they began searching the bushes scaring animals that hid in them. Luna would occasionally glance over at him and smiled but blush when he caught her looking at him. Why was she blushing? Why did she keep looking at him? She hopped he didn't notice her blushing.
"I found nothing," Luna told him.
Blizzard walked over to her, "Are you sure it's got blue on it's wings?"
"Yes," Luna answered, "Want to rest for awhile? I got to be going home soon anyways."
"Sure," Blizzard answered.

They walked through the clearing and came to a group of ponies playing.
"Lets sit here. I want to watch them," Blizzard told her.
They sat under a tree resting from their long search. Luna looked a Blizzard, his coat was light blue and his bright blue hair was as bright as the sky. He watched with fascination while the ponies played. She looked at his feet which had wrappings on each leg.
"Mind if I ask you something?" Luna asked.
"Depends on the question," Blizzard answered.
"Why do you have wrappings around each leg?"
Blizzard looked at her with his bright blue eyes, "Because I want to. Besides, I've seen other ponies do it."
"I haven't."
"I have at the soccer games."
"They only wear those when they're playing soccer," Luna explained.
Blizzard fell silent for a few minutes as if he was thinking, "My father insist I wear them."
"Oh, your father? What's he like?" Luna asked curiously.
"Someone you don't ever want to meet," Blizzard answered.
For the first time she heard how serious his voice was and in his eyes, she saw fear. It was like she saw a little bit of what he was really like.
"Well, um what about your mother?" Luna asked.
"I don't have one," Blizzard answered.
"Oh, I'm sorry."
"Why?" Blizzard asked, "Why are you sorry that I don't have one?"
"Every little pony needs a mother. Someone who cares and worries over you," Luna smiled, "someone you can go and cry to when your sad or hurt."
Luna noticed Blizzard wasn't looking at her, he just stared at the ground as if what she said troubled him.
"How old are you?" Luna asked.
Blizzard looked at her curiously.
"I'm sorry. You seem a bit older than me. I was just curious, " Luna smiled, "I'm 14."
Blizzard turned away from her, "I'm not sure." He stood up and looked at her, "I should be going," Then he left her.
Luna stood up and was surprised at his answer. How could a pony not know how old he is? she began walking towards the park exit and heading home.

Blizzard continued walking thinking about what she had said. He never even once thought about his age or his mother. His father never talked about his mother or told him how old her was. Blizzard could only guess he's between 14 and 17 but which one? Would it be possible to ask Teriney? Blizzard shook his head, he knew he couldn't for fear of being to curious.
He continued walking back to the shack as he pondered in her questions.