Chapter 43:  The Ice Dome

Luna and her friends spents all day searching for Little Flitter. At times they found a butterfly thinking it was Little Flitter. They checked all over the park, school, alleys, towns and the forest but non of them could find Little Flitter. The sun was setting fast and Luna began to worry.
"We still haven't found her and I have to go home," Luna exclaimed.
"We'll keep looking for her," Starlight replied.
"Thank you, guys,"Luna replied.
"We'll call if we find her," Patch replied.
"Call us if you find her," Bon Bon added.
"I will, bye!" Luna replied and then she turned and ran home, hoping someone at home had found Little Flitter.
She left the park and ran through the community of houses till she found her street. She walked up the hill as she checked every yard and calling for her but still there was no sign of her.
Luna ran to her house and hurried inside. Her parents, Skyview, Buster and Charades anxiously waited for her in the living room.
"Did you find her?" Rosebud quickly asked.
"No, me and my friends looked everywhere," Luna replied. It was obvious that her parents had not found her either.
"We checked the dumpster and one of the ponies that took our trash saw her leave the bag," Booster told her.
"Then why didn't she come here?" Luna asked.
"She has never seen this house before so she would not know this house if she did see it. She probably flew off looking for you, Luna," Skyview guessed.
"What are we going to do?" Luna asked, "She's lost out there."
"I'll look for her tonight," Skyview replied.
"I hope you find her," Rosebud said.
"So do I," Skyview replied.

Later that night after dinner, Buster and Charades had left. Skyview left the house to the backyard. He turned into a cloud and flew from the yard. He went through yards like a thick fog, checking every yard he came across but still there was no Little Flitter. He continued till he came to the last house on the street. He turned into a pony when suddenly he noticed the ice blue pony. He had hairy feet like every male in the other world. He wore a dark blue cloak with a hood on it. If it wasn't for the lamp post you would think the cloak was black.
"He's just a little pony," Skyview thought. He had seen the pony before but farther away. This time the pony was much closer to him.
Skyview quietly followed him, forgetting why he was outside in the first place. He remembered Stardust words 'do what ever it takes to catch that ice pony.'
"Now is my chance to get him. I've caught a lot of ponies, this one should be easy," Skyview thought.
Skyview followed him into the park through the darkness. The stars were twinkling brightly with the crescent moon shining behind the drifting clouds.
Then he noticed something odd about the pony, Blizzard was looking under benches, in bushes and up in trees. It took awhile for Skyview to realize Blizzard was looking for Little Flitter.
"He must have seen her," Skyview thought, "this can't be good."
Skyview lit his horn and a cloud appeared in front of the Blizzard. He began slowly walking backwards. To his surprise, the cloud turned into a net and quickly began to cover him. Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew through the holes in the net.
Skyview stood surprised at what he saw.
"He's not even a unicorn! How is that possible?" Skyview thought.
Blizzard appeared from the cluster of snowflakes and immediately saw Skyview's glowing horn. It didn't take long to realize who was controlling the cloud.
"I guess this won't be easy as I thought," Skyview thought.
Suddenly Blizzard spit icy darts at him. Skyview gasped and winked out. He reappeared else where and quickly formed a cloud without the net. Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes when he saw the cloud coming. He flew around Skyview and appeared in his pony form. Blizzard took a deep breath and continued spiting icy darts at him as he winked from one place to another. Blizzard was getting tired of this. He turned into a cluster of snowflake and flew along the ground under Skyview making it solid ice. Skyview had not realized the ground was icy till he tried to walk. His foot slipped and he fell hard on the ice. Blizzard returned to his pony form and blew icy cold air on his feet. Skyview suddenly realized his hooves were turning to ice, sticking to the icy ground. Skyview could feel the cold creeping up his legs to his body. He knew if he didn't do something soon, he would be an ice cub.
Skyview lit his horn and formed a cloud dome over him. Blizzard shot icy darts on the cloud but it didn't go through. Blizzard paused as she thought about what to do.
"We I could trap him inside then," Blizzard thought.
He took a deep breath and blew on the cloud as he slowly formed ice around it.

Skyview laid inside with only his horn as his source of light. He pulled on his hooves till he felt like his legs was going to come off, then suddenly one foot was free. He used his free hoof and loosened the ice on his over hoof then his back legs. When he was completely free of ice, he stood up and looked around.
"I can't wink through this," Skyview thought. He decided to open a small hole to see out only there was nothing to see. He let the cloud dissolve and to his great surprise there was an ice dome over him, half was covered in snow and ice. He could tell Blizzard was still blowing on it.
"Great, I'm trapped in here," Skyview thought.
He walked up to the ice and banged on it trying to crack it but it was no use, the ice was thick.
Skyview sat down thinking of a way to get out while Blizzard covered the dome in snow. Skyview sat all night long staying awake and trying hard to think of a way out but he was just to tired. He stood up and walked around trying to keep awake. The icy walls were giving off cold and since there was no way out the cold air continued to build up. Skyview's feet were already half frozen and the icy ground made it feel worse. He eventfully had to sit down, it was getting to cold for him to move.
"If I see that ice blue pony again, I'll make him pay," Skyview thought angrily, "Beaten by a little pony. I can just hear all the jokes and teasing Starfire will be doing when he finds out about this."

Luna had went to bed but she couldn't sleep. She laid waiting for Skyview to come back but he never did. Once her parents went to bed, Luna winked to his room only to find he wasn't in bed. Luna winked downstairs to the living room but he wasn't there. She winked to her parents room to be sure they were a sleep. Then she winked to the forest.
"I have to find him," Luna thought. She felt very worried and didn't care if Skyview got mad at her for going out at night alone.
She roamed around the forest and eventually found the gate but he wasn't there. She stood and began to feel like searching for him was hopeless.
"I'll never find him on foot," Luna thought. She looked up and wondered if she could find him from the air?
She flapped her wings and flew from the ground. She flew just above the tree tops towards town hoping to see anything that moved. The sky was pitch black and the ground was hard to see, to make things worse, Skyview was black and that makes it very hard to find him.
She flew over the community of houses and into the park. Suddenly she noticed a white dome. Curious to see what it was she flew towards it and landed next to it.
She place her hoof on it, "Oh, it' and so cold. I wonder what's inside?"
Just then there was a faint tapping sound coming from inside the dome. Luna banged on it and then there was another tapping sound.
"Skyview!?" Luna yelled as she put her ear on the dome.
"Get me out!" Skyview yelled but the walls were so thick it sounded like a whisper to Luna.
Luna gasped realizing Skyview was trapped inside. She looked around for a rock and found one nearby. She picked it up and began scrapping it but it didn't do any good, all she did was made scratch marks on it. She threw the rock away and looked around for anything that could help her with the ice dome but there was nothing around. Luna felt helpless, she couldn't leave him inside. She turned and walked from the dome a few feet away then stood and stared at it while she thought of away to get him out.
"What do I do?" Luna muttered.
Luna closed her eyes and thought about the time she ripped the giant trees out of the ground and when she tor the nets off of them.
"If I can do that to trees this ice dome should be easy," Luna thought.
She opened her eyes and lit her horn at she concentrated on the ice. She tried to rip it but she ended up taking the snow off of it instead.
"It's to thick," Luna muttered.
She closed her eyes and thought about the great power she had in times of need. The only time she had felt it was when she really needed it.
She opened her eyes and tried again but still nothing. She continued to try as she deeply felt the need to brake the dome. She was at the point of tears when she felt a great power surging through her. Luna's eyes began to change to green dragon like eyes and then suddenly the ice dome began to crack. Luna didn't know how long she would have the great power but she had to hurry.
Suddenly the dome cracked to pieces and blew in the wind like dust. Skyview ran to Luna smiling.
"Luna!" Skyview cried happily.
Luna looked up at him, surprising him with her green eyes. Skyview stopped and looked at her curiously.
"You used your great dragon power?" Skyview asked.
"I had to. It wasn't easy to make it surface," Luna replied, then her eyes changed back to purple, "I hope someday I can make is surface when ever I want."
"Maybe you just need practice," Skyview suggested.
"What happened to you and where did that ice dome come from?" Luna asked.
"I ran into that ice blue pony. Lets go home first, I'm freezing and tired. I'll tell you the rest in the morning," Skyview told her," He lowered his head and rubbed against her face, "I'm glad you came to get me but that doesn't mean you can still go out at night."
"I know, Luna replied smiling.
Then they winked out.