Chapter 41: Curious Skyview

Skyview laid on a warm bed under a green blanket. The room was dark and quiet making it easy for Skyview to sleep. He breathed softly with his feet stretched out and his head resting on his pillow. Suddenly he heard a loud noise coming from outside. He opened his eyes and yawned. He turned over and saw his golden collar still sitting on a night stand next to him. He climbed out of bed and walked to the dresser by the door. He took a brush and began brushing his hair. When he was done, he sat the brush down and left the room. He walked downstairs and saw Rosebud taking Luna's plate to the kitchen.
Skyview walked to the livingroom and then looked out the window just in time to catch Luna in her earth form running out of the yard.
"Morning!" Little Flitter cried happily as she flew into the livingroom from the kitchen.
Skyview rubbed his ears, "Do not yell. I can hear you perfectly!"
"Sorry," Little Flitter replied.
"Where is Luna going?" Skyview asked.
"To a place Oh, did you know she can change her looks?" Little Flitter asked.
"Yes I did. I thought I told you she often looks like an earth pony," Skyview told her.
"Oh, well you didn't say she could change like that," Little Flitter exclaimed.
Rosebud walked into the living room laughing, "She still can't get over it I see. Skyview, I'm sure you were as amazed as she was when you first saw Lunarstar change."
Skyview smiled, "Yes I was. I almost forgot about that."
"Can she change to anything?" Little Flitter asked.
"Only living things that she has seen," Rosebud replied, "Skyview, your probably hungry. If you sit in the dinning room I'll bring your breakfast right out to you."
Skyview walked to the dinning room and sat at the table while Little Flitter followed Rosebud around the kitchen curiously watching her.

After a few minutes Rosebud walked out of the kitchen with a plate of pancakes, "I hope you like pancakes. It's all I had time to make this morning."
"That's fine," Skyview replied.
As soon as she sat the plate down Skyview began eating.
"Where is school?" Skyview asked as she walked into the kitchen.
"You know where the park is?" Rosebud asked, "Well, follow it and it'll eventually lead you to the school."
"The School is in the park?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
"No, it just runs into the school," Rosebud replied, "Why are you asking?"
"I thought I might check out the school later today," Skyview replied.
When he finished eating, he took his plate into the kitchen and left it on the counter. Little Flitter landed on the counter and looked at his empty plate, all that was left was the syrup. Skyview stood and looked out the window, noticing the shed in the distance.
"What's that?" Skyview asked.
Rosebud walked to the window and looked, "That is the shed. My husband works in there with Buster and Charades."
"Oh, I see. I think I'll go check it out," Skyview replied and left the counter. He walked to the screen door and left the house. He walked across the yard to the shed and stood at the door watching. Booster and Charades was getting ready to cut a wooden beam with a saw while Buster put on goggles and was getting ready to use a machine on a small piece of wood.
"Prince Skyview. Anything we can help you with?" Buster asked noticing him at the door.
"No, I was just wondering what you do in here," Skyview replied.
"We cute wood and make furniture out if them. That is how I make my living," Booster replied, "I made all the tables in the house."
Skyview looked at him surprisingly, "Really? Your quite good then."
Booster smiled at him, "Well we got cutting to do."
Buster turned on the machine and suddenly Skyview held his ears, then he winked out.
"What's happened?" Booster asked, "It's not that loud."
'It is for him," Charades replied.

Skyview winked to the living room feeling relieved at how quiet the house was. He turned and sat on the couch leaning back and relaxing.
Rosebud walked in and saw Skyview with his eyes close, "Is something wrong?"
SKyview looked up at her, "No, nothings wrong," He paused and looked around, "Do you have any books I could read?"
"There's some in the other room," Rosebud answered.
"Thanks," Skyview stood up and walked to the next room. He looked around and saw the stack of books on a table. He walked up to the table and took a book, then he sat down on the couch to read. He had only read one page when Little Flitter flew up to him, "What are you doing?"
"Reading," Skyview replied.
"Reading what?" Little Flitter asked.
"I don't know, I only read one page."
"Oh, mind if I sit and watch?" Little Flitter asked.
"Watch?" Skyview asked, "I'm just going to read."
"Can you read it out loud?" Little Flitter asked.
"I prefer to read to myself," Skyview answered.
"Oh," Little Flitter replied. She flew tot he couch and sat next to him, laying down.
"What are you doing?" Skyview asked.
"Waiting for what?"
"For my turn to read it," Little Flitter replied.
Skyview sighed. He stood up and walked to the living room but Little Flitter followed him. He walked to the kitchen and saw Rosebud looking out the window.
"I'm going out for awhile," Skyview told her then he winked out.

Skyview appeared in the meadow near the gate while holding a book. Suddenly to his surprise He saw the ice blue pony walk through the Gate.
"Starfire was right. He really does go through the gate during the day," Skyview thought.
Blizzard wore his hooded cloak as he walked through the gate. Then he suddenly noticed Skyview. He turned and ran into the forest.
Skyview dropped the book and ran after him but he quickly lost him.
"How do I keep losing him?" Skyview thought. He stood and looked around but there was no sign of the pony and he didn't hear him, it was as if the pony suddenly disappeared.
Skyview turned around and went back to pick up his book, then he sat down in the tall grass as he began to read.
Half the morning had gone by before he noticed the time.

He closed his book and winked back to the house scaring Rosebud as she walked downstairs.
"Sorry," Skyview replied standing at the door.
"You've been gone along time. Are you hungry?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes," Skyview replied, "But I want to go see the school first."
"Now?" Rosebud asked, "Ponies will see you."
"I'll be hiding. I've done it before," Skyview replied. He opened the door just a crack and turned himself into a cloud, then he left the house. Rosebud went to the door and looked outside for him but he was no where to be seen.
"Maybe he'll be fine," Rosebud thought worriedly.

Skyview flew through the air looking like a low cloud. When he saw the park he quickly flew there and landed among the trees and bushes. The shade was dark and there were lots of trees which gave him great cover. He walked quietly watching his surrounds till he came upon a pink building at the end of the park.
"That must be the school," Skyview thought, "How interesting."
He stood behind a tree and watched the ponies through the window. He could tell they were working on their papers. He sat down and continued to watch and wait wondering when the little ponies leave school.
It wasn't till morning had past that he heard the bell rang. It had been so quiet most of the morning he had stood and waited, it was the first sound he heard. Just then a large group of little ponies ran out of school, some walked. Skyview was hoping to spot Luna among the group. After several large groups left the school he saw a white earth pony with long purple hair, he knew that could only be Luna. He watched her as she talked to her friends, smiling and laughing. Just then Blueberry ran up to her.
"Lunarstar!" Blueberry cried as he ran. Luna and her friends stopped.
"Now that your back, want to go skating?" Blueberry asked.
"Roller Skating?" Luna asked.
"Of course," Blueberry replied.
"I'd love to," Luna exclaimed happily.
"Great, I'll meet you at the lake then."
"Ok," Luna replied.
Blueberry ran off to catch up with Raspberry who was going in the other direction.
Skyview ducked low, making sure Luna wouldn't see him.
"I wonder if he's the pony Luna loves?" Skyview thought, "I'll have to check this out." Just then he heard his stomach rumble, reminding him of how hungry he is, "I'll do it some other time,"
He turned into a cloud and left the park heading back to the house.