Chapter 40:  A surprise visiter

It was morning and Luna was sound asleep under her covers on her bed. The curtains were closed keeping the sunlight out of her room. It was very quiet in the room till Rosebud walked in. She cracked the door opened and quietly walked in. She opened the curtains to let the sun in. Luna quickly covered her head, shielding her face from the light.
"Come on time to get up," Rosebud told her.
She walked to the bed and was about the shake Luna went she stepped on something. It squeaked and Rosebud jumped back. Then she saw something fly out from under the bed.
"Lunarstar, there's something in your room," Rosebud cried.
Luna pulled the covers off and looked around but didn't see anything. Rosebud hurried to the door and opened it wide when it flew around the room. Rosebud screamed not sure what it was.
Skyview ran up the stairs to Luna's room and saw Rosebud in the hall.
"What's wrong?" Skyview asked. He was not longer wearing his collar but kept it in the guest room like Starfire had done.
"Something is in Lunarstar's room," Rosebud exclaimed pointing in the room.
Skyview walked in the room and looked around.
"Luna did you see it?" Skyview asked.
"I saw something," Luna replied.
Just then Booster, Buster and Charades walked in the room.
"What happened?" Booster asked, "We heard a scream."
"Something's in Lunarstar's room," Rosebud exclaimed.
Just then it flew out of the room and down the stairs scaring Rosebud.
"It's a...butterfly?" Booster asked not sure if that's what he really saw.
"Are you sure?" Skyview asked.
"I saw the wings," Booster replied.
Skyview looked at Buster and Charades, "Did you two see anything?"
"Well, it was yellow," Buster replied.
"A scared yellow butterfly," Skyview looked at Luna seriously, "I thought you were told to leave Little Flitter home."
"I did, Skyview. I swear I did. I told her no and that was the last I saw of her," Luna exclaimed.
Lets hurry downstairs and don't scream or chase her if you see her," Skyview told everyone.
"Her?" Rosebud asked, "Who is Little Flitter?"
"She is a Summer Wing pony. She looks like a tiny pony with butterfly wings," Skyview replied.
They all walked down the stairs carefully as they looked around.
"Now everyone be very quiet so I can hear her," Skyview told them.
Skyview stood quietly listing to any sounds she may be making. Just them Skyview heard her wings beating, he knew she must be close. He walked into the next room with the others following him. Then he stopped and listened to the sounds of her hard breathing. He turned and looked at the table with the books on it.
"Come on out. I know your there," Skyview said but still he saw nothing, "Little Flitter, come out or I'll bring you out!"
"Who are they?" Little Flitter asked.
Rosebud was surprised at the tinny voice she heard.
"Come out and I'll introduce you to them," Skyview replied.
Little Flitter peaked around the books and saw Rosebud then she quickly hid again.
"She screamed at me." Little Flitter exclaimed still feeling scared.
"You scared me to death. I'm sorry I frightened you," Rosebud replied.
Little Flitter peaked around the book again.
"She won't hurt you. No one will," Skyview told her.
"Are you sure?"
Little Littler walked out from the books dragging her long pink on the table. Her large yellow wings looked bigger than her body.
"Oh, she's so small. I'm sorry I stepped on you. I didn't see you," Rosebud quickly said.
Little Flitter smiled and flew from the table to her face, "It's my fault. I was sleeping under the bed."
"Little Flitter, you were told to stay home," Skyview told her.
Little Flitter sighed sadly, "I'm sorry."
Skyview held his hoof out for Little Flitter to land. He stood and held her as she sat staring down.
"Stardust and Luna told you no but you came anyways. There was a big reason why you were not suppose to come with use!" Skyview exclaimed angrily.
Little Flitter began to cry, "I'm sorry. I can't help but be curious. I heard Luna was leaving and so I wanted to go. I heard something about a gate and another world, so I had to come and see it. I'm sorry. I really am nothing but trouble."
"Doing what your told will keep you out of trouble," Skyview told her, "This is a different world. A world where Unicorn, Pegasus, Winged Unicorns and other magical creatures do not exist. Here they are just fairy tales in books. I do not want you leaving this house. Do you understand?"
"Yes," Little Flitter replied sadly.
"The Gate is a doorways between both worlds. It's a great secret our family has and you will tell no one about it. Do you understand?"
"In this world Luna is known as Lunarstar. She often appears as an earth pony. No one outside this house knows Luna is Princess of Ponyland and that she is a winged unicorn. You must never tell anyone. You also must never let yourself be seen by anyone except for those who live in this house. You are never to leave this house till we go home. Do you understand?"
"Now let me introduce you to Rosebud, the one you scared so bad. And her husband, Booster. Luna is their adopted daughter," Skyview told her.
Little Flitter wiped her tears and gasped, "Daughter? What do you mean? I thought Queen Royal Heart was Luna's mother?"
"Rosebud found Luna at her door step when Luna was only 3. It wasn't till Luna was 13 that she found her real Parents," Skyview explained.
"Oh, so they raised her?" Little Flitter asked, "and Queen Royal Heart is the real Mother?"
"So why didn't Queen Royal Heart raise Luna?" Little Flitter asked.
"It's a long story," Skyview replied.
"Oh, my friends would love to see her. You could even tell the story while they're here," Luna exclaimed.
"Friends?" Little Flitter asked.
"Luna has many friend in this world but only a hand ful of her friends knows who Luna really is," Skyview answered.
"Great, I'll call my friends," Luna exclaimed happily and ran into the living room.
Skyview turned towards Rosebud, Booster, Buster and Charades, "Make sure she doesn't get outside. If anyone finds her and catches her, we could be in big trouble. The last thing we need is ponies to find out their fairy tale ponies are real."
"We'll take good care of her," Rosebud replied with a smiled, "So, Little Flitter what would you like to eat?"
"Got any fruit?"
"I do, If you come with me, I'll give you some," Rosebud replied.

Little Flitter flew from Skyview and followed Rosebud. She landed on the counter and walked around till she came to a sink. She curiously looked in and suddenly, she slipped. Rosebud caught her by the tail before she fell into the whole. Rosebud lifted her and sat her on the counter.
"Be careful. Don't go near the sink," Rosebud told her then she smiled, "Looks like I'll have to keep an eye on you."
Little Flitter smiled.
"Now what would you like to eat?" Rosebud asked setting a basket of fruit on the counter next to her.
Little Flitter smiled greatly and flew to the orange. She stood on it and bit into it but found it was a bit to hard for her.
"What is this?" Little Flitter asked, "I can't bite into it."
"That is an orange. I'll have to cut it open then after you eat it you might want to take a bath."
"Oranges can be a little sticky and very juicy," Rosebud took out an apple and held it, "How about an apple instead?"
"Oh yes, Please," Little Flitter replied happily.
"Let me cut it in slices for you," Rosebud took out a plate from the cupboard and a knife. Then she cut it to four pieces. She picked up the plate and walked into the livingroom, "come, you can eat in here while Skyview tells you the story." Little Flitter followed Rosebud from the Kitchen to the living room. She landed on the square table where Rosebud had sat the plate on. While Little Flitter eat a slice and was enjoying it, Luna's friends came to the door.
Booster answered the door and invited them inside. Luna hurried downstairs after she had brushed her hair and put on her locket.
"So who was it that you wanted us to meet?" Starlight asked.
Just then Skyview walked in from the kitchen to the livingroom.
"Him?" Bon Bon asked.
"We know him," Melody exclaimed.
"No not him," Luna turned and pointed, "Her."
The girls turned and looked at the table. To their amazement, they stood the tinniest pony they have ever seen.
"Have a seat girls," Skyview told them.
The girls walked to the couch which made Little Flitter look. She flew above the table and saw the girls staring at her. Little Flitter was scared, she had never seen so many strange ponies. She turned and flew straight for Skyview and hid in his mane.
"W-what was that?" Patch asked loudly.
"That was a Summer Wing pony. They can be scared and curious too," Luna explained.
"Come out," Skyview told her.
"They're Luna's friends. She invited them just to meet you," Skyview told her.
Little Flitter peaked out from him black mane and saw the girls looking at her curiously.
"Please come out," Luna begged her, "they're my friends. They won't hurt you. They know all about me. I wouldn't show myself if I didn't trust them."
Little Flitter slowly climbed from his mane to the top of his head and peaked around his horn.
"Guys, this is Little Flitter. Little Flitter these are my friends, Starlight, Melody, Bon Bon, Patch, Clover, Sweetheart and Bright Eyes," Luna said.
"Hi," They replied.
"Hi," Little Flitter replied shyly.
"Why don't you eat your apple while I tell you the story, Little Flitter?" Skyview suggested.
Little Flitter flew from his horn to the table and stood next to her apple as she continued eating.
"I know you girls has already heard about Luna's story but Little Flitter hasn't and Luna thought you all might want to hear it again," Skyview told them.
"Sure, we'd love to hear it," Sweetheart replied.
As Skyview told them Luna's story, Little Flitter listened as she eat her apple.