Chapter 3: The Ghost Stories.

It was noon and the little ponies sat quietly in class working on their school work. Blizzard was writing on a piece of paper as he looked at a book that sat next to it. Every pony in class was doing the same thing. Miss Hackney sat at her desk correcting papers when the bell suddenly rang.
"Put your papers in your books. You can finish it when you get back!" Miss Hackney told everyone.
The ponies quickly did as they were told and ran out of the room. Blizzard took his bag and put the book in it, then he left the room. He walked down the hall and turned right following a group of ponies outside.
Blizzard walked to the white fence and sat down on the grass, then he took his book out and began working on his paper. he was half way done when two male ponies approached him. one of then was blue with green hair, the other was green with orange hair.
"Your Blizzard, aren't you?" the blue pony asked.
"Yes I am."
"We were wondering if you want to join our teem playing kick ball since we need another pony in our group," The green pony explained.
Blizzard put his paper in his book, picked up his book. He stood on his hind legs and looked calmly at the two ponies, "No, I don't want to play." He left the two boys and walk to the side of the school building and sat down leaning against it. He put his bag next to him and opened his book.
The two boys turned and left.
"Told you he wouldn't play," the blue exclaimed.
"We had to ask since he's the only one not doing anything."
"He's working on his school work though. The lest he could do it take a brake from it," The blue pony complained.
Blizzard was left alone, not a pony nearby which was how he liked it.
"Why would anyone want to play anyways? What is the purpose for it?" Blizzard thought, "It seems like a waste of time to me."
When he got close to finishing his school work a group of girls ran to a tree across from him and sat down breathing heavily.
"I have to rest. I can't run any more," one of the girls exclaimed.
A yellow pony sat down next to her resting as well, "I heard a rumor that your sister saw the ghost the other night. Is that true?"
"No, she just dreamt it but she insisted that she saw the ghost."
"I would love to see the ghost. I hear she's pretty," a pink pony commented.
"She is," a familiar voice replied.
The girls looked up and saw Raspberry walking towards them.
Blizzard stared at his book while listening.
"What ghost?" Blizzard thought.
Raspberry stopped and stood at the tree.
"'re the one that started those rumors!" a pony exclaimed.
"I really saw her!" Raspberry cried, "And I also saw a black unicorn and a black pegasus over..." Raspberry paused noticing the disbelief looks on their faces, "You don't believe me do you?"
"No," The ponies replied.
"Honestly Raspberry, a ghost and now a black unicorn and pegasus? Stop filling my sister's head with fairy tales," The pony stood up and left with the girls behind her.
Raspberry looked at them angrily, "It's true!" She turned and left, when she saw Blizzard watching her she stopped, "I suppose you don't believe me either!" Then she continued walking away.
"Actually I do," Blizzard whispered to himself," That is all very interesting." Blizzard put his book away since he found it hard to concentrate on his school work.
"I'll have to find out more about the ghost," Blizzard muttered, he remembered Teriney words warning him not to talk to the ponies, "I have to talk to someone about it. Teriney doesn't have to know about it." When the bell rang, he put his book in his bag and stood up, hanging his bag around his neck, then he followed the ponies into the school.

After school Blizzard hurried into the forest leaving his bag in his sleeping spot, then he quickly left the forest to find some little ponies. He went to the park since that's where most little ponies likes to spend their day. He walked around for an hour looking for the right pony to ask but most were playing or just ignored him as he walked by. Just then he heard Ace, Teddy, Lancer and Blueberry yelling. He followed their voice up a hill and stood by a tree watching them kick the soccer ball.
"That seems pointless. Why kick a ball around?" Blizzard thought.
Teddy kicked the ball into the net past Lancer.
"Yeah, I won!" Teddy yelled.
"You mean we won!" Blueberry told him.
"I meant to say that."
"Look," Lancer pointed at Blizzard.
"He's just watching," Ace replied.
"He always does that," Teddy added.
"Yes but not this close," Blueberry replied, then he left them and walked to Blizzard with the rest of the boys behind him.
"Want to play with us?" Blueberry asked.
"No but I want to ask you guys something."
"Oh, he can talk more words that just no," Teddy teased him.
"What do you want to know?" Lancer asked.
"What do you know about the ghost?" Blizzard asked.
"The ghost?" the boys asked.
"So, you heard the rumors?" Ace asked.
"Rumors?" Blizzard asked, "I only heard one."
"Well She is known as the Ghost of Ponyland and they say she glows," Blueberry answered.
"She does glow, I saw her myself," Ace exclaimed, "Why don't you ask the girls, they know more than we do."
"Yeah," Teddy agreed.
"Which one? There's a lot of them in the park," Blizzard pointed out.
Teddy laughed.
"Shut up," Ace yelled at him.
"He means, Starlight, Bright Eyes, Melody, Bon Bon, Clover, Sweetheart, Patch and Lunarstar. They hang out together all the time," Lancer answered.
"They should be having a picnic or at lest that's what Lunarstar told me," Blueberry added.
Blizzard turned and left, he walked for along the sidewalk looking around but didn't see them. he left the sidewalk and roamed in the clearings till he saw the girls sitting on a blanket eating and talking.
Blizzard stopped and looked at him, hesitating at first, "I wish there was someone else to ask."
He walked over to them and stood behind them. The girls looked at him surprisingly.
"Blizzard...What a...surprise," starlight exclaimed.
"Why don't you join us?" Sweetheart asked.
"No, I just need to ask you about the ghost known as the ghost of ponyland."
The girls fell silent wondering how Luna felt about them telling Blizzard the ghost stories since she is the ghost everyone was talking about.
"The ghost?" Luna asked.
Blizzard looked down at her, "Yes."
"Well, why don't you join us and we'll tell you," Luna suggested.
Blizzard didn't like having others forcing him to do something just to get some answers.
Luna smiled at him, "You are hungry aren't you? We're not playing or anything, just eating and talking."
Blizzard stared at her purple eyes that seem to sparkle in the sunlight. Her long purple hair shined like silk. Her white coat was bright like new fallen snow.
"Well?" Luna asked.
Blizzard blinked a few times, there was something about her that he hadn't noticed before.
"Yes as long as you tell me what I want to know," Blizzard sat down next to luna. the girls looked shocked that Luna was able to talk him into joining them.
Sweetheart gave him a plate of a sliced chocolate cake. Blizzard took the plate and began eating.
"Well, the ghost was first seen by Raspberry who started the rumors," Starlight explained.
The girls began to tell him about the rumors and sighting of the ghost, they even explained what she looked like. Blizzard sat quietly eating most of the day till sunset.
"I have to go, bye!" Luna smiled and stood up. She smiled at Blizzard and ran from the group.
"I should be going as well," Blizzard stood up and left.
"Well he could at least thank us," Patch muttered.
"Lets just take it one step at a time. at lest he joined us for a change," Bright Eyes told them.

Blizzard left the park and hurried into the forest, "So Princess Luna likes to come out at night. I'll finish my school work and then take a look around tonight."