Chapter 39: Going back to Ponyland

Morning came with the sun rising. Luna woke up at the sounds of birds chirping. She yawned as she laid in bed for several minutes looking at the sunlight bouncing around her room and the birds chirping on her balcony. After awhile she threw her covers off her bed and sat up letting her hindlegs hang. Just then there was a knock at her door. "Luna. Mind if I come in?"
"Sure, dad."
Stardust opened the door and walked in, shutting the door behind him.
"Luna, Queen Snowfall wants you to see her sometime today in her private room by the throne room."
"Ok," Luna replied.
"Before you leave the room, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about," Stardust replied.
Luna looked at him worriedly. She didn't like they way he was sounding, She knew he was serious. She had did nothing wrong so she figured she couldn't be in trouble.
"Luna, I was told that you have a boyfriend in the other world."
Luna gasped. She knew this was coming sooner or later but she hoped it wasn't so soon.
"You know the rules Luna," Stardust told her.
Luna sighed sadly, "I know, dad."
"Luna, I do not want you to get so attached to the boys of that world. You're at the age where you could easily fall in love."
"Why?" Luna asked. She could feel a deep hurt for Blueberry, the boy she had already fallen in love with.
"Let me repeat the rules to you Luna. You are to marry a Prince of this world and no one else. I'm sorry but that is the way it is," Stardust told her.
Luna's eyes began to fill with water. She couldn't bare the thought of marrying a Prince who she didn't know. She couldn't bare to brake up with Blueberry for a Prince.
"Why?" Luna asked. "Why can't I marry anyone I choose?"
"You must marry a Prince. That is the law."
"But you can change it can't you?" Luna asked.
"Yes, but I'm not going to. You are a Princess and the only winged unicorn. Me and your mother wants the best for you. Everyone expects you to have the best. Besides, there must be a Prince and Princess to rule over a kingdom. Thousands of ponies looks up to their King and Queen for guidance. Luna, I can't stress the importance of marrying a Prince."
"Why can't Blueberry learn then?" Luna asked.
"Blueberry?" Stardust asked. "Oh, the one you love."
"Yes," Luna replied wiping a tear from her cheek.
"He wasn't born to rule. He wouldn't know the first thing about leading thousands of ponies. He wouldn't know the first thing about keeping a Kingdom healthy and safe. He wouldn't know the first thing about feeding the ponies in the Kingdom. Luna, he would not make a great King and there is far to much to learn. It would take hours every single day to teach him and I don't think a boy from the other would want to do that."
Tears began to flow out of her eyes as she continued to wipe them.
"Luna, I'm sure he's nice but you simply cannot be with him. It's best to break it off now before you two get too deep in love."
Luna couldn't hold it back. Tears flowed from her eyes. "Dad."
"I'm sorry Luna, but that is the law," Stardust replied. He felt bad for telling Luna. He knew she would cry over it. He sat on the bed next to her. Luna leaned on him and continued to cry. Stardust looked down at her sadly, "You still have until your 16th birthday to meet a Prince."
"I don't want to," Luna told him as she cried.
"Well, weather you want to or not, you will meet some princes."
"'s not fair," Luna muttered sadly.
"I know Luna. I was lucky to have meet your mother and fall in love. Not everyone is as lucky as we were. Now, why don't you clean your face and come down for breakfast. Then you can go and see Queen Snowfall's baby."
Luna wiped her tears away trying hard not to think about what her father said. Stardust stood up and walked to the door.
"I know it's early to be telling you that but tonight is the full moon and I wanted to talk to you about it before you left this world tonight. Oh, Skyview will be going with you."
Luna looked up at him surprisingly, "Skyview? He's coming with me?"
Stardust smiled, "Yes he is." Then he left the room.
Luna took her pillow and wiped her face. She was happy to have Skyview going with her to the other world and that she would get to see the baby pony before she the castle but one thing bothered her. How would Skyview reacted if he caught her and Blueberry together.
"I'm just going to have to be careful," Luna thought. "I...can't give him up." She stood up and walked to her balcony, she opened the doors a stepped outside. The wind blew through her fur, drying her wet tears. As she stood calming herself down, she strangely began to think of Blizzard and the times she had seen him in the park. She thought about the first time she saw him at school and when his necklace got stolen. Luna shook her head, "What is wrong with me?" she couldn't figure out why she was thinking of Blizzard.
After she felt she was calm, she turned and left the balcony leaving the doors open. She walked to her bag and took out the brush. Then she brushed her long white hair and then put it back in her bag. She took a deep breath and left the room. Little Flitter sat under the bed. She had been listening to the whole conversation.
"Leave this world?" She thought, "Other world? What are they talking about?" She was now even more curious than before and was determined to find out. She flew out from under the bed to Luna's bag, "If she's going then so will I." She squeezed through the opening of the bag and hid among the stuff.

Luna walked downstairs to the dinning room where her parents and uncles sat. She walked around her uncles and sat next to her mother. Just then cooks walked in with the plates, sat them down and left. Luna watched the door expecting King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall to walk in but they didn't.
"Mom, Dad, where's King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall?"
"Having breakfast together," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Luna replied.
She continued eating till she and her parents her finished. She took her glass and quickly drank her orange juice. Her two uncles had also finished eating.
"They have great cooks," Starfire commented.
"Yes, they certainly do," Royal Heart agreed.
"They're not too bad," Skyview commented.
"Dad, can I go see Queen Snowfall?" Luna asked.
"I'm going too Luna," Royal Heart told her.
Luna smiled greatly. She wanted to spend sometime with her mother before she left her world.
They stood up and left while the cooks came in and took the plates. Stardust and his brothers went outside in the back to talk.

Royal Heart took Luna to the throne room where they were stopped by two soldiers.
"Queen Snowfall is expecting us, "Royal Heart told them.
"Wait here while I tell them." The soldier turned and hurried into the throne room. A few minutes later the soldier returned with King Sea Mist.
"She's in her private room waiting," King Sea Mist told them smiling. Then he continued walking down the hall and went outside to join Stardust.
Royal Heart and Luna walked into the throne room to the door in the corner. Luna looked around the room, it had been a while since she saw their throne room. Royal Heart took Luna through the door where Queen Snowfall sat on a couch holding Snowmist in her arms.
"Queen Royal Heart, Princess Luna. Please come in and sit down," Queen Snowfall whispered.
Luna walked to the couch and sat next to her. Royal Heart sat next to Luna.
"Oh my, he's asleep," Royal Heart whispered.
Queen Snowfall smiled great and continued to stare at her baby. Snowmist laid on an open blanket that was spread across her arms. His front feet curled under his chin while his back feet stretched out with his tiny tail hang over her arms. Luna couldn't resist touching his feet. They were so tinny and yet, very cute. She reached up with her hoof and lightly touched them and the tinny hair around his hooves. He felt so lifeless as she moved his foot.
"Want to hold him?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Hold...him?" Luna asked surprisingly. She have never held a baby before and was a bit scared to try, they seem like they would break.
"Sure, you'll have one someday, you might as well see what's it like to hold on," Queen Snowfall replied.
Luna held out her arms and waited till Queen Snowfall carefully placed the baby in her arms. Then Luna took the baby and cradled him. He was still sound sleep and felt light and flimsy. Luna stared at him, she had not thought of having a baby of her own. As she stared at Snowmist she began to wonder what her baby would looked like. How old would she be when she has one? Who would she be married to.? She knew she was 14 and soon to be 15. She only had a year and a half to find a Prince to marry.
Just then Snowmist opened his eyes and stared blankly at Luna. Queen Snowfall and Royal Heart laughed.
"That's so cute. I think he really likes you," Queen Snowfall observed.
Snowmist smiled greatly. Luna stared at his two different colored eyes, it was the first thing one would see on him. She began to feel sorry for him because ponies would be staring at his eyes but maybe...he would be used to it. What would he be like when he grew up? Would he be forced to marry a Princess?
"Luna, make your horn glow and see what he thinks of it," Royal Heart whispered to her.
Luna smiled greatly as her horn began to glow. Snowmist stopped smiling and stared curiously at her glowing horn.
Queen Snowfall and Royal Heart continued to laugh.
"He's going to be a ball of laughs when he grows up," Royal Heart guessed.
"He probably will," Queen Snowfall agreed.
Luna dimmed her horn which upset Snowmist. He tired hard to lift his front hoof toward her horn but couldn't he was to weak.
"What's wrong with him?" Luna asked.
"He was just born, Luna," Royal Heart told her, "He's to weak at the moment so he can't walk or move his lags for another week or two."
"Oh," Luna replied.
Just then Snowmist began to cry.
"I didn't do anything," Luna exclaimed worriedly.
"I think he's hungry," Queen Snowfall guessed. She stood up and walked to the bucket of warm water and took out a short bottle and took it to the couch and sat down.
"Give him to me," Queen Snowfall told her.
Luna gently handed him to her. Queen Snowfall held him in one arm then used the other arm to hold the bottle to him.
The three of them sat quietly on the couch watching Snowmist till he fell asleep again.
"He's asleep again," Luna whispered.
"That's all he's going to be doing is drink and sleep for awhile," Royal Heart replied.
"Oh," Luna replied.
They sat in the room talking while the sun began to set. Luna had not realized how fast time flew till she looked outside.
"It's almost dark," Luna exclaimed.
"Well, if you excuse us. I got to see my daughter off at the Gate," Royal Heart said.
"Of course. I might just go to bed. I'm so tired," Queen Snowfall replied.
Luna thanked her and left with Royal Heart.

They left the room and walked out of the throne room and quickly joined by Stardust and his brothers.
"Luna, it's time to go," Stardust told her.
Luna winked out and appeared in her room. She grabbed the bag and hung it around her neck then she winked out. She appeared next to her father.
"I'm ready," Luna told him.
Stardust smiled, "let go then."
Stardust, his brothers, Luna and Royal Heart left the castle and was joined at the gate by a hand full of soldiers, including Buster and Charades.
"Ready to go, you two?" Stardust asked.
"Yes I am," Charades answered.
"I certainly am," Buster answered.
Stardust smiled and continued walking with his family and an army of soldiers behind him. They walked through the castle gates and along the wall on the dirt road. Luna walked silently thinking about what her father had told her as she listened to the marching sounds of soldiers.

They walked from the dirt road and into the forest past trees and thick bushes till they came upon a small clearing. In the center stood the Gate. The sun was half way down and everyone sat on the grass waiting for the gate to open.
"Stardust, Skyview, there's something I wanted to know," Starfire looked at the gate and then at his brothers who were now looking at him, "Have you ever...felt anyone go through the gate?"
"Felt?" His brothers asked.
"What do you mean?" Stardust asked.
"Like knowing someone had crossed the gate. Like sensing each other," Starfire tired to explained as best as he could.
"No," his brothers replied.
"Why do you ask?" Stardust asked.
"Because I can sense the gate every time that ice blue pony walks through it," Starfire replied.
"Why didn't you tell us this before?" Skyview exclaimed.
"I forgot," Starfire replied.
"Is there anything else you forgot?" Skyview asked.
"Nope, that's it," Starfire replied.
"Can you really sense when someone walks through the gate?" Stardust asked.
"Yes I can. That's how I found that ice blue pony walking through it during the day."
"How strange. Myself and Skyview don't sense a thing," Stardust replied.
"Maybe that Flaming Pearl did more than just let us sense each other," Skyview guessed.
"Yes and who knows what else it did to us. Skyview, Starfire. If anything else strange happens to you, tell me," Stardust told them.
"Ok," They replied.
"And the same goes for you, Stardust," Skyview told him.
When the sun went down the gate opened showing a rippling like mirror to the other side.
Royal Heart stood and hugged Luna. "Be good for me. I'll miss you."
Stardust walked up to Luna once Royal Heart let Luna go.
"Be good Luna and be careful," Stardust told her.
"I will dad," Luna replied.
They stood up and hugged each other.
"Do you have everything?" Royal Heart asked her.
"Yes, I have everything."
"Got your locket too?" Stardust asked noticing it hadn't been around Luna's neck in a while.
"It's safe in my bag," Luna replied.
"Goodbye," Luna's parents cried as they watched Buster and Charades walk through the gate.
"Skyview, do what ever it takes to catch that ice pony," Stardust told him.
"I'll do my best," Skyview replied then he turned and walked through the gate.
Royal Heart stood letting a few tears fall from her eyes. Stardust looked at her curiously.
"I can't help it. It's hard to see her go every time. Poor Luna. She's had a terrible time in this world," Royal Heart remarked.
"I know and I promise it'll be better next time. The castle will be heavily armed. That ice pony will have to freeze an entire army if he really wants Luna," Stardust replied. He looked at Royal Heart and Starfire, "Lets go to bed. I think we'll head home tomorrow morning."
Stardust turned from the gate and led them all back to the castle while a few soldiers stayed to guard the gate as King Sea Mist had previously ordered.