Chapter 37: Little Flitter sneeks on board

Luna was by her bed side with her bag as she began filling it with her books and blankets. Luna looked outside and couldn't believe she got up early before the sun rose. Little Flitter flew into her room from the cracked opened door.
"Luna, Can I come too?"
"No, I'm sorry. You can not. I'll see you again soon though," Luna answered.
Just then Starfire walked in, "Luna."
Luna turned around and smiled.
"Hurry up, we're waiting on you," Starfire exclaimed.
"Ok, just a minute," Luna cried. She ran to her dresser, grabbed her pictures, locket and books that sat by her collar then she ran to her bed and stuffed them in her bag. She closed the flap and hung the bag around her neck. She looked around her room for Little Flitter but she wasn't there. Luna felt disappointed that her friend had left her and wasn't going to say goodbye. She winked down stairs to the bottom steps to find her parents and uncles waiting.
"I'm ready," Luna exclaimed.
Stardust turned and walked outside with Royal Heart and Luna by his side. Skyview and Starfire walked behind them. They were quickly joined with Buster and a large army of soldiers. Buster stood behind Skyview and Starfire with two rows of soldiers in armor carrying swords.
They marched out through the castle gates turning left towards Moonlight castle.
"Where's Charades?" Luna asked, "I haven't seen him at all."
"He went to see his family. He will join us at Moonlight castle," Royal Heart answered.
Luna looked at the castle one last time, feeling sad about leaving Little Flitter behind.
"What's the mater?" Royal Heart asked.
"Little Flitter wanted to come but I told her she couldn't then when I looked for her she was no where to be seen," Luna answered.
"Awww, poor thing. Well she's probably upset but she'll get over it. Don't worry Luna," Royal Heart told her.
Luna looked up at her and smiled. They walked farther from Dream Castle while trying to avoid villages and nearby houses. Luna spent the whole trip listening to the thundering hooves of soldiers.

When night had fallen, Luna, her parents, uncles and the soldiers were in a deep sleep. Luna slept with a blanket over her, her parents shared a big blanket, huddling together. Her uncles each had their own blanket. While everyone was asleep, Little Flitter crawled out of Luna's bag and took a deep breath.
"Finally, fresh air," Little Flitter thought.
She climbed out of the bag and flew to the air, "Now to find food and be back before anyone wakes up."

After Luna, her parents, uncles and the soldiers traveled for days, they eventually began to see the mountain. The sun was setting fast and Stardust was pushing everyone to hurry. They walked as fast as they could to the mountain. They walked around the town to the trail at the base of the mountain. While they walked, Luna began to feel tired, she had not rested since this morning.
"Just a little farther Luna," Royal Heart urged her.
By the time they reached the mountain the sun only had a sliver left. The road was to dark to see so Skyview walked ahead lighting his horn as they went up the mountain. They climbed the dirt road to Moonlight Castle. Luna smiled when she saw it. It had been awhile since she saw the castle, she almost forgot what it looked like. They walked along the wall as soldiers stood and watched them. They came to the gates and waited till it opened then they were greeted by a brown soldier with yellow and orange hair. He bowed and smiled, "King Sea Mist is expecting you."
Stardust turned towards the soldiers, "Go and rest along the wall." The soldiers turned continued through the gate and walked along the wall each picking a resting spot. Just then Charades walked up to King Stardust and bowed, "Hello King Stardust. I just got here early this morning," He looked at Luna and smiled, "Hello."
"Hi, Charades," Luna exclaimed.
"Luna, you have plenty of time to talk to him," Stardust looked at Charades, "Was your family meeting a pleasant one?"
"Yes it was. Even my brother was there. Thank you for letting me go and visit them," Charades replied.
Stardust smiled, "It was my pleasure. now if you excuse us, we are very tired from our long travel."
"Of course," Charades bowed and left them.
Stardust and his family followed the brown soldier into the castle. They walked to the stairs by the throne room. The brown soldier stopped and faced Stardust, "The King and Queen wants to see you by their room since Queen Snowfall can't climb stairs."
"That's understandable," Queen Royal Heart replied.
They continued up the stairs till they reached the third floor where King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall stood waiting for them.
"Thank you for bringing them," King Sea Mist told the soldier. The brown soldier bowed and left the floor, heading back down stairs.
"It's good that you could come and visit," King Sea Mist told him, "I'm sorry to have you brought up here instead of the throne room but Snowfall wanted to see all of you.'
"Oh, it's quite alright. We understand completely," Royal Heart replied.
Luna stood and stared at Queen Snowfall and how largely round she looked. Her sides stuck out, it wasn't hard to miss her.
"We came to visit till the Gate is opened. Recently, there's been an ice blue pony running loose. He freezing anyone that sees him and he's been trying to kill Luna. We came here so she would be safe for awhile," Stardust explained.
"I heard of him. So it's true, that pony has winter abilities?" King Sea mist asked.
"Yes he most certainly does. King Sea Mist can I ask you a favor?" Stardust asked.
"Could you have soldiers watch the Gate at all times and try to catch that ice blue pony when he goes through it?"
"Yes I'll be happy to do that for you," King Sea Mist replied.
"Queen Snowfall, how's the baby doing?" Royal Heart asked.
"Lively as ever," Queen Snowfall replied.
"Lively?" Luna asked.
Queen Snowfall smiled at her, "I mean the baby has been kicking and moving all day."
"You should be due anytime then, "Stardust told her.
"I hope so. I'm starting to forget what the first floor looked like," Queen Snowfall replied.
"Do you think it'll be a girl or a boy?" Starfire asked.
"Does it mater?" Skyview asked him.
"I'm just wondering. Don't tell me your not curious?" Starfire asked.
Queen Snowfall laughed, "It's quiet alright. Actually I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. I always wanted a baby and I'll be happy with either."
"What if it's a girl, maybe it'll want a brother or if it's a boy it'll want a sister," Luna commented.
Royal Heart laughed, "Oh Luna, your just as bad as your uncles."
Stardust laughed to himself.
"Well who knows, maybe we'll have another one sometime," King Sea Mist told her.
"I hope your all still here when it's born," Queen Snowfall remarked.
"Maybe we could stay till it's born?" Royal Heart asked.
"What about me?" Luna asked, "I hope it's born before the gate opens. I never seen a new born baby before."
Queen Snowfall Smiled, "Well just hope your still here when it's born."
King Sea Mist noticed Starfire trying to hide his yawning, "You all must bel tired from your long trip. Your old rooms are still available."
"I had two rooms though," Luna told him.
"You get the one without the balcony," Stardust told her.
"But I thought I safe here?" Luna asked him.
"We now have glass doors on our balcony," King Sea Mist told him.
"Glass doors?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, they were recently installed. I thought it was a great idea to keep someone from sneaking into the castle. Perhaps you can put glass doors on the balconies at Dream Castle?" King Sea Mist suggested.
"I haven't thought about it but that would be a good idea," Stardust looked at Luna, "Alright you can have the room with the balcony but I want you to keep the door closed."
"Ok, dad," Luna replied smiling.
"We should be going to bed. Goodnight," Stardust told the King and Queen. Royal Heart, Luna, Skyview and Starfire all said their goodnights and to each other, then they went to their separate ways into their old rooms. Stardust took Royal Heart into his old room while Luna went to her old room. She sat her bag on the floor and quickly climbed in bed. She was so tired she couldn't wait to get in bed. She laid on the bed under the warm covers staring at the new glass doors framed in white. There was a light curtain that hung on the door over the glass. As Luna watched the door she slowly fell asleep.
Once everyone in the castle had fallen asleep Little Flitter crawled out of the bag, taking a deep breath.
"One more minute in the bag and I would have suffocated," Little Flitter thought. She flew from the bag to the glass door.
"Now how do I get out?" Little Flitter thought.
She looked at the long golden handle and saw how easy it was to open the door. She landed on the handle but it wouldn't move. She jumped o the handle till the door popped open. She smiled at her success and flew out the window, "Now to find food and be back before they wake up. I wonder what Gate they were talking about?"
She flew over the castle wall unnoticed into the forest.