Chapter 36: No longer safe at home.

It was morning and the birds chirped loudly as they flew past Skyview's room. Royal Heart and Stardust walked in the room to check on Luna. Skyview was on a bed at the other end of the room. He got off the bed when she saw Luna's parents walk in.
"She's asleep," Skyview told them.
"How is she doing?" Royal Heart asked.
"Better," Skyview replied.
"After a week she should be," Stardust replied. He walked up to Luna and touched her forehead. It was a bit warm.
"A few more days and I think she'll be better," Stardust commented, "I don't think she's safe here anymore, not even in her own room."
"What do we do then?" Royal Heart asked.
"We send her somewhere else secretly," Stardust answered, "Skyview, go to Moonlight Castle and ask if we could come and stay there till the Gate opens again. Send Starfire up here to watch Luna before you go."
"Ok, Stardust," Skyview replied, then he winked out.
Stardust lightly shook Luna, "wake up."
Luna opened her eyes and smiled greatly. His golden crown and her mother's tiara sparkled in the sunlight. Their collar blinded her for a minute.
"Dad, mom!" Luna exclaimed.
"Good morning, Luna," Stardust replied with a smile.
"How are you feeling today?" Royal Heart asked.
"Better. Just a slight headache," Luna answered, "This room is so bare. There's nothing in here to look at."
"I know. Skyview kept taking out tables and furniture because you kept moving them," Stardust answered.
"I feel so bad. I mean this is his room and..."
"It's ok Luna. He put you in his room. I don't think he minds having you here," Royal Heart told her.
"Can I get out of bed now?" Luna asked.
"No, not till your feeling normal," Stardust answered.
Just then Starfire walked in, "Skyview tells me it's my turned to babysit."
"Yes it is," Stardust answered, "Luna, your breakfast will be up soon."
"Ok," Luna replied.
Her parents turned and left the room while Starfire stayed in the room.
"Where's Skyview?" Luna asked.
"He went...out for awhile," Starfire answered.
"Oh," Luna replied.

Luna's parents walked down the hall to the stairs. Little Flitter was flying around the castle when she over heard the King and Queen talking.
"Stardust, are we going to Moonlight castle?" Royal Heart asked.
"I'm hoping so. I think Luna will be safer there," Stardust answered.
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "Oh, we'll get to see how big Queen Snowfall has gotten."
Stardust looked at her curiously, "Big?"
"Don't tell me you forgot, Stardust. She's pregnant and she should be having her baby soon. I bet she's big like I was with Luna," Royal Heart smiled as she thought of Luna as a baby again.
"Bringing back memories?" Stardust asked smiling.
"Yes it certainly does," Royal Heart replied.
Stardust smiled and gently nuzzled her cheeks.
They continued walking down the stairs.
Little Flitter hoovered around the corner, "I wonder if I can go too?" She knew they would never let her but she was curious to see Moonlight Castle again.

Luna spent all day in her bed playing games with Starfire and sleeping at times. Stardust and Royal Heart spent the day planning on how to catch the ice blue pony and taking care of the problems around the castle. Skyview didn't return till the sun had set. He floated in cloud form to the castle and returned to his pony form at the door. He walked in and headed straight to the dinning room. He walked in and saw Stardust and Royal Heart eating their dinners.
"Skyview, your back," Royal Heart exclaimed, " How was Queen Snowfall.
"She's pretty big," Skyview replied.
"And?" Stardust asked hoping there was more.
"King Sea Mist said we could visit and stay till the gate opens. He said we're always welcome to visit and stay."
"That's good. Skyview, tell Buster to get a goodnight's sleep, we're leaving in a few days before the sunrises. I don't want anyone in Ponyland knowing we're leaving. Tell Banner to get a large army ready and also tell him that he is to watch the castle while we're gone," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Skyview replied, then he winked out.
"Once we're done we can tell Luna the news," Stardust told Royal Heart.
"She'll be thrilled to hear it," Royal Heart replied.
They continued eating till they finished, then they stood up and left the room leaving the cooks to clean the table.

Stardust and Royal Heart walked up the steps to the forth floor and down several halls till they came upon Skyview's room. They walked in and saw Luna and Starfire eating on the bed together and had just finishing their plates.
"Mom, Dad!" Luna exclaimed, "I haven't seen you all day."
"I'm sorry Luna, we had some things to take care of," Stardust replied.
"What kind of things?" Luna asked curiously.
"Such as making arrangements to go to Moonlight castle for awhile," Stardust answered.
Luna smiled greatly, "Really?"
"Yes Luna," Royal Heart answered, "I'm excited go and see Queen Snowfall. She should have her baby soon."
"Your going too?" Luna asked.
"Yes I am," Royal Heart answered.
"We all are, Luna. Me, your mother, Skyview, Starfire and Buster with an army of soldiers. We're walking there in a few days, starting early in the morning so get lots of rest Luna," Stardust replied.
"Ok, Dad," Luna replied happily.
"Skyview will be here soon when he's done eating," Stardust walked up to Luna and nuzzled her cheeks, "Goodnight Luna."
Luna wrapped her arms around Stardust hugging him, "Goodnight.
Royal Heart sat on the bed and hugged Luna, "Goodnight, Luna."
Her parents turned and left the room leaving Starfire with Luna.
When Skyview finished eating, he winked to his room. Starfire hugged Luna goodnight and left the room. Skyview waited for Luna to fall asleep before going to bed.