Chapter 35: To cold in my room

The sun had set and Blizzard was sleeping peacefully under his covers on his bed. His room was pitch black which was how he liked it when he slept.
The door slowly opened as Teriney quietly walked in letting a crack of light into the room. He stood at Blizzard's bedside and stared at him for a few minutes then he lightly pulled the covers from his front hooves. Teriney immediately saw Blizzard golden charm around his neck. He carefully reached down and grabbed the necklace. Just as he was about to remove it, the necklace and charm suddenly turned to ice freezing Teriney's hooves. Teriney let go and lightly blew hot flames on his cold hoof. Then he looked down at Blizzard angrily after his hooves were free from ice, "Get up!"
Blizzard jumped awake and sat up in bed, "Teriney, I just got to bed."
"I don't care if you just got to sleep. I want you to leave and kill Luna," Teriney told him.
"Now, at this time of night?" Blizzard asked.
"I'm giving you an order. Don't ever question me!" Teriney yelled, "Now go to her room and kill her. Those Black ponies will be asleep at this time so this is the only time that she's alone."
Blizzard got out of bed and quickly put on his cloak. He walked down the hall and stopped at the door when he suddenly noticed how cold his necklace was.
"How strange. I wonder why it keeps getting cold at night?" Blizzard thought.
"Get out now!" Teriney yelled from the room.
Blizzard ran out of the door and up the steps through the cave. Once he reached the other side, he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew through the air.

The castle was quiet with only the sounds of sleeping ponies. Not a single sound could be heard through the dark hallways. Luna slept peacefully and comfortably under her warm covers. Her head rested on her soft pillow. Little Flitter slept on a small pink velvet pillow on a table at the other end of the room. She had a dark pink blanket that covered the pillow. Her wings laid flat on either sides of her with her legs stretched out. Her head stuck out from the cover as she slept soundly in a deep dream. Just then she began to feel cold. She covered her entire body under the covers trying to sleep but she could still feel the cold.
"What is going on?" Little Flitter thought, "This is summer. It shouldn't be cold yet."
She crawled out from under the covers and gasped at what she saw. Snow was blowing everywhere. Ice was forming on the table, paintings and bed. Little Flitter gasped when she saw Luna shaking on her bed. Little Flitter flew from the table trying to reach Luna but the wind and snow was to strong for her. She turned and flew out of the room to a few balconies away till she saw Starfire. She flew up to him and cried his name but he was in a deep sleep to hear her. Little Flitter flew out of the room to the next balcony and saw Skyview sleeping on his bed. She went up to his ear and yelled his name.
Skyview jumped awaked and quickly sat up while throwing Little Flitter to the floor.
"Who's there?" Skyview cried angrily, "Yelling in my ear hurts!"
Little Flitter flew up from his bedside, "I'm sorry but Starfire didn't hear me and I didn't think you would either."
"I have very sensitive hearing," Skyview replied.
"You got to hurry. Luna's room is a blizzard!" Little Flitter cried.
Skyview instantly winked out and appeared in Luna's room by her bed. He couldn't believe what he saw. The room was hardly recognizable. snow everywhere and ice was building up on the bed. Skyview threw the covers off of Luna and quickly picked her up. She shook wildly in her sleeps from the bitter cold. Her hair was already turning to ice.
"Sk-sky-view?" Luna shuddered as she woke up, "Wh-what's g-going on?"
Skyview winked out and appeared in his room. He set Luna on his bed and quickly put the covers on her. He took the extra blankets at the end of his bed and laid them on her. Then he felt her forehead. She felt warm but the rest of her body was freezing.
"Stay here and keep very quiet," Skyview whispered to her, then he winked out.
Luna knotted which was all she could do. She felt herself slowly warming up from the warmth of Skyview previously laying on the bed. She continued to shiver wishing she was with her parents.

Skyview appeared in Stardust room by his bed. He was sound asleep with Royal Heart cuddling up next to him as she slept.
Skyview lightly shook Stardust, "Wake up."
"It had better be important," Stardust whispered tiredly.
"Little Flitter came to me saying Luna's room was a blizzard. I went to her room and found her freezing on her bed. I took her to my bed," Skyview told him.
Stardust quickly climbed out of bed.
"Stardust," Royal Heart whispered tiredly.
"That pony came back for Luna again," Stardust told her.
Royal Heart quickly sat up in bed, "Luna? How is she?"
"She's very cold and her forehead feels warm. Warmer than last time," Skyview replied.
Royal Heart climbed out of bed and stood next to Stardust, "I want to see her too."
The three of them walked down the hall to Skyview room.
"Get Starfire up. He will want to hear about it," Stardust told him.
Skyview left and went next door while Stardust and Royal heart walked into Skyview's room. Royal Heart rushed to Skyview's bed when she saw Luna shaking.
"Oh Luna. Are you alright?" Royal Heart asked as she touched Luna's forehead.
"I'm c-cold and my head h-hurts," Luna replied.
"I think she's getting a bad cold," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart and Stardust sat on the bed on each side at they stoked her cold face.
"We will had to move the breakable things out of this room," Stardust added.
"Why?" Royal Heart asked.
"From what Buster and Charades had once told me about her cold, Luna has no control over her powers. She move things and lift things when she gets a bad cold," Stardust explained.
"Oh my," Royal Heart whispered.
"Mom, my head hurts," Luna whispered.
"I know Luna. We'll have to warm you up first before we can do something about your headache," Royal Heart told her. Just then Starfire and Skyview walked in and stood at the bed.
"I didn't hear anything," Starfire exclaimed, "Luna, how are you feeling?"
Luna let a tear fall, "I'm hot and my head is hurting."
"Oh, she's must be getting a cold," Starfire guessed.
"Yes she is and I want you two to take out all the breakable things in this room. I also want someone in here watching her at all times," Stardust ordered.
"I will since this is my room," Skyview replied.
"Alright, I'll have another bed in here for you then," Stardust replied.
Little Flitter flew from the balcony to the bed, "I think he's gone. I saw something leave Luna's room."
"That was probably him," Skyview told her.
Stardust stood up feeling upset over what happed, "I want to see her room."

His brothers knew he was mad. Skyview and Starfire followed him to Luna's room. To their surprise the room was covered in snow, her bed was all ice.
"Is this her room?" Starfire asked shockingly, "It's hardly recognizable."
"Why is everyone after Luna?" Stardust suddenly asked, "Fallon, Star Cluster and now this ice blue pony." Stardust was angry, "She's my daughter and she's done nothing to deserve this," She stomped his hoof shaking the floor and a few rooms down.
"W-what was that?" Luna asked feeling the bed shake.
"That was your father getting mad and I don't blame him. I'm upset over this," Royal Heart leaned over to her and stroked her warm head, "I'm so sorry you've had a terrible time here. Before long, you'll be going back to the other world."
"Why do this always happen to me?" Luna asked as she began crying.
"Don't cry Luna. It'll just make your headache worse," Royal Heart told her. She reached over and wiped her tear away.