Chapter 33:  A price on his head

Luna was outside under the warm sun as she stood next to Skyview and Starfire. There were five large cart loads of sacks. Five ponies stood in front of Skyview talking to him.
"We have four cart loads of food," a dark blue pony tol him.
"I have a cart load of seeds I want to trade with for a cart load of food," another pony told him.
"Skyview, we already got seeds for planting," Starfire told him.
"It wouldn't hurt to have more," Skyview told him, "Alright we'll trade you for seeds but I want them checked and see if they're good seeds.
While they talked Luna noticed something flying to the tree behind her. She wasn't sure what it was but she decided to check while her uncles talked. She walked to the tree slowly hoping she wouldn't scare what ever it was. Suddenly the winter wind flew out of the tree and quickly circled around Luna. She stood feeling the cold and seeing her coat turn to icicles instantly. She could feel herself suddenly get colder. She was to cold to move, her feet wouldn't move they were like ice cubes, she couldn't concentrate long enough to wink out.
Luna cried she was so scared. Her uncles wasn't even looking but the ponies they were talking to gasped at her. Skyview and Starfire turned and to their great surprise Luna was turning to ice.
"Help," Luna whispered.
Starfire and Skyview ran up to her but neither one could get close enough, their fur instantly turned to ice. Skyview saw Luna's tears turn to ice as she stood freezing. He suddenly winked out and appeared just long enough to grab her and wink out.

Skyview appeared in the throne room interrupting Stardust and Royal Heart discussion. Royal heart gasped shockingly at Luna who stood frozen. Her legs looked like ice, her coat hung with icicles. Her hair was partly turned to ice. Luna's parents jumps off their thrones and hurried over to Luna. Royal Heart lightly touched her, "Oh my poor little girl, she's so cold."
"Luna," Stardust called to her but all Luna could do was look at him. Stardust looked at Skyview, "Give her a hot bath and quickly!"
Skyview lit his horn and touched Luna, then they winked out.
Royal Heart looked at Stardust worriedly, "Oh poor Luna. She's got to be freezing."
Suddenly Stardust stomped his hoof on the floor making a rumble sound echoing through the room.
"Stardust, please I don't like it when you do that," Royal Heart said to him, "I feel like your going to bring the castle down on us."
"I'm sorry Royal Heart but I'm angry. That ice blue pony has gone to far. No one tries to freeze my daughter to death. It's clear that he is after Luna. The others must have ran into him and therefor gotten themself frozen," Stardust began walking with Royal Heart next to him as they headed up the stairs.
"Where are you going?" Royal Heart asked.
"Outside to talk to Starfire and then to see how Luna is doing," Stardust replied.
"I'll be with Luna."
"She's in our bathtub," Stardust told her and as soon as they left the throne room, they separated each going the opposite direction. Royal Heart went to the fourth floor while Stardust went outside.

Stardust left the castle and down the steps towards Starfire. When Stardust approached him, the group of ponies bowed.
"Starfire warn the other kingdoms about that ice blue pony. Make a wanted poster if you must or a sketch of him, ask the summer wing ponies to help you since they too have seen him. That pony is dangerous and everyone needs to be careful."
"Ok, Stardust," Starfire replied.
"I want it done before sunset," Stardust told him.
"That soon?" Starfire asked, "I can't possibly get to another kingdom by then."
At least make the posters and have it ready to be sent tomorrow. Have Skyview help you," Stardust answered, then he turned and left.
" is Luna?" Starfire quickly asked.
Stardust stopped and looked at him, "I don't know. You can come and see her when your done." he continued towards the steps and into the castle, then he climbed the stairs to the fourth floor. He walked through many hallways till he came upon a pink and white door. He opened it to find Luna still frozen in the large pink and white tub. Skyview and a few other maids helped pour buckets of hot water on Luna while the tub continued to fill.
Stardust stood and saw her legs were now clear of ice but Luna still looked very cold.
"I wish the tub would hurry and fill up," Royal Heart told him.
"Me too," He replied. He walked around the large tub that had four skinny pillars around it. Stardust stood facing Luna, "how are you feeling?"
"C-c-cold," Luna stuttered as she began to shake.
"At lest she is shaking now. She wasn't awhile ago," Skyview told him.
Royal Heart joined Stardust as she stood next to Luna, "Feeling any better?"
"Y-y-yes," Luna answered.
Just then Starfire walked in, "how is she?"
"A little better, at lest she can talk," Royal Heart answered.
Her parents and uncles stood watching as the water began to rise covering Luna's body. The ice on her body had completely melted away. Her hair waved freely in the water. Luna had stopped shaking. Her wings were completely underwater trying to warm them up.
"Now how do you feel?" Stardust asked.
"Much better and so warm," Luna answered with a smile.
Her parents smiled greatly and was relieved to hear Luna talk normally.
Luna felt her nose which was cold and runny, suddenly she sneezed.
"Your getting a cold, Luna," Royal Heart told her.
"I thought she might," Skyview replied.
Luna sneezed a few more times.
"What happened, Luna?" Royal Heart asked.
"I was next to Skyview when I noticed something go into the tree. I was curious to see what it was. I thought is was a bird or some kind of animal but the freezing winter wind blew from the tree and around me. I was instantly frozen. My legs were to cold to move. I couldn't think straight or talk I was so cold," Luna explained.
"We ran towards her but we couldn't get to close. It was starting to freeze us too," Starfire explained.
"I had to wink inside and get her," Skyview added.
"I want one of you two to watch her closely," Stardust told them. He turned and looked at Luna, "Go to bed when you get out. I'll have your dinner brought to you," Stardust told her.
"Why? I feel fine. I'm just sneezing," Luna replied sneezing again.
"Your catching a cold," Royal Heart explained, "You need to sleep it off."
"Ok," Luna replied.
Her parents and uncles left the room leaving Luna with the maids.