Chapter 31:  Blizzard Waits

It was in the afternoon and Blizzard sat on his bed, laying on his light blue covers. The floor and walls were made of rock. He had an oil lamp on his night stand next to his bed which gave him light as he read a book. The walls were bare, no paintings or pictures hung. He had a round rug on the side of his bed. His room was small and he had a small bookcase next to him full of books. He spent most of his time at home reading which was all he could do. Teriney gave him only so many books he was allowed to have. Blizzard had read the books many times but he still loved reading them.
Just then the door flew open and Teriney walked in looking serious as always.
"What are you still doing here?" Teriney asked.
"Princess Luna returned to the castle. I can't get her as long as she's inside it," Blizzard replied.
"She will come out eventually," Teriney replied, "Now get out and kill her!"
"How? I mean she hasn't been out," Blizzard replied.
"You can figure that out for yourself. Now get out!" Teriney yelled angrily.
Blizzard put his book on his night stand, grabbed his cloak from the bookcase and ran out of his room.

Once Blizzard was outside he put on his cloak and walked up the steps over the hot lava. the steps felt a little warm. He could hear the lava boil and the popping sounds from the bubbles. He walked into the dark cave. When he left the cave, he stood on the cliff and looked at the tinny towers in the distance. He had so often sat on the cliff staring at it not knowing what it was. He turned himself into a cluster of snowflakes and flew far from the volcano.

He flew over a large forest, past the river and over Paradise Estate. He flew for miles for sometime till he saw Dream Valley and Dream Castle. He flew to the right and landed in the thick forest next to a large lake. He returned to his pony form and stared at the castle in the distance. He noticed the soldiers walking on the wall but he saw no sign of the princess. Blizzard sat on the grass as he watched the soldiers. He looked at the balconies but there was no one on them.
"Where is she?" Blizzard asked himself, "Just how do I find her?"
He leaned back on a tree thinking but everything he thought of risked in having someone seeing him. He knew Teriney didn't want that.
After the afternoon had past Blizzard was feeling hungry. He walked to the Lake and drank the water, he could feel the cool water hit his empty stomach. There was no food around so the water would have to do for now. After he was satisfied he turned to the tree and sat down. He spent all day watching the castle but there was no sign of Princess Luna. Just as he was about to leave and head home he noticed a group of butterflies in the distance only there was something strange about them. He stood and watched them till they were close to him. To his surprise and curiosity they were tinny ponies with butterfly wings. He had never seen ponies so tinny before. After he got over the shock of tinny ponies he suddenly realized they had seen him and what was even worse he didn't have his hood on only the cloak that covered his back.
Blizzard stood facing them and took a deep breath blowing freezing cold air on them.
Slowly their wings began to turn to ice making it impossible for them to fly. Little Flutter was flying far behind them. When she finally caught up to them, she quickly flew to the tree tops. She watched shockingly at what Blizzard was doing.
In a mater of minutes all the tinny ponies had turned to ice blocks. Little Flutter gasped and was scared he might see her too.
Blizzard scanned the area for any that might have escaped but he didn't see any. He looked down at one of the ice blocks and picked it up. He stared curiously at the tinny pink pony frozen in ice.
"How strange. This so tinny," Blizzard thought. He had never heard ponies that were so small nor had he ever read anything like them before. After a while he set the ice block on the grass with the others. Then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew back to the volcano.