Chapter 30: Going to town

It was in the afternoon and Luna had finished her school work. She put her books in her school bag by her bed and hurried out the door. She walked down the hall hoping to find Skyview or Starfire but all she saw were maids and window cleaners. She walked downstairs to the throne room only to be stopped by two soldiers in silver armor. They suddenly stood close to each other in front of the door.
"Sorry Princess Luna. King Stardust and Queen Royal Heart are busy," said the first soldier.
"They don't want to be disturbed. He also said do not try and wink inside," the second soldier added.
Luna signed sadly, "Where's Skyview and Starfire?"
"We don't know," The soldier replied.
"Oh, well. Thank you," Luna turned and continued walking down the hall to another hall. She wondered all over the castle till she found Skyview in the kitchen. Luna walked into the kitchen listing to Skyview giving orders to the cooks.
As Skyview talked he noticed the cooks were looking at something. Skyview turned around and saw Luna.
"I'm sorry," Luna quickly said, "I guess your busy."
"Yes I am Luna."
"Where Starfire?" Luna asked.
"He's busy too. Luna why don't you do your school work for awhile?" Skyview asked, "I got things I must do before dinner." Skyview turned around and continued talking to the cooks.
Luna turned and left sadly, hanging her head low.
"I just finished my school work," Luna thought, "Everyone is so busy!"
Luna winked out and appeared on the balcony of her room. She looked around and saw soldiers walking or talking to other soldiers. She turned and saw Dream Valley. She wondered if she could sneak out of the castle and look around town. She would be gone and back before anyone knows she left.
"No one will know," Luna thought.
Her horn began to glow and her hair turned purple. Her horn and wings disappeared. Suddenly She winked out and appeared behind the building in town.

She looked around to be sure no one saw her appear. When she saw it was clear, she turned and walked around the building into an alley. Luna stopped and gasped at all the ponies walking in town. There were more ponies in Dream Valley then the town in the other world. She saw quiet a few unicorns and Pegasus even the babies following their mothers. She also saw some earth ponies and quiet a few male ponies. Luna turned from the alley and continued walking looking at every store she past.

In the throne room, Stardust and Royal Heart sat listening to a group of ponies talking. Royal Heart noticed Stardust was bothered by something. The group of ponies could also see it.
"Stop," Stardust suddenly said, "Could you hold that thought for a minute?" he turned towards Royal Heart leaning towards her. Royal Heart leaned towards him.
"Get Luna," Stardust whispered in her ear, "She left the castle and went to town. I want her here immediately."
Royal Heart sat back in surprise, "Are you sure, Stardust?"
"Yes I'm positive," Stardust answered.
Royal Heart held her hooves to her mouth as if she was shocked, "Oh my." She looked at the group of ponies, "Please excuse me. I'll be right back. I got some urgent maters to take care of." Royal Heart stood up and left while Stardust gave the group of ponies the permission to continue talking.
Royal Heart walked up the stairs and past the pillars. She walked out of the throne room and down the hall, heading towards the doors that led outside. Once Royal Heart walked outside, she stopped at the two soldiers in armor guarding the door.
"Bring me Buster and Charades," Royal Heart told them.
The soldier nodded their heads and hurried down the steps towards the wall. Royal Heart stood and waited. After awhile the two soldiers returned from the wall with Buster. They walked up the step and continued to stand at the door while Buster stood in front of Royal Heart. He wore leg bands and a sword at his side. On his body was a light silver armor. He bowed down at her and then looked up, "You sent for me?"
"Where is Charades?" Royal Heart asked.
"He went to see his family," Buster answered.
"Oh, that's right. He requested to go there the night he can back with Skyview from the Gate. Well I have something very important I want you to do."
Buster stood up and listened carefully.
"Take your armor, sword and leg bands off. Then go to town and find Luna," Royal Heart told him.
"She's in town?" Buster asked surprisingly, "She didn't walked past the castle gates."
"I'm guessing that she winked there. Please hurry. I'm so worried about her. Oh, let no one know you're a soldier and that Princess Luna is in town."
"Yes, Queen Royal Heart," Buster nodded and then he turned and left. Royal Heart turned and walked back to the throne room.

Buster walked to the wall where Banner stood and waited. He wore a light armor with his cloak on.
"What did she say?" Banner asked.
"I'm to go to town and bring someone back," Buster answered.
"Who?" Banner asked.
"I can't say." Buster replied as he began to take his armor off, then his leg bands and his sword. Banner walked up the steps on the side of the wall and into the towers by the gate, "Open the gates!" Then he walked outside and watched as Buster walked through the opened gates.
Buster continued walking till he reached town. He had forgotten how he was going to find her. Luna would most likely had changed her appearance, in that case she could be anyone. Buster decided to walk around till he spots a pony watching him or a pony that he recognized. He walked slowly peaking inside stores looking for a pony he would recognize. He walked down a few streets till he spotted a pony he was sure he knew. She was all white with purple hair. She even acted like she was new in town. Buster followed her for a while to be sure that was Luna. When he saw Luna was fascinated with something in a window he walked up to her and stopped behind her.
"Well, well if it isn't Lunarstar."
Luna gasped, he instantly knew the voice. She slowly turned her head and saw Buster looking a bit upset with her.
"Buster, not going to tell mom and dad are you?" Luna asked.
"Lets go home,' Buster told her. He walked past letting Luna follow from behind. They quickly left town and was heading to the castle.
"Buster?" Luna worriedly said, "Your not going to tell my parents are you?"
"Your parents already know. They sent me to get you. Your mother is worried, Princess," Buster answered without looking at her. Luna lowered her head letting her mane drag the ground, she knew she was in trouble. She never had her father mad at her. She didn't know what it was like for him to be mad at her but he knew she was about to find out.

They walked through the gate as soldiers stared at Luna's earth pony form.
"Princess?" Banner asked in a whispering voice. He was surprised to see she had sneaked out of the castle without him knowing it.
Luna looked at him sadly and then continued walking to the castle. Buster took her up the steps and into the castle. They turned down a hallway towards the throne room. This time the soldiers did not stop them. Buster stopped just short of the doors.
"Change back. I think your parents wants to see the real you," Buster told her.
Luna's horn appeared glowing, then her wings appeared while her purple hair turned while. The two soldiers at the door stood staring. They were shocked to see her change.
Buster and Luna continued into the throne room once Luna had completed her change.

They walked into the throne room and past the pillars. They walked down the steps while a group of ponies walked up the steps, each bowing their heads at Luna. Buster took her around the fountain and up to the thrones where the King and Queen sat. Buster stopped and bowed, "I have found her and brought her to you."
"Thank you Buster. You may go now," Stardust told him.
Stardust waited till Buster had left the throne room before saying anything to Luna.
"Just where did you go?" Stardust asked in a stern ton of voice. He knew the answer but wanted to hear it from Luna.
Luna looked at the ground sadly knowing she was in trouble, "To town."
"Look at me when I'm speaking to you," Stardust told her.
Luna looked up at him, "I went to town."
"You sneaked out of the castle and went to town?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes," Luna hesitated to say. Even her mother was upset with her. She looked at her father and could see he was keeping quiet a bit of his anger back.
"Have you forgotten who you are and where you are?" Stardust asked her, "You are Princess Luna of Ponyland. You do not leave and go anywhere you want like you can in the other world."
"I'm sorry dad," Luna exclaimed sadly. She could feel her eyes began to water.
Stardust looked at her angrily, "Don't you ever sneak off like that again!" He yelled.
Tears began streaming down Luna's face and dropping to the floor.
"Don't ever leave the castle walls without asking me!" He yelled angrily.
"I'm sorry dad," Luna exclaimed sadly as she cried.
"It is not as safe as you think it is, Luna," Stardust explained, "Especially for a winged unicorn. Do you know what ponies would do if they found out your in town?"
"Luna, you had us very worried. You're our only daughter and we don't want anything to happen to you," Royal Heart explained.
Luna continued to cry, "I'm...sorry, mom. It won't happed again."
"It had better not, Luna," Stardust said angrily, "you have a habit of not listening to what ponies tell you. I suggested you start listening."
"Yes dad," Luna cried sadly as tears continued to stream down her face.
"Go to your room and think about what I said!" Stardust yelled angrily.
Luna suddenly winked out.
"Stardust, maybe we over did it a bit?" Royal Heart suggested.
"No Royal Heart. I have told her in the past to stay put or don't do this or that but she does it anyway. Although I am grateful she came to the battle at Dream Castle to defeat Fallon but one of these days she's going to get hurt and wished she had listened to me. No Royal Heart, she must learn to listen to what she is told," Stardust replied.
"I guess your right Stardust," Royal Heart replied.
Stardust smiled, "We can talk to her later. Give her time to cry and think about what I said."
"Stardust what about that ice blue pony?" Royal Heart asked.
"That was one of the things that had me worried when Luna left the castle," Stardust replied.

Luna was on her bed crying with her face buried in her pillow. She didn't want to think about what her father said but his words continued to echo through her mind. Maybe she was wrong for sneaking off. Maybe she should have asked to go or talk to Buster instead. She laid on her bed for hours as she slowly calmed down. After awhile her parents walked in. Luna took a peak at them and them continued to hide her face.
Royal Heart and Stardust sat on her bed with Luna stretched out on her stomach.
"Luna," Stardust called to her but Luna didn't look. She was afraid to see his angry face. Stardust pulled her off the bed and held her in his arms. Luna curled in a ball hiding her face.
"Luna, what I have told you earlier is true," Stardust told her.
"I know dad and I'm sorry. I promise it won't happed again."
"You do know you have a habit of not listening to what your told," Stardust remarked.
"I know dad and I'm sorry. I...I'll listen next time."
"Luna," Royal Heart called to her, "There's an ice blue pony on the loose freezing other ponies. He almost froze Buster and Charades. He's also been seen walking through the Gate during the day."
"He's dangerous, Luna and If he recognized your earth pony form in town from the other world, you could have been captured or killed," Stardust explained.
"Starfire said something about that pony," Luna suddenly remembered.
"We're not sure who he's after or if he's after anyone but I don't want to take the chance that he could be after you," Stardust explained.
Luna felt a tear fall from her eyes, "I'm sorry dad. I..I'm sorry."
"I know you are Luna. But the ice blue pony isn't the only reason that you shouldn't sneak off," Royal Heart told her.
"I know mom. I worried you two and I'm a Princess, a winged unicorn and it's the rules. I'm sorry."
"Oh Luna, we know your sorry you don't have to keep repeating it," Royal Heart told her as she stroked her mane.
Luna slowly began to feel better and realized her parents where angry because they were only worried and loved her.
Stardust nuzzled Luna and hugged her.
"Why did you go to town anyways?" Stardust asked her.
"I was board. You and mom were busy and so was Skyview and Starfire. I had nothing to do," Luna answered.
"Oh, I see. Well I guess I should give you something to do then," Stardust exclaimed happily, "I think it's time you know what we all do around here. I want you to follow Skyview for the time being. Your to get up when he does, eat when he does and go where ever he goes. Luna, I want you to listen to what ever he tells you and don't interrupt him if he's busy talking."
"Ok dad," Luna replied looking up at him, "Umm, how did you know I left the castle?"
"I felt your presents leave the castle," Stardust answered.
"What do you mean?" Luna asked.
"I an sense you Luna. I know when you leave your room. When you walk around the castle. I always know where you are. I can also sense my brothers. Skyview and Starfire are walking the halls at this moment. They can also sense me and you."
"Oh so...I guess I can't play hide and seek with you then?" Luna asked.
Stardust smiled greatly, "No, you can't. I would find you instantly."
"What Cluster?" Luna hesitated to ask.
"No, I can not sense him, not can my other two brothers. I'm not sure why and I don't think Star Cluster can sense us, "Stardust answered.
"Now Luna, cheer up, it's dinner time," Royal Heart told her with a smile.
"Skyview had the cooks make your favorite," Stardust told her.
Luna smiled greatly, "Spaghetti!"
"Well there won't be if we don't hurry," Stardust sat Luna on the floor and left the room with Luna and Royal Heart.