Chapter 2: Curious ponies.

When the bell rang, every pony in school hurried out of the school except for Blizzard who walked from the school carrying his school bag.
Luna ran through the park passing ponies walking by. She noticed the baby ponies playing in the distance with their mothers watching.
She left the park and across the street. Luna had to slow down to a walk by the time she saw her street. Luna breathed heavily, her legs were worn out from running.
"I wish I could wink home," Luna thought.
She walked in the house and heard her mother making noises in the kitchen.
"I'm home," Luna shouted.
"Hi, honey, how's school?"
"Fine," Luna winked up stairs, she was to tired to climb it. She walked into her room and dropped her bag on her bed, then winked down stairs. She walked into the kitchen and noticed her mother doing something at the counter.
"Mom, I'm going out!"
Rosebud turned around from the counter while holding a bowl and stirring it, "Ok, be careful while you're out!"
Luna smiled, "I will." Then she hurried out of the house.

Luna walked down her street and to the park, then she headed straight for the other exit. The side walk was busy, full of ponies walking to and from town. Luna crossed the street and went into the Ice cream shop. Starlight was at the counter waiting, along with Melody. Luna sat down next to Melody, a minute later Clover walked in, then Sweetheart and the rest of the girls.
"Can you believe him?" Patch asked.
"Just what is his problem?" Bon Bon asked.
"Who?" Starlight asked.
"Blizzard," The girls answered.
"Oh...him. All he ever does is watch," Starlight replied.
"He doesn't want to play, according to what Blueberry told me," Luna told them.
"He doesn't talk to anyone," Clover added.
"He ignores everyone," added Melody.
"No one knows nothing about him," Bright Eyes pointed out, "Where does he live?"
"Who knows, he's one of the last ponies to leave school," Melody answered
"Lets find out where he lives then," Patch suggested.
"How?" Bon Bon asked, "He won't tell us."
"We follow him," Patch answered.
"All day?" Luna asked.
"Yes, he's got to head home eventually," Patch answered.
"Well, he should be in the park watching someone," Bright Eyes replied.
"Lets go then," Patch exclaimed.
The girls hurried out of the ice cream shop to the park.

Blizzard was laying on the grass watching a group of ponies playing. His lower legs were wrapped in a white cloth and his neckless sat in a pouch on a golden chain. He laid there staring, wondering if one of them was Princess Luna. After a while he stood up and left to find another group playing but they were all boys. Surely she wouldn't change to look like a boy. He just couldn't imagine her as a boy so he continued past them and left the park. He roamed the sidewalk till he found himself heading towards town. He stopped every now and then to looked through the windows. One shop had baby stuff, another had TVs and another one had furniture. He walked deep into town and suddenly smelled sweet chocolate. He followed his nose and found a bakery shop. There was a large wedding cake on the front window. As Blizzard stared at it, he noticed a group of ponies in the reflection of the window. The group of ponies looked familiar. He casually turned pretending to look at another store while checking out the crowded sidewalk but he couldn't find the group that was watching him.
"Maybe I was just imagining thing," Blizzard thought to himself.
He continued down the sidewalk and stopped at a soup restaurant, He looked through the window feeling hungry. Just then he noticed the group of ponies in the window reflection. This time he didn't dare turn around. He continued walking and went into the next store which was a hat shop. A dark pink ponies with yellow and white hair walked up to him, "May I help you?"
Blizzard looked around at the strange hats pretending to be shopping.
"Umm...yes can you tell me if there's a group of ponies watching from across the street?" Blizzard asked.
The store keeper thought that was an odd question but he looked anyways.
"Yes, it's a group of girls. Are they friends of yours?"
"Umm...yes they are. Thanks," Blizzard turned and left the store. He walked through town wondering how he was going to loose the girls. He stopped at the street corner and looked at the forest in the distance to his left, then he saw more houses and less shops to his right. He figured it would be best to lead them towards the houses. He turned right and crossed the street. As he walked he noticed there were less ponies. He continued walking till there were hardly any ponies. Then he walked down the alley. He suddenly stopped and turned into a cluster of snow flakes. Just as the girls peaked around the corner a cold chilly wind blew past them.
"Brrr, it's getting a bit cold," Sweetheart exclaimed.
"That wind that blew by was cold which is strange for this time of year," Bright Eyes remarked.
"Forget the wind. Hurry before we loose him," Patch cried and ran through the alley to the other side. The girls stopped and looked both ways down the street.
"He's no where to be seen," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"That is strange," Melody replied.
"Blizzard is...strange," Starlight added.
"Well I guess we lost him. We'll have to think of another way to find out," Patch told them.
"Lets just give him time. Maybe he's shy or something," Luna suggested, "He's still a new pony in school."
"Yeah, I guess your right," Patch replied.
"Lets go to that soup restaurant," Bon Bon suggested, "It looked good."
The girls all agreed and walked back into town.

Blizzard flew towards the forest pasting houses and several large buildings. He flew deep into the forest to a clear spot in the shadowy forest among the trees. He landed next to his school bag, returning back into a pony again.
"Why were they following me anyways?" Blizzard asked himself, "Maybe I'm making myself to suspicious? I'll have to be careful." Blizzard sat down and unwrapped the wrapping from his legs. Then he rubbed his hairy feet, "That feels better." he laid on the grass, folding his front legs and stretching his back legs. He laid on the grass for hours thinking and planing the capture of Princess Luna. He wanted to be sure he had thought everything out when he finally meets her.
"I'll need to find a place to stay. I can't sleep in the forest this whole time, especially if it rains," Blizzard thought.
He laid his head on his school bag and watched the sky as it turned dark, soon he had fallen into a deep dreamless sleep.