Chapter 28:  Grandparent's visit

Luna slept soundly on her warm bed. The purple covers laied out smoothly over her with only her head showing.
"Wake up, Luna," A sweet voice said.
Luna opened her eyes and yawned, then he looked up and saw her mother at her bedside. Royal Heart had her mane up with curls stringing down to her sides. She wore her large tiara and her silver collar covered in diamonds. Royal Heart smiled at Luna, "Come on time to get up."
Luna looked outside and saw the sun was just rising over the hills.
"It's too early," Luna whispered as she yawned.
"This is the time you'll have to get up every morning. We all do, Luna. There's a lot that needs to be done. Now get up or you'll be late for breakfast and don't forget your collar," Royal Heart replied. She walked from the bed and left the room.
Luna threw the covers off of her and climbed out of bed. She stretched her legs and then flapped her wings. She walked over to her dresser that sat on the same side as her door. She picked up her white and gold brush and began brushing her hair. Once she had brushed the mess out of her hair she sat the brush on her dresser next to her collar. Then she picked up her collar from her green pillow and slipped it on her neck. Luna stood and admired her collar in the mirror against her long white mane.
She turned from the dresser and left her room. She walked down the tall hallway as she past a few maids.
"Good morning, Princess Luna," a yellow unicorn said.
"Good morning, Princess Luna," a green Pegasus said.
Luna stopped and smiled at them, "Good morning," Then she continued walking till she came to the wide staircase.

She walked downstairs and when she reached the bottom steps she turned left and continued walking till she came upon some tall white doors. She could hear her parents and uncles voices. Skyview and Starfire argued as always which made Luna want to laugh. She opened the doors and walked in. Her parents sat together at the end of the table. Her uncles sat on opposite sides of each other. Luna noticed an empty chair next to her mother.
"Well, good morning Luna," Stardust exclaimed happily.
"Good morning," Luna replied as she walked around Starfire to sit at the empty seat.
"I sent a note to your grandparents. They might come today and see you," Stardust told her.
"Really?" Luna asked smiling.
"You can spend the whole day with them if they come," Royal Heart added.
Just then five servants walked in with silver trays. They walked to the table and set a plates down. Luna noticed she got pancakes while her parents got eggs and toast. Her uncles got pancakes and eggs. The servants turned and left the room. Everyone at the table sat and eat quietly till they were done.
"Skyview I want you to check the farmers and see what you can do about their pest problem. Starfire, go with him and see what kind of animal is ruining the crops. I want that problem taken care of today," Stardust told them.
"Ok, Stardust," Skyview answered.
"Pest problem?" Starfire asked.
"I'm sorry, I forgot you haven't been here in a while. The farmers are complaining about something is going through their crops and taking it or ruining it," Stardust explained.
"Is it a big animal or small?" Starfire asked.
"That is why I'm sending you two to find out," Stardust answered, he looked at Royal Heart, "Now shall we go to the throne room?"
Royal Heart stood up while noticing Luna still sitting, "Well, come on Luna. Your coming with us till we hear from your grandparents."
Luna smiled and stood up. Then she followed her parents out of the room.

Luna followed them to the throne room. They walked past two soldiers in armor as they went into the room. Luna followed them past the long green curtains and past two pillars. Then she walked down the white staircase following the red carpet. She walked to the large square water fountain and continued to the thrones.
"Why isn't there one for me?" Luna asked.
"They're only for a King and Queen. A Princess doesn't need one," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Luna replied.
"Want to try it?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes I would," Luna replied as she remembered not to say 'sure'.
Luna sat down at her mothers golden throne.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
"It's...comfortable," Luna answered.
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "Yes it is."
Luna sat and looked around the large room, it was quite pretty from where she sat. She looked up at her parents with a sudden thought, "Since this is a castle, does it have a treasure room?"
"It does. Come I'll show you, just don't tell anyone. Only the family knows where it's at," Stardust replied.
Luna stood up and followed her father behind the thrones. He walked to his throne and stood waiting for Luna.
"See the crescent moons?" Stardust pointed.
"Yes," Luna replied.
There were two crescent moons on the back of his throne at the top, each facing the opposite of each other. Below them was the royal crest.
"Press the one on the left," Stardust told her.
Luna pressed on the left moon with her hoof and suddenly jumped at a light rumbling sound.
"Come," Stardust told her.
She followed him to the large green hanging curtain behind the throne and moved it to the side, revealing a door. Royal Heart stood at the thrones watching in case the grandparents came.
"Light your horn," Stardust told her.
Luna lit her horn and was surprised at the number of diamonds, rubies and colored stones in all different sizes. She also saw small golden pony statues and golden vases. On one side of the wall were two large chests. Luna walked up to them and opened it. Inside were golden coins, jewelry and Pearls.
"This will help us see better," Stardust said.
Luna turned around and saw her father standing on his hind legs in the center of the room. In front of him was something large covered in a black thick cloth. Stardust moved the black cloth and revealed a large glowing rock which lit the room.
"A...glowing rock?" Luna asked shockingly while the light from her horn dimmed.
"Yes, there's very few of them. This was the biggest ever found or so I was told," Stardust replied.
Luna looked around the room and saw golden and silk curtains hanging on the walls. On one side of the room was a large painting of an earth pony's head.
"Who is that?" Luna asked.
"Our ancestor. He was the first King," Stardust answered.
"He could be one of the two ponies from the other world on Drakon Island," Luna guessed.
"He very well could be," Stardust replied wondering if Luna was right.
"But If there's two, where's the other one?" Luna asked
"I don't know, Luna," Stardust answered.
They stood and stared at the light orange pony with yellow, red and green mane. His eyes were green.
"Well, lets leave," Stardust told her.
He covered the glowing rock and left the room with Luna, "Now press the other moon."
Luna walked up to the throne and pressed the moon on the right. Suddenly she heard another rumbling sound.
"Is it closed?" Luna asked curiously.
"Yes it is," Stardust answered.
"Luna," Royal Heart called to her, "What did you think of the room?"
"It's so pretty in there. I never seen so much gold especially real gold. That glowing rock is fascinating," Luna answered.
Her parents laughed.
"Yes it is," Royal Heart replied.
Luna walked up to her mother and stood in front of her while noticing how large the water fountain is.
"Why do you have such a large water fountain in the middle of the room?" Luna asked.
"That's for sea ponies when they come to see us or when we have a party," Royal Heart answered.
Luna looked at her parents, "When do I get a crown?"
"Not for a while," Royal Heart answered.
"But when?" Luna asked.
"On your 16th birthday," Stardust answered.
"Why then?" Luna asked.
"It's a sign of you growing up. A sign of you becoming a teenager and that's when your aging process slows down," Royal Heart answered.
"Do you age slowly?" Luna asked.
"No, unfortunately," Royal Heart answered, "It's just on your fathers side of the family."
"Why?" Luna asked, "Could it be because the family has a bit of Dragon in them?"
"What's a dragon got to do with aging?" Stardust asked curiously.
"A dragon can live a very long time. They age very slowly," Luna answered.
"Oh I see. Yes it could be, Luna," Stardust replied.
"What Dragon?" Royal Heart asked.
"Keisa. Remember I told you about Drakon Island?" Stardust asked.
"Oh yes. The white dragon that's suppose to be Luna," Royal Heart suddenly remembered.
"Before I died I gave all I had, including my dragon powers to two ponies. Those two ponies could have gone to this world," Luna explained.
"That's why my family has strange abilities and powers," Stardust replied.
"Is that why you and your brothers are the first black ponies?" Royal Heart asked.
"I don't know. There has never been male unicorns or male pegasus in my family before or any strange defects," Stardust answered.
"I have no idea why," Luna replied after noticing her parents looking at her.
Just then Luna's grandparents walked in the room and down the stairs. They walked around the water fountain and stood in front of Stardust.
"We got your note and had to come," Sunlight said.
"I thought you might," Stardust replied, he looked down at Luna, "Go and spend some time with them. Me and your mother will see you later."
"Ok," Luna replied. She left the thrones and walked up to her grandparents who eagerly waited for her. Sunlight gave Luna a hug and then Ribbon Lock.
"We missed you," Sunlight told her.
"I missed you too," Luna replied.
"Lets walk around and talk," Ribbon Lock suggested.
Luna smiled and followed her grandparents out of the throne room.

As Luna left the throne room she noticed Starfire and Skyview walking towards the throne room. She feared Starfire was going to tell her father everything, including about Blueberry.
"Luna, are you ok?" Sunlight asked.
Luna looked up at her and smiled, "I'm fine."
"That's good," Ribbon Lock replied.
She continued to follow them as she worried about what her father was going to say to her later.
"Where are we going?" Luna asked.
"I want to show you something," Ribbon Lock answered.
The walked down several long hallways till they came to a tall white and gold door. Ribbon Lock lead them inside the white room. The floor was a light green carpet and the windows were tall. Above them was a crystal chandelier. In the center were two dark green velvet couches with a glass table between them. Luna saw other tables with flower vases and a stack of books.
"Starfire didn't show me this room," Luna exclaimed surprisingly.
"He probably showed you the rooms that were most important or thought you would like," Ribbon Lock explained," this room is the meeting room where the king often met with other Kings to talk about important maters," Ribbon lock pointed to the other side of the room, "This is what I wanted to show you."
Luna looked at what he was pointing and saw a very large map that hung on the wall framed in gold. Luna walked over to the map and stared at it. She saw Ponyland in the center and other kingdoms around it.
"Ponyland is really big," Luna commented.
"Yes it certainly is," Sunlight replied.
"There's lots of kingdoms. More than I thought," Luna remarked.
"Yes but some of those are pony kingdoms, Luna. Out of all those kingdoms there are six pony kingdoms who are descendants of the six Princess ponies."
"Princess ponies?" Luna asked curiously.
"A very long time ago there were six princesses who held all magic on this planet in their wands. With them were six booshwoolies. Well, over time the Princess separated and got married, each having a Kingdom," Ribbon Lock explained.
"But the royal family of Ponyland isn't from one of those Princesses?" Luna asked.
"That's right, we are not," Sunlight answered.
Luna figured they weren't. They were from two ponies who came from another world.
"That' interesting," Luna commented.
"Yes it is," Sunlight replied.
"Come, I think there's lot about Ponyland and it's history you need to know," Ribbon Lock told her.
"What happened to Wishes?" Luna asked, "I only saw him once."
"He left to visit other booshwoolies. I'm sorry you keep missing him," Sunlight replied.
Luna turned and followed her grandparents out of the room.

Starfire had just told Stardust, Royal Heart and Skyview about Blizzard which surprises them.
"So he's returned," Stardust exclaimed sitting on his throne, "and you don't know how he goes through the gate when it's not even a full moon?"
"No I don't," Starfire replied.
"How can that pony possibly go through the gate?" Skyview asked, "It shouldn't even be possible."
"There's a lot about that pony that shouldn't be possible," Stardust pointed out.
"He sat quietly thinking about the pony while Royal Heart talked. He didn't want to tell anyone but he felt very worried for Luna. He feared the pony could be after her.
"What did he look like?" Royal Heart asked.
"He's Ice blue, that's all I can tell. He wore a dark hooded cloak so I couldn't see his face or the rest of him," Starfire replied.
"That pony is to dangerous for Buster and Charades. Even for you Starfire," Stardust suddenly said, "Skyview, when Luna returns to the other world, I want you to go with her. Try and catch that pony but be very careful."
"Ok," Skyview replied.
"Oh that reminds me. There's a pony there that loves Luna and she loves him," Starfire exclaimed.
"Is he serious about her?" Stardust asked.
"Me, Buster and Charades thinks so," Starfire replied.
"Have you told her she is to marry a Prince from this world?" Stardust asked.
"Yes and she got upset with me. Buster and Charades told her too and she didn't take it to well. She is determine to marry anyone she wants."
"Who is this boy that she loves?" Royal Heart asked.
"I will talk to her about this later. Skyview, when you return with her, make sure she does not get to attached to him," Stardust replied.
"Ok," Skyview replied.
"Well, Stardust if you don't mind I think I'll go and see how Luna is doing," Royal Heart stood up and quickly left the room.
"We better be going. We still have to check out the farmer's problem," Skyview told him. Starfire turned and followed Skyview out of the room while Stardust sat and thought about what Starfire had told him.

Luna walked with her grandparents for hours wondering around the castle looking at painting and learning more about Ponyland and Dream Castle. She saw paintings of her father and uncles. When she came upon a painting of the black ponies and Star Cluster, she stopped and stared. A tear fell from her cheak as she remembered Star Cluster on the island and how much fun she had with him.
"I miss him," Luna muttered.
Her grandparents stood silenty looking at the painting when Royal Heart showed up.
"What's wring Luna?" Royal Heart asked noticing a tear fall from her cheek.
"I miss Star Cluster," Luna replied, "He was going to return with us and set things right."
Royal Heart didn't reply at first, she couldn't help but feel a dislike for Star Cluster for what he's done.
"Mom?" Luna called to her wondering why she wasn't answering.
"I'm sorry Luna but I don't think much of him, not after what he's done."
"I feel it's our fault. He was the baby of the family and needed our attention," Sunlight finally said.
"We were to busy and wrapped up in things to notice it. He did everything to get our attention, he even took Ponyland to do it. It's really our fault he turned out the way he did. Star Cluster used to be a fun and playful little boy like Starfire," Ribbon Lock added.
"He still is," Luna quickly said, "He and I were on Drakon Island at the beach playing. He even played with Starfire."
"Really?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly.
"He had changed, Mom. He's not the Star Cluster you knew."
Royal Heart thought about what her daughter said, she looked at the painting and wondered what he would be like as a playful pony.
"I don't know if I can forgive him," Royal Heart replied, she looked at Luna and smiled, "But maybe someday I will."
Luna smiled greatly.
"I think it's time for dinner," Sunlight told them.
"Yes I think your right. Lets go to dinner and then we can all explore the castle together before bedtime," Royal Heart agreed.
"What about.." Luna turned and looked at her grandparents, "Grandma and grandpa?"
"We're staying here for the night. There's no time to return to Paradise Estate," Ribbon Lock answered.
Luna smiled greatly. She was excited to be spending more time with her grandparents and her mother.