Chapter 27: Escorting Luna home.

Charades looked out the window in the living room and saw the sun was setting.
"We better go before we start glowing," Charades told everyone.
Luna rushed out of her room in her winged unicorn form and hurried down stairs with her bag around her neck. Starfire waited in the living room wearing his golden collar as he stared at her full bulky bag.
"What all are you bringing?" Starfire asked.
"Just some pictures, books, school work and a few other things," Luna replied.
"There's a large library at the castle if you want books to read," Starfire told her.
"Oh, I forgot," Luna dug through her bag and took out a few books. She walked to the couch and set them down, "It feels a little lighter."
"Luna, we got to go. Skyview will be waiting for us," Starfire told her.
Luna looked at her parents and smiled, then she hugged them.
"Have a good time, Lunarstar," Booster exclaimed smiling.
"Be good for us," Rosebud added.
"I will," Luna replied, knowing she would miss them a lot.
She turned from them and walked up to Starfire.
"Are you ready?" Starfire asked.
"Yes I am," Luna replied.
"You two can meet up in the forest," Starfire told Buster and Charades, who were anxious to get home.
Luna lit her horn and then touched him. Suddenly they disappeared leaving twinkling stars in their place.

Luna and Starfire waited till Buster and Charades arrived.
"Now lets hurry," Starfire told them.
They walked through the forest and up the hill. Luna walked beside Starfire while Buster and Charades walked behind them. Luna looked at the sun and noticed how fast it was setting. It wouldn't be long till they start to glow.
They walked from the clearing following the trail into the forest. They past the broken statues to a big meadow. Luna smiled greatly when she saw the large stony gate. It felt like a dream after living in this world, playing with friends and having boyfriends. She was sad to be leaving it and yet happy to be seeing her real parents. They walked to the ruins and sat down on the platform. Luna stared at the meadow thinking about what her father was going to say when he finds out about Blueberry.
"Starfire," Luna called to him.
"Yes, Luna."
She turned her head and looked up at him worriedly, "Are you going to tell dad about...Blueberry?"
"Of course."
"Do you have to?" Luna asked.
"I'm not going to lie to him about it," Starfire replied.
"I don't mean that. I mean just not tell him."
"Luna, don't ask me to do that. Besides he will know I'm not telling him everything," Starfire replied seriously.
"How can he know if Buster and Charades don't say anything?" Luna asked.
"Hiding something from Stardust isn't easy, Luna," Starfire stood up and looked at her, "he has ways of getting the truth out of ponies. He stares at you making you nervous. You feel like you have done something wrong and then you loose it and tell him what you were hiding." Starfire walked around Luna, "Don't ever keep anything from him."
"I know how that feels," Charades suddenly said, "It was sometime back when the black ponies were working for Star Cluster. We had just left Dream Castle. We traveled far and arrived at Woodlock. I was the only one who didn't have cuts or bruises so I went to town and meet Stardust face to face. He looked at me and then gave me an odd look. It made me nervous and I began to back away. Well, he figured out I was a soldier after I had turned and ran. I was lucky to escape."
"All he does is stare at you?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Starfire replied, "It's the way he does it though."
Luna sighed worriedly.
"Don't worry to much Luna," Starfire smiled, "Just be happy when you see your parents tonight. Worry about what he will say tomorrow."
When the sun was gone and the full moon shined brightly, Luna, Starfire, Buster and Charades glowed brightly.
Blizzard hid from a safe distance watching them hoping they wouldn't notice the glow.
"They're all returning home. This will be even harder to get her. Fath-I mean Teriney won't be happy to hear I haven't killed her yet," Blizzard thought.

When the gate opened Luna, Starfire, Buster and Charades walked through it. Skyview stood waiting.
"Skyview!" Luna cried happily and then she ran to him rubbing her head on his shoulder.
"It's good to see you too, Luna," Skyview smiled, "Royal Heart and Stardust are anxious to see you."
"I can't wait to get home," Luna replied taking a few steps back to look at him.
Skyview looked at Buster and Charades, "I'll have to make two trips for you two so you'll have to stay here."
"Ok," Charades replied.
Skyview looked at Starfire and then at Luna, "You two ready to go home?"
"I certainly am," Starfire replied.
"Me too," Luna added.
"Lets go then," Skyview lit his horn and lowered his head to touch her horn, suddenly they turned into a cloud and flew fast through the sky. Starfire flapped his wings as he slowly began to catch up to him.
While Buster and Charades stood waiting and watching Starfire, Blizzard quietly walked through the gate wearing his hooded cloak. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from them.
Starfire felt the gate again and turned his head but it was to dark to see anything. He wondered if the ice blue pony had followed them through the gate?

They flew for hours till they saw the peaks of Dream Castle's towers. It was a long flight and Starfire couldn't wait to land and rest his wings. They flew around the front of the castle and landed in the yard. Soldiers wearing light armor stood guard along the wall and at the castle doors, they had torches lit at their sides. Skyview took Luna up the long wide stairs with Starfire behind them. They walked through the door and was quickly meet by an very excited Royal Heart hurrying down the long wide stairs in front of Luna. Stardust was right behind her. They both wore crowns and collars, even Skyview wore his collar.
"Mom!" Luna cried. She hurried to the last step where she meet Royal Heart. They stood and nuzzled each other.
"Oh I miss you, Luna. I'm glad your home again," Royal Heart muttered in her ear.
"Luna," Stardust exclaimed happily.
"Dad!" Luna cried and she began nuzzling his muscular shoulder and neck.
"It's good to see you home," Stardust replied smiling and lightly nuzzling her head.
Luna was so happy that a tear fell from her cheek. She had forgotten how much she missed her real parents. She wished she could stay in both worlds but she knew one day she would have to stay home and never return.
Starfire stood and yawned, "I'm going to bed."
"Starfire..." Stardust began to say but was interrupted.
"I'll tell you everything tomorrow. Right now I want to see my room and lay in my own bed," Starfire replied, "Goodnight Luna, Royal Heart and Stardust."
"Thanks for leaving me out," Skyview said sarcastically.
"Sorry, Skyview. Goodnight. See you tomorrow," Starfire replied and then he continued up stairs.
"I got to go and get Buster and Charades," Skyview said suddenly.
"They came too?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly.
"Yes," Skyview replied.
"They missed home and wanted to come," Starfire answered as he continued past Stardust.
"Oh, I see," Royal heart replied. she looked at Stardust and then at Luna, "Well, lets get you to bed."
"I'm not really tired though," Luna replied.
"Your going to need all the rest you can get for tomorrow," Stardust told her, "Come on, you can tell us what you've been up to on your way to bed."
"Ok," Luna replied.
The three of them walked up the stairs as Luna told them what she was did in the other world while doing her best to keep Blueberry out of it.