Chapter 26:  A visit to the waterfall.

Luna in her earth pony form, had left school with her friends. As she walked with them she noticed Blueberry talking to the boys. He didn't seen her but seemed more interested in what the boys were talking about.
"Lunarstar?" Bright Eyes called to her.
Luna turned and looked at her friends, "I'm sorry."
"Are you going to join us at the tea Club?" Patch asked.
"Sure. I'll see you there!" Luna exclaimed and then ran through the park. She hurried through the community of houses and up the hill to her house.

She ran into the house and went up stairs to her room. Then she left her bag on her bed and hurried downstairs to the kitchen.
"Mom, I'm home!" Luna exclaimed.
When she walked into the kitchen she saw her mother pouring water in three glasses while Starfire held the tray of glasses.
"How was school?" Rosebud asked.
"It was great," Luna replied.
"Great?" Starfire asked, "What do you do in school?"
"Oh you know....learning stuff and then going to recess and having lunch and then learning more stuff."
"We don't have a school in our world, Luna but I know Royal Heart has seriously considered having one," Starfire replied, "What's recess?"
"It's where we take a short brake and play outside," Luna explained.
"Royal Heart would love to hear about school. You'll have to talk to her about it sometime," Starfire replied.
"Well I'm going out," Luna told her mother.
Rosebud set the pitcher on the counter and turned towards Luna, "Where are you going?"
"Just to the club house and maybe to the park or something," Luna replied.
Rosebud walked to the door with Starfire on his hind legs behind her, "Be careful and have fun."
"I will," Luna replied and she ran out of the house.

She walked to the park looking for Blueberry wanting to talk to him before heading to the club house. She went to the boy's favorite place to play on a hill and stood by a tree, watching Blueberry play. Ace kicked the ball but Blueberry caught it and kicked it to Teddy who kicked it to the goalie.
"We won!" Teddy exclaimed.
"This time but not next time," Ace replied.
"Oh we'll see about that!" Teddy replied.
Blueberry turned to get back in place when he noticed Luna at the tree, "I'll be right back you guys." He left the boys and hurried over to Luna, "Lunarstar!"
"Hi," Luna replied.
"Sorry about not talking to you after school. The boys wanted to play soccer and I do have to practice for the soccer team," Blueberry explained, "But I'll see you later, there's a place I want to show you so meet me at the lake at six."
"Ok," Luna replied smiling.
"Blueberry!" Ace yelled.
"I got to go," Blueberry told Luna and then he ran back to the boys.

Luna left the hill wondering what it was that he wanted to show her. She couldn't imagine what it was. She felt so excited that she found herself walking faster. She hurried down the sidewalk and through the bushes to the clubhouse behind a large blue house. She opened the door and walked in. All her friends was there waiting, some had just arrived a second before her. Luna changed to a Winged Unicorn and sat at the table. She felt so relieved to be herself again even if it's for a short while.
"Well now that we are all here, we can start to meeting. Today we are here to talk about what are we going to do this weekend," Starlight exclaimed.
"Swimming!" Clover cried.
"Dance Party," Melody suggested.
"A sleep over," Patch suggested.
"How about a swim party and a sleep over?" Bright Eyes suggested.
"Yes," everyone agreed except for Luna.
"Lunarstar, are you going?" Sweetheart asked.
"No I can't. The full moon will be out soon so I'll be going back home with Starfire," Luna explained, feeling sad that shell miss the party.
"Awww," the girls replied feeling disappointed.
"We'll miss you," Bon Bon replied.
"So what are you going to do when you get back home?" Patch asked.
"I don't know," Luna replied.
"I wish we could see your castle," Melody said dreamy.
"Maybe you could take pictures for us," Bon Bon suggested.
"I don't know if dad would let me. I seriously doubt it but I'll ask him," Luna replied.
"It must be great living at the castle," Melody commented.
"Will you have to stay there for good someday?" Clover asked.
"Yes, someday I'll have to go home and never return," Luna asked sadly, "but that's not for a while."
"Oh, do you get to wear a princess crown and jewelry and stuff?" Patch asked.
"Well, I have a collar I wear that has jewels on it but I don't have a crown yet," Luna answered.
"When do you get your crown?" Starlight asked.
"I don't know. Mom didn't tell me. I'll have t ask her when I get back," Luna replied, "All I know is that I'll get crowned as Princess."
"But you are a Princess," Bright Eyes pointed out.
"I know but I don't have a Princess crown to go with the name," Luna replied.
"Oh, I see. I guess that makes sense. So, you'll get crowned at a certain age," Bright Eyes guessed.
"I wonder what age that would be" Starlight thought out loud.
"What does your crown look like?" Sweetheart asked.
"I don't know. I haven't seen it," Luna replied.
"I wish I could see you get crowned," Melody muttered.
"Me too," Starlight agreed.
"Yeah, I bet they'll have a party," Patch added.
"Oh, since you are a Princess does that mean you get to marry a real Prince?" Clover asked curiously.
"Yes. Dad, my uncles and everyone else insist I do but I want to marry who I want."
"Your parents decide who you marry?" Sweetheart asked.
"I can marry anyone as long as he's a Prince. I have my choice till I'm 16 then if I haven't decided my parents will choose for me."
"Have you found a Prince?" Starlight asked.
"No, I don't want to marry just any Prince. I don't know any of the Princes anyways," Luna answered.
"Your 14. 16 isn't to far away and your birthday isn't that far either," Melody pointed out.
"Don't remind me," Luna sighed.
"What about Blueberry?" Patch asked, "Does your parents know you like him?"
"Not yet but if I don't tell them I know Starfire will."
As the girls sat and talked, they poured tea for each other and past around the rolls. Luna sipped on her hot tea and taking a bite out of the roll. Soon she found she had eaten three rolls and drank three cups of tea. When she finished she suddenly realized how late it was getting. She looked up at the clock above the door and saw it was almost six.
"I have to go. I got to meet Blueberry somewhere," Luna exclaimed.
She stood up and changed back into an earth pony, "Bye!"
"Bye!" the girls replied.

Luna left the club house and ran through the bushes to the sidewalk, she hurried through the community of houses and ran into the park. Blizzard was sitting under a tree watching a group of ponies playing when he noticed Luna running. It wasn't to often that he saw her run. He was curious and decided to follow her.
Luna ran through the clearing, past the trees and through more bushes till she came to the lake. On the dock stood Blueberry staring at the lake. Luna ran around the lake towards the dock. Blueberry turned once he heard her running on the wooden beam on the docks.
"You made it," Blueberry smiled.
"So what was it you wanted to show me?" Luna asked excitedly.
"I'll show you. I think you'll like it," Blueberry replied.
Luna turned and followed him out of the park.

They walked from town, through the community of houses to the forest. Luna looked around worriedly. Why was he taking her into the forest? Where was he going? She had so many questions. Blueberry looked at her and saw how worried she was.
"Relax, Lunarstar. You'll like what I'm going to show you. I heard you and your friends never saw it so I'm taking you to see it."
"See what?" Luna asked curiously once she had calmed down.
Blueberry smiled greatly, "You'll see once we get there."
They walked through bushes over hills and rocks. Every now and then Luna caught a glimpse of a deer or a rabbit. She looked up at the trees which were casting cool dancing shadows on the ground. Luna looked back and saw the town in the distance. It wouldn't be long till the town was completely out of sight. They walked over small streams and up to a steep hill. Once they reached the top, Luna stopped and stared at the forest. She could see over the top of the trees as the sun shined brightly through the drifting clouds. She saw trees grouped together in different shades of green. She was used to seeing the forest during the night. It wasn't to often that she saw it during the day.
"We're almost there," Blueberry told her.
Luna followed him down the hill and continued walking till she began hearing a roaring sound. The more they walked the louder the sound got. They walked from the forest to a tiny cleaning on a cliff. Luna stood at the edge of the cliff gasping surprisingly at the waterfall. The mist rose from the falling water causing a rainbow.
"Well?" Blueberry asked loudly noticing her surprised looked.
"It' pretty!" Luna replied loudly over the noise. She wanted to hug him but she knew she couldn't because of her wings. After a while she turned towards him and smiled greatly, "It's so pretty. Thank you."
Blueberry smiled at her, "I knew you would like it. It's as pretty as you."

Blizzard stood behind a tree while hiding among the bushes. He watched closely as the two stood close together. Blizzard felt mad, he didn't know why nor did he care. All he knew was he didn't like Blueberry close to Luna. When the two kissed for the longest time, Blizzard became angry. The tree he touched turned to ice and so did the ground. The bushes and the area around him was covered in frost.
Luna pulled away from his lips and lightly nuzzled his cheeks.
Blizzard couldn't stand one minute there, he turned and left them leaving icy foot prints behind. He was to mad to notice what he had done.

Luna and Blueberry sat on the grass watching the beauty of the waterfall. It wasn't till the sun began to set when she noticed how laet it was getting.
"I got to go," Luna suddenly told him.
"I can walk you back to town," Blueberry replied.
"Ok but lets hurry," Luna replied. She wanted to wink to town and then run home but she felt bad if she left Blueberry behind. She left the waterfall following Blueberry.

The sun was half gone by the time they got to town. Blueberry walked her into the park to the exit on the other side and stopped.
"Well, thank you so much Blueberry but I have to hurry home. I'm late now," Luna exclaimed.
Blueberry smiled, "See you tomorrow."
"I may not be here for a month. I got to stay at my...grandparent's house for awhile."
"Ok, I'll see you when you get back," Blueberry replied. He walked up to her and kissed her then he left.
Luna stood and watched till he was out of sight.
"Lunarstar!" exclaimed a voice.
The voice was so close and so sudden it made her jump. She turned and saw Buster standing next to her and he didn't look to happy to see her.
"You had us worried," Buster told her.
"I'm sorry," Luna replied, "Blueberry wanted to show me something and it took longer than I thought."
"Well lets hurry home. Prince Starfire and your parents are worried."
Luna followed Buster from the park to the community of houses and past a few blocks.
"Was he your boyfriend?" Buster asked.
"What if he is?" Luna asked.
"Don't get to attached Lunarstar. You can only marry a Prince," Buster told her.
"I know, I know. Why can't I marry who I want?!" Luna yelled feeling mad, "Why can't I have a choice?"
"Don't get mad at me. I'm only following orders but if you want to know it's because you're a Princess and every Princess has to marry a Prince. I'm sorry Lunarstar but that is the rules."
Luna sighed sadly, "I'm sorry. I just get tired of hearing it."
"It's the rules and non of us wants to see you get hurt but I have a feeling we could be a little late on that. From what I saw he really loves you," Buster replied.
"Yes he does," Luna replied.
She continued walking to her house thinking about what Buster said and wonder what her father, King Stardust was going to say to her when he finds out.