Chapter 25: Getting even

It was after midnight and Blizzard sat at the edge of the cliff watching the stars twinkle. He wore his dark hooded cloak and neckless without the pouch. His wrappings were off his legs showing his hairy feet. He loved the night time, it was the only time he would take off the leg wrappings. He stood up and turned from the ocean, "Now to pay Raspberry a little visit."
He suddenly turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew into the air high above the trees. He flew to the community of houses looking for her house. When he found her house he flew to the windows creating frost. When he saw Raspberry he know he had found the right house. He flew to the front of the house and under the door. Then he flew up the stairs and looked in everyone's room creating a chill in the air. Blizzard returned to his pony form when he saw the parents huddling in bed. Blizzard stared at them, he could feel that something was wrong, something he was missing. The female suddenly stirred in bed causing Blizzard to turn into a cluster of snow flakes. He flew out of the room under the door and went to Blueberry's room then he left and went to Raspberry. He stood beside her bed.
"Now lets see how she feels in the morning," Blizzard thought.
He couldn't help but feel an overwhelming joy, something he had never experienced and yet he wasn't sure what it was he felt but he knew he liked it. As he stood blowing cold air over her bed, the room began to feel cold and Raspberry shiverer under her blankets. He'd let up and rest, then he would start again. Raspberry rubbed her cold nose and then she sneezed. Blizzard continued till she was constantly sneezing and shivering. Then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and left her room. He went downstairs and took a quick look around the house. When he saw pictures of Raspberry's family, he stopped and returned to his pony form staring at the picture on the wall. He saw Raspberry, Blueberry and their parents. He began to feel the something was missing. It was the same feeling he had at the Volcano of Gloom. He knew it was there in front of him and yet he couldn't see it. Just then he heard Raspberry leave her room sneezing and sniffing. Blizzard quickly turned into a cluster of snowflakes and left the house under the front door.

He flew to the park at the lake and returned to his pony form in front of a water fountain.
"She won't be able to leave the house for a while. not with a bad cold," Blizzard thought, "At lest she'll be out of the way." He walked to the water fountain and took a drink then he walked to the edge of the deck and stared at the lake. The stars and the moon reflected on the calm water.
"The moon will be full soon," Blizzard thought as he looked up at the half moon.
He looked down at his neckless and held the charm in his hoof. He stared at the sparking diamonds and the outline of the snowflake on it. He remembered when Lunarstar gave him the neckless after she had caught it. He remembered seeing her smile which almost made him smile. Blizzard suddenly shook his head, "What is wrong with me?" He stood up and left the dock, "I have an order to obey and yet..." Blizzard stopped, "Why can't I stop thinking about her? Why do I follow her?" he continued walking feeling troubled and confused. There was so much he didn't know or understand and yet he wasn't allowed to ask about it. He stopped and looked at his neckless, "I have always had this since I can remember."

He began to remember when he was little and had pretended to fall asleep in his small room. He heard Teriney walk in and up to his bed. He was sure Teriney was going to burn him again but he didn't. Blizzard felt scared and when he felt Teriney lightly grabbed the neckless Blizzard felt mad, he wasn't about to let anyone take it. Suddenly Teriney let go and left the room. Blizzard opened his eyes and held his neckless tightly.
"It's mine," Blizzard thought. He hugged the neckless and turned over falling fast asleep.

"Teriney tried to take it too," Blizzard thought. It had been so long since he remembered it that he almost forgot till now. He stared at his neckless and wondered if there was something special about it that Teriney didn't tell him?
Blizzard continued through the park thinking and when he was little and when Teriney tried to take his neckless. The more he thought the more he felt something wasn't right. It was a deep feeling he had and he couldn't talk to anyone about it. He'll have to figure out for himself. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew back to the shack.