Chapter 24: Blizzard's necklace

When morning came, Raspberry stuffed her bag full of suckers in various colors and then she left her room. She went downstairs and walked towards the door, "Mom, I'm going out!"
Blueberry walked up to her from the dinning room, "Raspberry, out to try again?"
"Shut up," Raspberry exclaimed.
"So what's that bag for?" Blueberry asked curiously.
"Full of suckers if you must know," Raspberry replied.
"All for yourself?" Blueberry asked surprisingly staring at her bag.
"Of corse not," Raspberry replied, "it's non of your business who they're for." Raspberry left the house and quickly walked to the park knowing that's where Blizzard usually likes to go.
"She's up to something," Blueberry thought. She turned to the livingroom, "Mom I'm going out," Then he left the house.
Raspberry walked to the park and looked around for Blizzard. She eventually found him laying near some bushes watching a group of ponies playing. Raspberry looked around hoping to find little ponies near by. She continued walking and found a group playing together not to far from Blizzard. Raspberry smiled and walked up to the little ponies. Some were four and five year olds.
"Hello," Raspberry said.
The little ponies stopped chasing each other and stood staring at her.
"Could you little ponies do my a favor?" Raspberry asked.
"Like what?" The yellow male pony asked.
"There's a blue ponies behind those bushes. He's got my necklace and I want it back. Could you help me? I got suckers for you all if you can get my necklace," Raspberry replied.
The little ponies all stared in her bag.
"We're not allowed to take from strangers," the pink female pony exclaimed.
"Well, how about we be friends? I'm Raspberry and I go to middle school just beyond the park. Tell me who you are."
The Little ponies each introduce themselfs smiling at her.
"You know me and I know you so we're not strangers. Now, can you guys go up to the blue pony and tackle him while one of you get his necklace but make sure he doesn't know it."
"Sure," The little ponies exclaimed happily. They all ran to the bushes and saw Blizzard. They smiled and laughed catching Blizzard by surprise. They ran up to him climbing and jumping all over him. Blizzard was surprised and annoyed at the same time.
"Get off!...go away!" Blizzard cried but they didn't leave.
"Come on and play with us!" anther ponies cried.
"I don't play nor do I care to. Now get lost!" Blizzard replied.
The little ponies continued to laugh while Blizzard tried to push them away. Then all of a suddenly they ran from him back through the bushes.
"Finally," Blizzard muttered feeling relieved. He stood up and left the spot not realizing his neckless was gone.
The little ponies ran back to Raspberry with a golden necklace hung by a pouch.
"Here it is but it's so cold," a blue ponies exclaimed happily.
Raspberry smiled greatly, she took thenecklace and quickly put it in her bag since it was to cold to wear. Then she handed out the suckers. Once she was done, the little ponies ran off to play.
Raspberry smiled greatly at her bag with the necklace, "Now lets see if he'll co-operate with me."

Blizzard had roamed around the park for awhile when he suddenly noticed his necklace was missing. Blizzard stopped and looked around the sidewalk and grass but there was no sign of it. He quickly turned around and back tracked his foot steps. As he walked he searched for anything gold but he found nothing.
"This is the first time I've had it off. I must find it," Blizzard thought worriedly.
He walked to the bush he was laying by and then he heard the little ponies laughing. He followed the laugher through the bushes and saw a group of little ponies playing and licking their suckers. Blizzard walked up to them angrily. The little ponies stopped and stared at him.
"Give me my necklace," Blizzard told them.
"It's not yours, it was Raspberry," a little pony exclaimed.
"Yeah, she said she'd trade for these suckers," another pony replied.
"Where did she go?" Blizzard asked.
The little ponies all pointed in the same direction, "That way."
Blizzard turned and left them feeling anger boiling in him. As he walked the little ponies noticed his hoof prints were solid ice. The little ponies all touched the ice and then looked at Blizzard.
"She will pay for this!" Blizzard thought.
He walked to the Ice cream shop looking for her but she wasn't there. He roamed around town and couldn't find her. He walked to the school and then around the park but there was still no sign of her.
"Aww, looking for me?" Raspberry asked as she walked out from behind a tree.
Blizzard turned towards her and glared at her angrily.
"Return it to me!" Blizzard exclaimed angrily.
Raspberry smiled, "Return what?"
"My necklace. Those little ponies told me what happened. Now I want it back!" Blizzard yelled.
"Tell me Blizzard, is it real gold? and those diamonds...are they real?" Raspberry asked, "I bet I can get lots of money from it."
"Return my neckless!" Blizzard exclaimed.
"No, not till we have a deal," Raspberry replied, "You spend the day with me, having fun and walking around and then I'll return your necklace."
Blizzard stood angrily. He didn't like being blackmailed. He wanted to freeze her but there was to many ponies around, he didn't want to rick being seen by Princess Luna or the black pony.
"Let me make this clear for you. You got till sun set to return my necklace or you'll be very sorry you ever touched it!" Blizzard exclaimed, he turned and walked away leaving Raspberry standing there.
"Or what?!" Raspberry yelled, "There's nothing you can do to me!" but Blizzard was too far to hear here, "and I thought this was important to him or something."
Blizzard walked into the bushes and back tracked till he found Raspberry. She decided to look for him and try to make him change his mind. Suddenly she stopped feeling a cold wind in the air. Then she saw snowflakes around her. Her fur began to turn to icicles. Raspberry gasped and began running only she slipped on ice and fell. Then she noticed her hair turning to ice. She jumped to her feet and ran as the winter wind chased her.
"What's the deal?" Raspberry exclaimed, "Even the wind doesn't like me!"
As she continued to run glancing back at the snow flakes following her, she suddenly ran into Blueberry knocking him to the ground and missing Luna by inches.
"Raspberry!" Blueberry cried.
Raspberry jumped to her feet and looked around, "it was chasing me!"
"What was?" Blueberry asked as he stood up.
"The wind and snowflakes," Raspberry replied.
She grabbed her hair and showed him, "See its..." then she paused. staring at her hair and then her fur."
"It's what?" Blueberry asked curiously.
"My hair and body was turning to ice."
"To...Ice?" Blueberry asked suspiously
Just then Blizzard walked up to her, "Return it to me!"
"Return what?" Blueberry asked him.
"She took my necklace and I want it back."
"I did not take it," Raspberry exclaimed.
"No but you gave those little ponies suckers for my necklace," Blizzard replied.
"So that's what the suckers were for. Give it back to him," Blueberry told her.
"Give what back to him?" Raspberry asked, "I have nothing."
Blueberry eyed her bag and then he grabbed it. Raspberry held onto the straps as the two tugged.
"It's in here isn't it?" Blueberry asked.
"No it's not!" Raspberry cried.
"What till I tell mom about this!"
"Tell her what?" Raspberry asked, "She won't believe you."
"I got Lunarstar and Blizzard to prove it and besides you lied to them once to often."
"Shut up!" Raspberry yelled.
Suddenly the strap broke sending the two to the ground. The necklace fell out of the bag and into the air. Luna stood on her hide legs hoping to catch the necklace. When the golden necklace fell out of the sky, Luna caught it in her hoof. She stood for a minute staring at the golden necklace. She wondered where a pony like him get a golden neckless. Luna smiled at him and handed it back to him. Blizzard was relieved to have it back. He quickly hung the necklace around his neck with the pouch hanging on it. He looked up at Luna and saw her staring at him with a smile. Blizzard looked at her purple eyes and began feel strange.
"Well, you got it back now. You might want to keep a close eye on it for now on," Blueberry told him. Blizzard blinked and then looked at him.
"Thanks," Blizzard told him and Luna, then he turned and left.
Blueberry looked at Raspberry throwing her bag to her, "Just wait till mom and dad hears about this. You'll be grounded for a week or longer," Blueberry turned to Luna, "I got to go but I'll see you tomorrow though."
Luna smiled, "Sure..tomorrow."
Blueberry and Raspberry turned and left her.
Luna stood and watched Blizzard leave. His icy blue coat looked white in the sunlight. This bright blue and white hair seem to look brighter. She couldn't turn away from him till he was out of her sight.