Chapter 23: Boyfriend hunt

When the school bell rang all the little ponies hurried out of school. Blueberry quickly hurried over to Luna who was talking with her friends.
"Lunarstar!" Blueberry exclaimed.
Luna stopped and smiled when she saw him coming, "Blueberry!"
Blizzard stood in the doorway in school staring at Luna watching her smiling at Blueberry.
"Lunarstar are you...uh, doing anything today?" Blueberry asked.
"I'm just...going to hang out with my friends," Luna replied.
"Go on, Lunarstar," Patch whispered to her.
"Yeah have fun," Melody whispered.
Starlight pushed her forward from behind.
"Well Ummm. I could meet you at the ice cream shop," Luna exclaimed.
"Sure," Blueberry exclaimed, "See you there then!" then he left and hurried home.

Raspberry had just came out of her room when Blueberry walked in the house and up the stairs.
"What took you so long to get home?" Raspberry asked.
"It's non of your business," Then he walked past her and went into his room. He put his bag in the corner and hurried out the room. Raspberry stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him. When Blueberry reached the bottom steps he called to his mother in the living room, "mom I'm going out!"
"Where are you going now?" Raspberry asked curiously.
"Non of your business, nosey," Blueberry exclaimed then he left the house.
"I'm going out to!" Raspberry called to her mother and then she left the house to catch up with Blueberry.
"I bet your going to see Lunarstar...again," Raspberry told him.
Blueberry stopped at the fence and turned to face her, "Yes I am. I had better not catch you spying on us!"
Raspberry smirked, "So she's your girlfriend then."
"You are the nosiest pony I know of. Yes she is," He turned from her feeling annoyed with her. Raspberry trailed behind him giggling, "Awww...little Blueberry got a girlfriend," she teased.
"Go away!" Blueberry called to her.
Then she laughed.
Blueberry stopped and faced her angrily, "Go home or I'll tell mom!"
"Tell her what?" Raspberry laughed, "That I'm following my big brother around?"
"Why don't you go and find yourself a boyfriend?" Blueberry suggested then he smiled, "good luck though because I doubt you can get one."
Raspberry stood and watched him leave, "Fine I will. Just wait and see, I'll get one!"

Ace, Teddy and Lancer was in the park playing soccer when they noticed Raspberry approaching.
Teddy stopped and looked, "I can't imagine what she wants."
"What ever it is, it can't be good," Ace replied, "Blueberry told us to be carful of her."
"Give her a chance. Maybe she'll change," Lancer suggested.
"Her?" Teddy and Ace asked.
"Not her, Lancer and you had better be careful since you are the richest pony in school," Ace told him.
Raspberry walked up to the boys smiling, "Hi."
"What do you want?" Teddy asked.
"Well, I was wondering...if one of you guys would like to...hang out with me for a while?" Raspberry asked.
"Forget it," Ace replied.
"Not me," Teddy answered.
"I'm sorry but I'm...busy," Lancer replied.
"Busy?" Raspberry asked, "you three are playing ball. You got all the time in the world for that and you can't take a few hours from it?"
"No," The three of them answered.
Raspberry got mad, "Fine. There are other boys. Who would want to be with you anyways?" She turned and left.
"Well, I know Sweetheart would," Teddy exclaimed and then turned to kick the ball as the boys ran after it.

Raspberry walked around the park looking for a boy she knew or seen a lot. Then suddenly she spotted Blizzard walked away from her as he looked around.
Raspberry smiled, "he'll be perfect." She ran across the clearing to the sidewalk.
"Blizzard, Want to do something with me?" Raspberry asked.
"No, now get lost," Blizzard answered.
But Raspberry continued to walk with him, "Well, we can just go for a walk then."
"I rather walk by myself, now go away," Blizzard exclaimed. But Raspberry continued to walk with him and ignored what he said.
Blizzard looked at her, "Didn't you hear what I said?"
"Yes but I'm sticking with you," Raspberry answered smiling at him.
Blizzard looked at her angrily, "Go bug someone else,"
"I don't want to," Raspberry replied.
Blizzard continued walking as he thought of a way to get rid of her. They walked along the sidewalk as Blizzard glanced at the little ponies. He knew he couldn't continue the search for Princess Luna with Raspberry following him, he had to get rid of her but how? Blizzard suddenly stopped and looked around trying to find away to get rid of her. He couldn't freeze her, there were to many ponies around.
"What?" Raspberry asked.
"I'm looking."
"Looking....that's all you ever do," Raspberry complained.
"What is that?" Blizzard pointed at the tree in the distance.
"That's a tree."
"No, that thing in the tree."
Raspberry stared hard, "I don't see anything."
"Well, your not looking hard enough then," Blizzard replied.
Raspberry stood and stared at the trees and branches. She looked for anything that wasn't normal looking but she saw nothing.
"I do not see it!" Raspberry exclaimed but when she didn't get an answer she looked around, "Blizzard!" but there was no answer. Raspberry turned and ran through the park looking for Blizzard.

Blizzard appeared behind the bushes from the cluster of snowflake. He was close to the park exit.
"That...stupid pony. I can see why the black ponies are annoyed with her. I will have to do something about her if she continues to get in my way," Blizzard thought.
He stepped out of the bushes and saw the ice cream shop. He left the park and hurried to the shop. He walked in and sat at a book. A green pony walked up to him, "May I take your order?"
"Just a vanilla shake," Blizzard replied.
"Coming right up," the green pony turned and left.
As Blizzard sat waiting he noticed Blueberry, Luna and her friends at the counter talking. They were laughing as they sipped on their smoothies.
Blizzard watched the girls and wondered if any of them could be the Princess. He knew Raspberry couldn't possibly be the princess, she was to annoying. As he watched, he found himself staring more at Luna. Her long purple tail hung from the stool to the floor. She was constantly brushing her mane out of her face. Her white coat was white as new fresh snow.
"Your Shake," the green pony said.
Blizzard blinked a few times and then he began sipping on his straw. Just then Raspberry walked in looking tired after her long search.
"That's just great," Blizzard whispered when he spotted Raspberry. He was disappointed that he hadn't lost her for good.
Raspberry smiled when she saw Blizzard and quickly walked over to him, "There you are. Your not getting rid of me that easy. the way, there was nothing in the tree."
"Are you really that stupid?" Blizzard asked catching her off guard, "Of course there was nothing in the tree." Blizzard was mad and had to think of another way to get rid of her.
Just then the green pony arrived, "May I take your order?"
Blizzard looked at the green pony, "She said she'll pay for the bill." then he got up and left not letting Raspberry reply. He was mad that he couldn't finish his shake.
The girls in the shop were surprised at what they saw.
"Blizzard just up and left, leaving her to pay for his bill?" Melody asked surprisingly.
"It's even more shocking that they sat together. I didn't think he liked anyone," Patch exclaimed.
"He doesn't. Raspberry is just out to get herself a boyfriend," Blueberry told them.
"Your joking...right?" Starlight asked.
"Me and her argued after school and I told her she couldn't get a boyfriend so I think she's out to prove me wrong," Blueberry answered then he turned towards Raspberry, "hay Raspberry. I think your boyfriend left you high and dry."
The girls laughed. Raspberry paid for the bill and then looked at Blueberry angrily, "Shut up! he's just...playing hard to get!" Then she turned and left the shop.
"Lunarstar want to go for a walk after we're done?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes, I'd love that," Luna replied with excitement.

Blizzard walked into the park and roamed around. When he saw a group of little ponies, he sat by a tree and watched. He knew Princess Luna was around but he didn't know how he was going to find her or how he would know if it's her. Just then Raspberry approached him and saw on the grass next to him, "thanks a lot for letting me pay for the bill!"
Blizzard stood up, "I never finished my Shake thanks to you. Now get lost or else!" then he turned and left the tree hopping she would leave him alone but she didn't she continued to follow him.
"Alright I'm sorry for what ever I did, now can we be friends or something?" Raspberry asked.
"No!" Blizzard answered flatly.
"Oh come on. I don't see why your so mad."
Blizzard stopped on the sidewalk and looked at her angrily, "I want to be left alone. I have better things to do and your getting in my way."
"Better things to do?" Raspberry asked almost laughing, "Like watching ponies all day long?"
"Go away!" Blizzard yelled and then he continued walking.
"Please?" Raspberry begged, "at lest let me walk with you."
"No!" Blizzard answered.
They walked around the park till the sun was starting to set. Blizzard knew he couldn't go back tot he shack with her. He had to think of something to get rid of her for good. As he walked he noticed Blueberry and Luna in the distance coming towards them, then he saw the lake. Suddenly he got and idea, he walked to the docks knowing Raspberry would follow him anywhere.
"Oh, this is...a surprise. You changed you mind about me?" Raspberry asked sweetly.
"What made you think that?" Blizzard asked.
He turned towards Raspberry looking blankly at her. Blueberry and Luna noticed them. At first Blueberry thought Raspberry had actually won a boyfriend but what happened next surprised him and Luna.
Blizzard stood on his hind legs and pushed her in the lake. Raspberry fell back into the lake causing a large splash.
"I warned you if you didn't leave me alone!" Blizzard cried and then he turned leaving Raspberry swimming in the lake.
"Why did you do that for?!" Blueberry yelled angrily.
"Is she related to you?" Blizzard asked.
"She is my sister."
"Then tell her to stop following me around. I never even finished my shake thanks to her!" Blizzard told him angrily. Then he turned and continued walking.
Raspberry climbed out of the lake looking drenched. Her coat hung heavily with water. Her hair hung low dripping with water. She gasped when she saw Blueberry and Luna staring at he surprisingly.
"Looks like you lost out. Now leave him alone or I'll tell mom," Blueberry told her.
"Fine, who in the world wants him anyways?!" Raspberry cried angrily, then she continued walking, heading home. Luna stood quietly watching her. She couldn't help but noticed in her eyes how sad and humiliated she was. Did Raspberry cared that much to get a boyfriend?
"Come on, Luna. I'll walk you home," Blueberry told her.
Luna smiled at him, and continued walking next to him.

Raspberry stopped at a bench and sat down. As she thought about what had happened and that her own brother saw it all, she began to feel humiliated. She was really hopping to have someone like Blueberry has Luna and Luna has her friends. Her eyes began to water, she didn't know if she was crying or her face was wet from falling into the lake.
"I'll get him. This is not over yet," Raspberry muttered angrily.