Chapter 1: A new pony in school.

It was morning and the birds chirped outside her window. Rosebud walked into Luna's room and opened the curtains. Luna quickly covered her heard from the light.
"Come on Lunarstar, time to get up. You don't want to be late for school," Rosebud told her. She took the blankets off and smiled. Luna yawned and rubbed her eyes.
"Get up," Rosebud repeated, then she walked to the door and left the room. Luna climbed out of bed still yawning. She stretched her front legs, then her back legs and rapidly flapped her wings. Then she walked to her dresser and brushed her long white hair. As she was brushing, she noticed in the mirror how pearly her horn was. It reminded her of Drakon Island.
"It's good to be back," Luna whispered to herself. But the thought of Star Cluster made her sad.
She put the brush on her dresser and took out her locket from her jewlery box. She hung it around her next and left her room.

She hurried downstairs, smelling the hot pancakes her mother always made. Buster and Charades walked from the kitchen and smiled at her.
"Good morning," Charades exclaimed happily.
"Hi...I mean good morning," Luna replied.
Buster followed her to the dining room while Charades went back outside.
Luna sat down and quickly began eating.
"Don't you get tired of eating pancakes?" Buster asked.
"Nope," Luna replied with a mouth full of pancakes.
Buster smiled, "I guess you really love them."
"Yup," Luna replied putting another mouth full of pancakes in her mouth.
"Slow down eating. You have some time to enjoy them before school," Buster told her.
"I'm enjoying them now," Luna replied as she continued to eat.
"Well I should get back to work. I'll see you after school."
"Ok," Luna replied.
Rosebud walked in the dinning room to see Luna eating quickly.
"Lunarstar, slow down," Rosebud exclaimed.
"I want to get to school a little early. There's going to be a new pony in class today."
Rosebud laughed, "Whether you get there early or late, you'll still see the new pony."
Luna finished eating then she began to drink her orange juice.
"Now do not drink that so fast, Lunarstar," Rosebud told.
Luna drank the juice slowly and when she finished she stood up, "Well I guess I'll be leaving."
Rosebud walked up to her and hugged her. "Be careful."
"I'm just going to school."
"The last time you were just going to school you never got there. I'm sorry, Lunarstar. I just worry about you," Rosebud pulled back and smiled at her.
"I'll be fine. I got to go." Luna rushed across the living room while changing into and earth pony with long purple hair. She took the bag from the door and hung it around her neck, "Bye."

Luna rushed to school and was the fifth pony to arrive in class. A little while later her friends walked in and began talking to her.
"Your here early," Starlight said to her.
Luna looked at the clock. "Your here a bit early too."
Then her friends smiled.
"I guess we came early for the same reason," Bright Eyes guessed.
"I wonder what the new pony will look like?" Bon Bon asked.
"I hope it's a girl and not as mean as Raspberry," Melody exclaimed.
"A sweet and pretty girl. Maybe she'll join our club?" Sweetheart suggested.
"We all have to trust her greatly for her to join," Starlight replied.
"Oh?" Sweetheart asked, not sure what she was talking about.
"Sweetheart, have you forgotten the painting?" Patch asked in a whispering voice.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I remember," Sweetheart replied.
Just then Miss Hackney walked in with a light ice blue pony with bright ice blue and white hair. His eyes were ice blue like his hair. A white cloth wrapped around his lower legs near each of his hoofs. around his neck was a golden necklace with a light blue pouch hanging from it. Luna stared at him. He was a pretty pony, even her friends stared at him.
"Have a seat everyone!" Miss Hackney cried over their voices.
The ponies quickly took their seats and sat quietly.
"Good, now this is Blizzard. He's new here so make him feel welcome," Miss Hackney turned and looked at Blizzard, "You can sit behind Teddy."
Teddy reaised his hoof and waited till Blizzard walked towards him. Blizzard sat in an empty seat behind Teddy.
"Now lets get started with the reading. Take out your books," Miss Hackney told them.
Blizzard looked around and saw that everyone was taking books out from their desks. Blizzard raised his desk and saw several books. He took out a red book and set it on his desk.
Through most of the day He sat quietly and listened, during lunch time, he sat alone which was how he liked it.

After school he was about to leave when Miss Hackney walked up to him.
"Blizzard, since your new today, I'll give you no homework but tomorrow I'd like you to bring a school bag with you so you can take your books and school work home."
"Ok," Blizzard replied and then he left. As he walked from the school to the park he was greeted by Ace, Teddy, Blueberry and Lancer.
"Hey there," Ace exclaimed.
"Hi, we were wondering if you'd like to join us. We're playing soccer later today in the park," Lancer told him.
"No, I have to be else where," Blizzard told them and quickly left leaving the boys behind.
"He is certainly not very friendly," Blueberry commented.
"Well, there someone who's worse than me," Teddy smiled.

Blizzard hurried through the park and through the community of houses. He entered the forest and walked for several miles until he saw the ruins where the gate sat. Blizzard walked through the gate and saw Tierney waiting for him on the grass. Tierney quickly stood up when Blizzard walked through the gate.
"Well?" Tierney asked.
"No one suspected the leg wrappings or my neckless," Blizzard replied.
"Good. Now did you find Princess Luna?" Teriney asked.
"No, it's going to take time," Blizzard replied.
"Fine, stay in the other world but report to me as often as you can. Blizzard, do not mingle among the ponies. Do not talk to them. Your only there for one purpose and that's to kill Princess Luna. Do you understand?"
"Yes, fa-I mean Teriney," Blizzard answered.
"Now go and once you kill her bring me her horn. I want proof that she is dead," Tierney told him.
"Yes," Blizzard turned and walked back through the gate.