Chapter 19: The Stranger last night

Starfire woke up, brushed his hair and left his room. He walked down the stairs to the living room where he saw Rosebud setting his drink and plate on the table. She turned around and smiled at him, "Your up a little early this time."
Starfire yawned and smiled to tired to say anything else
Rosebud smiled and went into the kitchen. She took out three glasses and filled them with lemonade when Booster, Buster and Charades walked in the kitchen from the shed.
"Your just in time. I was about to bring your drinks outside," Rosebud told them.
Booster smiled and took a glass, then he began drinking it.
"Is he up yet?" Buster asked.
"Yes he is, he just woke up," Rosebud replied.
Charades went to the living room and saw Starfire at the dinning room table eating his breakfast in Luna's chair.
Buster, Rosebud and Booster followed him to the dinning room.
Charades stood next to Starfire.
"Prince Starfire. There's something important we must tell you."
"They have been waiting all morning and I don't even know what it is," Booster told him.
Starfire took a sip from his orange juice and turned his chair sideways to see everyone around him, "What is it?"
"Last night after dinner, we were returning to the apartment when we ran into a little pony about Lunarstar's age. He had a dark hooded cloak on," Charades began to explain.
"But we could tell he was ice blue. His feet was like ours though," Buster told him.
"You mean he was from the other world?" Starfire asked surprisingly.
"Yes. I told him to return through the Gate but he just said, not till he get what he came for," Charades answered, "Then he blew on us. Our side was covered in frost. Another second and I'm sure it would have been icicles."
"We fought him but we couldn't even get near him or catch him. He either shot icicle darts or disappeared," Buster explained.
"Icicle dart?" Starfire asked not sure what it was.
"Yes, right out of his mouth. They're icicles but very sharp," Buster replied, then he turned and showed his back leg, "one of them barley missed me."
"Then he turned into that winter wind and blew around us trying to freeze us," Charades explained.
"Then we ran but we couldn't loose him so we jumped in the lake and swam to the other side. We did managed to loose him but the was so cold. He tried to freeze us out of the lake. After that we ran back to the apartment," Buster explained.
"A pony with winter like abilities?" Starfire asked himself loudly.
"Is he from your side of the family?" Rosebud asked curiously.
"No, we have no pony in our family like that. I don't know who he is or how is it even possible for him to process abilities like our family," Starfire suddenly fell silent as if he just remembered something.
"What's wrong? Booster asked.
"An ice blue pony with a hooded cloak?" Starfire asked Charades.
"I bet he is that same one that took the crystal ball out of Dream Castle when Star Cluster and Fallen were in," Starfire finally said.
"Him?" Buster asked surprisingly, "Are you sure?"
"It has to be him. He is here in this world for a reason. I want you two to be careful at night, do not fight with him till I have talked to Stardust about this," Starfire told them.
"Ok but what about Lunarstar?" Charades asked.
"She should not got out at night just incase he is here to get her," Starfire answered.
"But what if he isn't here for her?" Rosebud asked worriedly.
"He could be after any of us or just Luna," Starfire replied.

Just then Luna ran into the house with her school bag around her neck hurrying up the steps and into her room. Everyone in the living room stood quietly waiting for Luna to come down.
Luna rushed out of her room and hurried down the steps. She suddenly stopped at the bottom stairs surprised by everyone standing in the living room and dinning room.
"Lunarstar, could you come here? We have something to tell you," Booster told her.
Luna hesitated at first, then she slowly walked over to them with a worried look.
"Lunarstar, we don't want you going out at night," Rosebud said to her.
Luna looked at her with a disappointed look on her face, "What?...why?"
"Luna," Starfire called to her, "Someone is out there and it's just not safe for you. I'm not going out at night either."
"Is someone after me?...again?" Luna asked in a loud voice, "I didn't do nothing. Why is everyone always after me?"
"There's a pony in this world from our world. We don't know if he's after you or me or any of us but I'm not taking that chance. He's here for a reason and we don't know what it is. Until we do, you are not to go out at night," Starfire told her, "Stardust would be angry with me if I let something happened to you."
Rosebud nuzzled Luna on the cheek, "It's just till we find out more about pony."
Luna forced a weak smile, "Ok...I guess."
"You guess?" Booster asked, "Promise us, Lunarstar."
"Ok, I promise," then she smiled a little more, "Can I got out now and play with my friends in the park?"
"Yes but don't forget the time," Rosebud replied.
Luna turned and ran out of the house.
"Poor Lunarstar," she really enjoys going out at night. We had to make her stay in when you and your brothers was after her," Rosebud remarked.
"Me and Skyview looked for her at night while Stardust spent his time looking for her during the day," Starfire explained, "I truly hope for Luna's sake that pony isn't after her."