Chapter 18: Night time fight with Blizzard

The sky was pitch black, the clouds covered the sky letting only a few stars be seen. Buster and Charades walked from Luna's house feeling full from the dinner they had. They were the only two outside walking, everyone else was in their house, some were sound asleep. Cricket made loud noises in the yards. Owls from the nearby forest made their noise from tree tops. The wind blew, rustling the leaves on the trees and making the grass wave like the ocean. Only the street lamps lit their way down the street.
"She is a very good cook," Buster commented.
"Rosebud certainly is," Charades agreed.
Buster laughed, "I think Prince Starfire would agree."
"He had two bowels," Charades then began to laugh, "Luna teased him about being a pig which got him to stop."
They continued walking at they laughed
"We've been with Luna for a long time now but it seems like we just meet her," Buster remarked.
"I know and before you know it, she'll be married," Charades told him.
"She won't need us then. What would we do after that?" Buster asked.
"Return to being a soldier I guess but...I've been thinking of just settling down," Charades replied.
"Getting married?" Buster asked.
"I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to spend my entire life as a soldier," Charades told him, "But like I said, it's just a thought I had. How about you?"
"I don't know. I might return to being a soldier and try to be captain someday," Buster replied.
Charades chuckled, "Well, second in command is as close as I ever got but who knows maybe you'll make it someday."

They continued walking and entered the park. It was even darker in the park than it was on the street. They continued walking till they noticed a little pony ahead of then standing just beyond the lamp post. Buster and Charades stopped catching the pony by surprise. They could tell he was a little pony like Luna. He had a dark almost black had a hooded clock on making it impossible to see his body or face only his ice blue and while tale and feet. To their great surprise they noticed his hairy feet.
"Your...from the other world!" Charades exclaimed.
"You don't belong here!" Buster told him.
"How did you get past the soldiers at the gate and just who are you?" Charades asked.
Blizzard stared blankly at them while hiding his face in the darkness under the hood.
"Teriney won't like this at all," Blizzard thought, "I'll have to get rid of them."
"You will have to return to the gate when it opens again," Charades added.
"I'm not going anywhere till I get what I came for," Blizzard replied in a whispering voice but loud enough for them to hear him.
Blizzard took a deep breath and blew freezing cold air at them. Buster and Charades wasn't sure what he was doing but they knew it couldn't be good. They split in different directions onto the grass and stopped. They looked at their sides and noticed their fur was turned to frost, another second and it would have been icicles.
They were too shocked to say another word.
"I'll have to do to them what I plan to do to Princess Luna," Blizzard thought. He turned towards Charades since he seemed to be the leader. He took a deep breath and instead of a freezing cold breath, icicles flew from his mouth like sharp pointed arrow and hit the ground. Charades jumped dodging them. Then Blizzard turned and did the same with Buster but missed.
Buster and Charades ran from his icicle darts and headed towards him from either side. Blizzard suddenly disappeared in a cluster of snowflakes just as Buster and Charades rammed into each other. They quickly stood up in shock at just what happened and saw Blizzard appeared from the cluster of snowflakes.
Blizzard took a deep breath and blew icicle darts at them. Buster was only scratched on the back leg from the darts as he tried to run. Charades tried to take Blizzard by surprise while Buster kept him busy. He snuck behind Blizzard and was about to knock him to the ground when Blizzard saw him out of the corner of his eyes and managed to disappear.
Buster rushed over to Charades, "Who is he? What is he?"
"He can not be from the royal family but it make be wonder where he got his abilities from," Charades answered.
Suddenly a cluster of snowflakes and wind surrounded them like a small blizzard. Buster and Charades stood feeling colder by the second.
"Quickly...Run!" Charades yelled.
Buster and Charades ran through the park with Blizzard as the winter wind behind them.
"He's the winter wind and I'm sure he was there that night at the Gate watching us," Charades exclaimed.
They ran all over the park trying to loose Blizzard but couldn't.
"What now?" Buster asked feeling tired from running.
"I'm not sure. We can't out run him," Charades observed, just then he got an idea, " I got an idea, come with me." They ran deep into the park to the lake on the wooden dock.
"Jump in!" Charades yelled.
"He'll turn the whole lake to ice!"
"He obvious doesn't want anyone to know he's here and he wouldn't be that stupid to freeze the whole lake," Charades yelled back.
They jumped in the lake just as Blizzard had finally reached them. Charades motioned to Buster to follow him under water while Blizzard flew around the lake bringing the lake temperature down. When they finally reached the other side of the lake, they quickly surfaced taking deep breaths.
Charades watched till Blizzard was far on the other side of the lake then he and Buster jumped out, running to the trees. Buster and Charades continued to run knowing they had left Blizzard far behind.
"He-he-was..freezing the lake," Buster managed to say feeling cold and socking wet to his skin.
"I-I think...he was trying to make the lake cold enough to get us out but not to turn it to ice. The sooner we get to the apartment the better."
"Sh-shouldn't we t-tell Prince Starfire?" Buster stuttered from the cold.
"Tomorrow. First we must warm up." Charades answered.