Chapter 17: Running into familar feets

Buster and Charades walked through the park towards town. The sidewalk began to look crowded. They could see more buildings ahead of them. As the walked into town, they slowed down and looked around.
"It was sure nice of Booster to give us the rest of the day off," Buster commented.
Charades laughed, "I think he needed it more than we did."
"Well, we are soldiers and that's a life time job," Buster pointed out.
"We used to be soldiers, now we're guards for.." but before Charades could finish Blizzard appeared from a dead end alley and bumped into them.
Blizzard looked up at them wondering who he bumped into. Buster and Charades stood looking at him.
"It is best to watch where your walking, this town is crowded," Charades told him.
"I--I uh...sorry," Blizzard took stood and watched as they walked by, then he gasped and noticed their hairy feet.
"They're from the other world," Blizzard thought, "Why are they here and who are they?" he had never seen them before. Curious as to who they are he decided to follow them. He walked from the alley shoving his way through the crowd.

"Lets split up. I'm going to look around for something to get Prince Starfire," Charades told him.
"Why?" Buster asked.
"He's board and he needs something to do. I'll see you later," Charades turned and continued walking.
Buster turned and walked a different direction. Blizzard was stuck in the center deciding who to follow. He looked at both of them and had to decided quickly before he lost sight of them. In the end he decided to follow Buster.

Buster walked past several stores till he noticed a small pegasus statue in a window. He stopped and looked. Just then he heard a bell ring, he turned to see where it was coming from and saw a door with a bell above it. The sign above the store read 'Antique Shop'
He walked in the store and looked around. He noticed a chess piece that had a pegasus on it and a few creatures he didn't recognized.
"That is a very old chess set," a pony suddenly said. Buster turned and saw a light blue pony with light pink and mint hair, "It has fairy tale creatures as the chess pieces."
"It's...interesting," Buster replied. He looked around and spotted another statue of a pegasus.
"Oh, that's a book end set, the other one is in the window," the pony told him, "Are you interested in anything?"
"No, I was just looking," Buster turned and left the store. Then he continued walking through the crowd. He glanced at the windows till he came upon a book store. He walked inside and saw bookcases in four rows and all around the wall. He walked slowly past the books taking a quick look till he saw a book on royal ponies. He took the book out and began looking at it. The castles, soldiers and how things ran fascinated him.
"Very similar back home," Buster whispered to himself.
After he finished the book he sat it back in the bookcase and left the store.

Blizzard followed him all over town as he kept his distance. He was carful not to get to close or get to far and yet he knew following him all over town won't give him answers. How was he going to find out who they were? He continued to follow Buster till the sun began to set. Ponies on the side walk slowly began to leave although there was still enough ponies to give him some cover. Buster walked around the corner and suddenly stopped almost bumping into Charades. Blizzard had to get closer to hear, so he hurried to the shop close to Buster and stood at the door, hiding himself as he listened.

"I was just heading back to the house," Buster told him and then he noticed a green bag around his neck, "So you got something for Prince Starfire?"
"It's a coloring book. It's the only thing I could think of," Charades replied.
Buster smiled, "I haven't colored in a coloring book since I was very small."
"Everyone loves to color. I thought this would give him something to do for awhile or til Prince Skyview shows up," Charades explained.
"Lets go. I'm starving," Buster exclaimed.
Blizzard followed them around the corner, down the long sidewalk. The farther they went from town the less ponies Blizzard saw.
"I'm finally going to find the Princess," Blizzard thought feeling anxious to get back home. He followed them to the corner when suddenly Raspberry ran into him, knocking him to the ground. As Charades turned the corner ahead, he noticed Blizzard with Raspberry laying on him and her bags fallen to the ground.
"Come on!" Buster exclaimed.
Charades quickly joined Buster, "Do you remember the pony that ran into me earlier?"
"What about him?"
"I just saw him. Apparently he didn't take my suggestion. He ran into another pony," Charades replied.
"Looks like some ponies will have to learn the hard way," Buster replied.

Blizzard was mad, he shoved Raspberry off of him and quickly looked ahead but Buster and Charades were gone.
"Watch where your going!" Blizzard yelled.
"Shut up!" Raspberry yelled back, "And look what you made me do. My bags got wholes in them!" Raspberry picked up her bags and held them in both arms.
"I'll do more than put wholes in your stupid bags if I see you again!" Blizzard warned her and then he walked away. He walked into an alley and disappeared in a cluster of snowflakes. He flew from town to his shack, landing on the ground and returned to his pony form.
"That...annoying...Pony!" cried angrily.
Blizzard sat on the ground feeling mad that Raspberry had made him loose sight of them.
"I came so close to finding her too," Blizzard yelled angrily. He thought about who the two ponies were and eventually calmed down, "They knew Starfire and Skyview. Those two must be important ponies...but...What a minute. Starfire and the Princess is here, they wouldn't come unguarded. those two have to be royal guards or something." Blizzard stood up and walked into the shack, "She's close by. I'll have to search every night till I find her."