Chapter 16: Blueberry's birthday

It was in the afternoon and Luna hurried to the kitchen. Her mother was looking out the porch with Starfire watching the boys work.
"Mom, I'm going to Blueberry's birthday party."
"Ok but don't forget the time," Rosebud replied.
"Blueberry, that pony you love so much?" Starfire asked.
"It's just a birthday party. I'm not going there to marry him," Luna exclaimed and then she turned and ran out of the house without giving Starfire a chance to reply.
Rosebud turned and looked at him, "Starfire. Maybe you could lighten up on her?"
"The rules are rules and she's getting too attached to him. I just...hate to see her heart broken someday..." Starfire fell silent for a minute, staring at the boys cutting a wooden beam, "I'm not as hard as Stardust will be when he finds out."
"They're just boyfriend and girlfriend, I'm sure she won't get to attached to him," Rosebud assured him.

Luna ran through the community of houses, forgetting Starfire's warnings. She didn't care what he had told her, she was determine to merry who she wanted. Luna slowed down to a walk and shook the thought our of her head.
"I'll have a good time and not think about it," Luna thought.
She walked till she saw a light peach house with a white fence around the yard and a few large bushes. Luna could hear laugher as she approached the house. Just when she was about to approach the door Patch appeared from around the corner of the house.
"Lunarstar!" Patch cried, surprising her.
Luna turned and smiled, "Patch."
"We're all in the back yard," Patch told her.
"All?" Luna asked, "Who else is here?"
"Well, the whole gang is here even the boys and few of Blueberry's other friends," Patch replied, "Come on your missing the games!"
Luna followed her to the back yard past the large bushes. Blueberry was talking and laughing with his friends when he saw Luna arriving. He quickly hurried over to Luna and greeted her.
"Luna, you came!" Blueberry said excitedly.
Luna smiled, "Sure, I wouldn't miss your party." Luna looked around, she could see lots of ponies under two trees and 3 long tables sat by the porch.
Blueberry smile and showed her to a few games they were having by the trees. One of them was the water balloon toss. Luna stood and watched at ponies tosses a water balloon to each other, some didn't catch it, letting the balloon pop. Water splashed everywhere. Luna and the others laughed.
"Your out," cried another pony.
"Oh, check this one out. It was Lancer's idea," Blueberry took Luna to the other tree where a group of ponies walk around a row of chair with the music on. When the music stopped, the last pony that didn't have a chair was Raspberry.
"Your out," a pony cried.
Raspberry walked away, she was enjoying herself till she noticed Luna.
"Hi, Raspberry," Luna called to her.
"Hi," she replied and then she walked towards the tables and turned watching the little ponies.
"What's wrong with her?" Luna asked.
"She's upset that her friends couldn't come. Your friends came but her's didn't," Blueberry explained.
Luna looked around the crowd of ponies, "Blizzard didn't come?"
"I asked him but he just looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about. I guess he's not interested in parties."
"Probably because it involves having fun," Luna guessed.
Just then Blueberry's mother called for everyone to come around the table. Blueberry knew what it was that his mother was going to announce. He left Luna and hurried over to his mother at the table. At the center of the table was a white rectangle cake with a picture of a soccor ball in the field.
"Now that everyone is here we can have the cake. Blueberry, go ahead and blow out the candles," His mother told him. Blueberry took a deep breath and blew the candles outs. Then his father cut the cake while his mother held the plates and past them out.
"Blueberry, would you get the ice-cream too...oh and the napkins?" his mother asked.
Blueberry set his plate next to his mother and headed to the house. He noticed Luna close bye and called to her. Luna had not yet gotten a cake so she walked over to him.
"Can you help me?" Blueberry asked, "I got to get the ice cream and napkins but I can't carry both."
"Sure," Luna replied, then she followed him into the kitchen.
"I thought she put them on the counter," He looked around and spotted the napkins in the dinning room, "There it is."
While Luna walked to the dinning room, Blueberry got the bucket of ice cream and left the house. Luna had just picked up the light blue napkins when she heard someone sniffling. She followed the noise across the hall to the livingroom and saw Raspberry holding a pillow staring out the window at the party.
"It's not fair!" Raspberry cried not knowing Luna was behind her.
Luna quietly left the hall, went to the kitchen and outside. Blueberry took the napkins and handed her a plate of cake and ice cream.
"Thank you," Luna smiled.
"I just noticed you didn't get any, so here it is," Blueberry replied.
Luna took the plate and went to join her friends at the tree. She sat and listened to her friends but she couldn't stop thinking about what Raspberry said. What wasn't fair? Why was she crying? Why is she alone in the house? The more she thought about Raspberry the more she wondered if there was something else she was hiding.

The evening went by quickly as Luna had fun with Blueberry and her friends. Raspberry was hardly seen, she only came out for cake and ice cream. When the sun began to set Luna said her good byes and left. Blueberry hurried to the front of the house to see her.
"Lunarstar!" Blueberry called to her.
Luna stopped at the sidewalk and turned around, "What? I didn't forget to say goodbye to you."
"I know. I just wanted to see you off, alone," Blueberry replied.
Luna smiled greatly.
"Can I ask you something?" Blueberry asked.
"I've been wondering. Why do you always where that neckless?" Blueberry pointed to her locket around her neck. Luna touched her locket with her hoof and smiled, "My parents gave it to me. I never take it off."
"Oh, It looks pretty on you."
Luna blushed, "Really?"
Yes, it does," Blueberry answered, "In fact, Blizzard has one too with a pouch around his. He too never seems to takes it off."
"Maybe his parents gave him his and he's too shy to show it off so he keeps it hidden," Luna guessed.
"Could be. Maybe I'll ask him one of these days," Blueberry replied.
"I really have to go but...I want to give you a present," Luna told him.
She stood close to his face and kissed him on the lips which caught Blueberry by surprise. Then she stood back and smiled at him, "See you tomorrow." She turned and ran feeling lighter than a feather.
Blueberry smiled greatly. When he could no longer see her he turned and went back to the party.