Chapter 15: New par of rollerskate

The school bell rang and the little ponies hurried out of school. Luna and her friends were talking when Raspberry skated to them while carrying her school bag around her neck.
"Like my new skates?" Raspberry asked showing off her pink and red sparkling skates on four hooves.
"They're pretty," Starlight was forced to say since no one else wanted to.
"My parents bought it for me," Raspberry smirked and then skated away heading home.
"She did that on purpose!" exclaimed Melody.
"She must have told the whole school during lunch and recess," Patch remarked.
Luna thought about Raspberry's new skates and thought how pretty she would look in them. She remembered when her friends gave her a par of skates, she still has them. Was it time to get a new par? She wondered if there was any skate that were purple with moons on it. She loved crescent moons and thought a par of skates with a crescent moon on it would match her room.
"Lunarstar?" Clover asked.
Luna was suddenly interrupted by her thought, "What?"
"Are you ok?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I'm fine I was...just thinking," Luna smiled at them, "Well I got to go. I'll see you guys later!"
"Bye," The girls replied.
Luna left them and ran out of the park, past a few blocks and walked up the hill to her house.

When she entered she hurried up stairs to her room and quickly left her bag on her bed then she hurried down the steps to the kitchen. When she entered she saw her mother piling cookies on a large round plate.
"Mom, Can I...umm...get some skates?" Luna hesitated to asked.
Rosebud stopped and turned to her surprisingly, "Stakes? But don't you have a par?"
"Yes but they're a bit old. Mom can I get a new par?" Luna begged.
"If your father says you can."
Luna hurried out the back door and went quickly to the shed not noticing Starfire laying in the grass next to the house. She stood at the door of the shed and waited till her father noticed her.
"Lunarstar, home from school already?" Booster asked.
Dad, I was wondering if I can get a new par of skates?" Luna asked.
"Skates? But don't you have a par?"
"They're old," Luna replied.
"Well, ok as long as it's not very expensive," Booster replied.
Luna smiled greatly, "Thanks dad." She turned and was about to head to the house when she noticed Starfire laying on the soft green grass with his wings exposed. Curious as to what he was doing, she walked up to him casting a shadow over his face. Starfire opened his eyes and smiled at Luna.
"Starfire what are you doing?" Luna asked.
"I was bored so I thought I'd lay here for awhile," Starfire rolled over and sat up, "Did you just get home?"
"Yup and I was wondering if you want to go shopping with me?"
"Shopping?" Starfire asked curiously.
"Yeah, my parents said I can get a new par of skates. Why don't you come with me?"
"I'd love to but Raspberry could see us together. The last thing we need is her to figure out who and what you really are."
Luna looked at him sadly, "You can scare her off and make up some story."
Starfire sat and looked at her disappointed face, "Alright but if you happened to run into her, get rid of her."
Luna smiled greatly, "Ok, lets go!" Luna dashed across the yard.
"What a minute. I can't go like this. Meet me in front," Starfire told her. He walked into the house and up stairs to his room.

Luna waited in the front yard watching the door. A minute later Starfire walked through the front door wearing a black cloak as he shut the door behind him.
"Ready to go?" Starfire asked.
"Don't you mean, yes?"
Luna sighed, "Yes."
"You are a princess and saying yup or yeah isn't good. Giving a straight answer like yes is better," Starfire explained.
"Sorry," Luna replied.
Starfire smiled, "Well, lets get going."

They walked from the community of houses, past the park and into town. Ponies walked from store to story. Starfire found himself bumping into other ponies. Luna stopped and looked through windows but there was nothing inside that looked like skates.
"I hope I find some," Luna said hopefully.
"What's so important about having them?" Starfire asked.
"Mine are old. It's just that...I saw Raspberry wear some. I never had my very own par. The ones I have were given to me," Luna explained.
"Your friends gave them to you?" Starfire asked.
They continued walked till Luna saw a sports store, "It's got to be in there."
"In where?" Starfire asked.
"The sport store ahead of us," Luna pointed.
As they walked Starfire spotted Raspberry looking through a window, "Luna-I mean Lunarstar. I'll meet you at the sports store."
"Why?" Luna asked.
"I got something to do. I won't be long," Starfire explained.
Luna wasn't sure what he was up to but she was more interested in skates than knowing what Starfire was going to do. As Luna left him, Starfire walked across the street and stood behind Raspberry.
"Well, well. if it isn't...Raspberry."
Raspberry turned and gasped, "I-I-I wasn't following you. I swear it!" She turned and ran pushing through other ponies.
Starfire smiled and silently laughed, then he turned and left. He walked through the crowed to the sports store and stopped, looking through the window. To his surprise, he saw Luna with Blueberry talking. He nuzzled her cheeks and kissed her then he left the store. Starfire stood and waited till Blueberry had completely left the area.

Starfire walked in and saw Luna looking at the Skates on the wall.
"I found them!" Luna exclaimed.
"So I noticed," he looked closely at the shoes on wheels, "You can actually stand on them?"
Luna laughed, "Of course."
Starfire turned and looked at her seriously, "I saw you with that blue pony."
"Oh you mean Blueberry? He was in here looking at the soccer balls," Luna explained.
"He really seems to like you. Do him?" Starfire asked.
Luna started to worry with the sudden questions he was asking.
" A lot. Why?" Luna asked suspiously.
Starfire lowered his head to her ear, "You are a Princess and as Princess of Ponyland you must merry a Prince."
"What?" Luna cried. When she noticed other ponies looking at her direction, she smiled and waited till they turned away.
"It's the rules," Starfire whispered.
"So...I really like him..."
"Love him you mean?" Starfire asked with a questioning look.
"Yes," Luna sighed, "but so what. Why can't I merry who I want?" Luna asked in a whispering voice.
"This isn't the place to explaine things," Starfire whispered, "Every Kingdom has that law. You are givin time to find one. If you don't after your 16th birthday...well, your parents will pick for you."
Luna sighed sadly as she felt a tear excape her, "No," she whispered, "I will not be forced to."
Starfire lowered his head to her ear, "Talk to your father about it but I must worn you, he will tell you the same thing." Then he raised his head and smiled, "you are still 14, plunty of time to think about it. I'll be waiting outside." He turned and left the store, knowing he had upset Luna. He figured Luna would rather be alone at that moment to think about what he said.
Luna stood as his words rang through her mind. She had not thought of marring Blueberry but what if she wanted to? How was her father going to take it?
She looked at the wall full of skates and trying not the think about what Starfire said.

After awhile she left the store and joined Starfire who stood by the door.
"You didn't find one?" Starfire asked.
"No. I didn't find what I was hoping for."
"And what would that be?" Starfire asked.
"I wanted purple skates with moons on them but they didn't have anything close to that."
"Why don't you keep the par you have?"
"They're old."
"So. Your friends gave them to you, that is something you can't buy in a store," Starfire smiled.
Luna looked up at him, smiling. She knew he was right.

As they walked on her street towards home, Luna still thought about what Starfire said.
"Starfire," Luna called to him.
"Does he have to be a Prince?" Luna asked.
Starfire stopped and looked at her seriously, "Yes because he would have learned how to rule a kingdom. It's not something you can learn over night, Luna. Besides you didn't grow up learning what your parents do to rule their Kingdom."
"How hard can it be just to sit on the throne and order ponies around?" Luna asked.
"There's more to it than just sit on a throne and order ponies around," Starfire told her.
"Why can't someone like Blueberry learn to rule?" Luna asked.
"He doesn't know the first thing about leading. Besides how would he react if he knew you're a winged unicorn the ghost of Ponyland?" Starfire asked.
Luna sighed sadly, she had not even thought of that. She looked up at him, "Can I get dad to change his mind?"
"You can try but knowing him it won't be easy," Starfire replied, then he smiled, "Lets head home. I'm starving, aren't you?"
Luna smiled, "Yeah...I mean yes. I sure am."
Luna and Starfire ran towards the house smiling at each other.