Chapter 14:  Rollerskating together

The sky was shining brightly through the drifting clouds. Birds flew to trees and some hopped around the ground. Blueberry walked up to Luna's house carrying a par of light blue rollerskater in his mouth. He knocked on the door. A minute later Rosebud answered the door.
"Hello Blueberry," Rosebud smiled then took a glance from the door to another room. Starfire quickly went to another room where he couldn't be seen.
"I'm here to get Lunarstar," Blueberry told her.
"Oh, well...why don't you come in. You can sit on the couch while I get Lunarstar," Rosebud replied, showing him to the livingroom. Starfire stood quietly in the next room listening and hoping Blueberry wouldn't move from the couch.
Rosebud walked up the stairs to Luna's room. She peaked in and saw Luna in her winged unicorn form sitting on her bed reading.
"Blueberry is here," Rosebud announced.
Luna looked at her and smiled, "Thanks mom."
Rosebud shut the door and left. Luna climbed off her bed and walked to her dresser. She brushed her hair making it shine even more, then she turned herself into an earth pony and admired her shinny purple hair in the mirror.
"Looks good, now I better hurry," Luna thought, she sat the brush on the dresser and picked up her roller blades from the floor next to her dresser. Then she left her room and hurried down stairs. Blueberry stood up when he saw her coming.
"Ready to go?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes I am," Luna replied.
Rosebud walked in the livingroom from another room after checking on Starfire, "Where are going?"
"To the park. Blueberry is going to teach me to skate," Luna answered.
"I thought you already knew how," Rosebud replied.
"I can stand and move myself but I can't stop or turn," Luna answered.
"Oh, well have fun," Rosebud replied with a smiled.

Luna and Blueberry left the house carrying their roller blades. Starfire entered the room and looked out the window, "skate?" he looked at Rosebud, "What is skate?"
"It's shoes you wear with wheels at the bottom of it."
"Wouldn't that be hard to stand?" Starfire asked.
Rosebud smiled, "It is at first. I used to be really good at it. It's fun after you learn how to rollerskater," She turned and walked into the kitchen to the back door.

Luna and Blueberry hurried to the park anxious to skate together. Once they entered the park they sat on the grass and put on their skates. Blueberry was the first to stand, then Luna.
"Ready?" Blueberry asked.
"I guess so," Luna replied. She stepped on the sidewalk and suddenly her front legs rolled out from under her with her tail high in the air.
Blueberry chuckled, "sorry, it was just so unexpected."
"Give me a minute to get used to them. It's been awhile since I wore them," Luna told him.
Once she was on her feet again, she stood trying to steady her balance. Then she pushed herself forward with Blueberry next to her. Luna quickly folded her wings just in case he happened to touch her back.
"Looks like you got it," Blueberry commented.
"Moving isn't my problem," Luna told him. When she saw the sidewalk taking a turn she didn't know how to. She tried and tripped over her front feet, tumbling on the grass and landing on her stomach. Blueberry hurried over to her worriedly, "Are you ok?"
"Yes I'm fine," Luna replied getting to her feet.
"It's easy," Blueberry told her. He stood up and rolled around her showing how to turn on skates, "Now you try."
Luna tried and fell, she stood up and tried again. Blueberry took her front hooves and helped her turn in a circle, after awhile she eventually learned how to turn on skates.
Blueberry skated deeper into the park with Luna behind him. She felt she was about to fall at times be she never lost her balance and soon she was skating as good as Blueberry only she forgot she couldn't stop.

Trees and bushes covered the sides of the sidewalk. Shadows and tinny specks of light bounce around as the wind blew. Blueberry noticed Blizzard coming out from the bushes and stopped so he wouldn't hit him but Luna couldn't. She gasped knowing she was about to ram into him. Blizzard saw her but it was to late to do anything. Luna rammed into him knocking him to the pavement. Luna fell on top of him. When she noticed he was under her, she quickly sat up, getting off of him in the process.
"I..umm, really sorry," Luna quickly said, blushing from embarrassment.
Blizzard sat up and looked at her curiously, he had never seen anyone blush before.
"Lunarstar are you alright?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes, I'm fine. I forgot I couldn't stop," Luna replied. She stood up and looked nervously at Blizzard, "I'm sorry. I really am. Are you ok?" Luna asked.
"I'm fine," Blizzard replied.
"Lets go," Blueberry exclaimed with a smile, "I got to teach you to stop."
Luna skated from Blizzard and followed Blueberry. Blizzard stood up and watch as she skated way. Her long hair waved wildly in the wind as the sun made her coat look bright.

Blueberry and Luna spent the day skating and teaching Luna to stop which wasn't easy. After bumping into trees, bushes and other ponies she eventually learned to stop.
"I can't believe I did it!" Luna cried excitedly. She wanted to hug him but she knew she couldn't.
"I knew you could do it," Blueberry replied.
Luna looked at the sun and noticed it was about to set, "I got to go." She skated up to him and nuzzled his cheek then she pulled away and smiled at him. Blueberry looked at her sparkling eyes and could no longer resist. He suddenly gave Luna a kiss on the lips surprising her. She had never been kissed like that before and yet she enjoyed it. for awhile, she had forgotten about her surroundings
Blizzard hid behind the bushes watching and getting mad. The longer he watched them kiss the angrier he got and without realizing it the ground he stepped on began to turn to frost and ice.
When Luna left and Blueberry headed back home, Blizzard stood up. He was about to turn and leave when he noticed the ground had four icy hoof shapes. Blizzard looked at his hoof and then touched the ground but nothing happened, "How strange." He had never turned anything to ice just by touching it, only with his breath or turning into a cluster of snowflakes. He wasn't sure what to make of it but he thought it was best if Teriney never knew. Blizzard left the spot and went back to his shack for the night.