Chapter 12: Two to follow Starfire

Starfire left his room and walked downstairs. When he walked into the livingroom he saw Rosebud setting a plat in the dinning room.
"Good morning, I got your breakfast here at the table," Rosebud told him, then she turned and went to the kitchen.
Starfire sat at the table eating listening to how quiet the house was. He remembered Stardust orders to find out about the strange winter wind.
"How am I going to find out about that?" Starfire thought, "I wonder if anyone else has noticed the winter wind?"
When Starfire was done, he picked up his plat and went to the kitchen, "Where's Luna?" he sat the plate on the counter and turned towards Rosebud.
"Lunarstar?" Rosebud asked, "She went to school earlier."
"School? That's were little ponies goes to learn things?" Starfire asked.
"Yes," Rosebud turned and looked at him surprisingly, "Didn't you know?"
"Sort of, Stardust talked about it some and Luna...I mean Lunarstar. Little ponies in my world, learns at home."
"Oh, home schooling," Rosebud exclaimed, "I home schooled Lunarstar for a number of years till she could learn to hold her form. Lunarstar should be out of school any minute."
"Maybe I'll go and check out the school," Starfire told her and left the livingroom.
"The school is near the park. You can't miss it!" Rosebud yelled.
Starfire went upstairs to his room, took his cloak from the chair nearby and went back downstairs putting on the cloak in the process. He folded his wings under the cloak and left the house.

Starfire had not seen a school before so he was curious as to what it looked like. He went through the park and roamed around till he found a medium size building. He stood be a tree near the play groung and watched the little ponies through a window. He could see they were all working on their school work, some sat and looked up at the clock. Suddenly, the bell rang and the ponies hurried out of the rooms and outside. Starfire stood watching with fascination.
"We could definitely use a school in Ponyland. Maybe I'll talk to Stardust about it sometime," Starfire thought. He noticed ponies walking by carrying their school bag and talking to each other, some stared at Starfire as they walked by.
"Even in this world, I get stared at," Starfire grumbled.
There was so many ponies leaving the school he wasn't sure which one was Luna. He was curtain he had missed her.
"Oh well. I'll see her later," Starfire muttered, then he turned and began walking.

Raspberry was walking with Blueberry when she spotted Starfire.
"Look!" Raspberry pointed past a tree off the sidewalk, "It's him, he's back."
"Who is back?" Blueberry asked.
"That black pony, remember?" Raspberry asked.
"Oh, well, so what?" Blueberry exclaimed.
"So what?" Raspberry asked surprisingly, then she took off her bag and handed it to him, "Take my bag home, I'm going to follow him." She ran off before Blueberry could say anything to her.
Just then Luna had walked up to him after seeing what Raspberry did.
"Um...Hi," Luna said, not sure what else to say.
Blueberry turned and smiled, "Hi, Lunarstar."
"What's Raspberry doing? I mean, I saw her give her bag to you and run off."
Blueberry sign, "She's off to get in trouble. I may have to search for her today."
"Mind if I go with you?" Luna asked.
"Not at all. I'd love the company," Blueberry replied.
"Ok, just let me drop off my school bag at home," Luna told him.
"Meet me here then," Blueberry told her then he watched as she ran off.

Raspberry ran after Starfire and had temporarily lost sight of him. She ran across the clearing towards the bushes. when suddenly she tripped over a pony. When she got to her feet she saw it was Blizzard.
"What are you doing here?" Raspberry asked.
"Non of your business," Blizzard replied.
Raspberry looked over the bush and saw Starfire drinking out of the water fountain.
"Your following him too," Raspberry exclaimed.
"No I'm not."
"Yes you are. I want to know why," Raspberry yelled.
"That is non of your business," Blizzard paused, "What do you mean too? Your following him?"
"I have my reasons!"
"You have no idea who your following so go home where you belong!" Blizzard cried.
"You don't either!" Raspberry yelled.
From the yelling and arguing those two were doing, Starfire heard it and was curious as to who it was. He left the water fountain and walked over to the bushes. He stood and watched.
Raspberry suddenly became quiet and gasped.
"What are you two doing?" Starfire asked.
"He was..." Raspberry started to say till Blizzard put his hoof over her mouth to shut her up.
"I was just...talking to her. Now if you don't mind?" Blizzard exclaimed.
"Oh, I'm sorry," Starfire turned and left, "Something about those two is a bit odd."
Blizzard let go and shoved her out of the way, "Stay out of my way or else!" Then he walked through the bushes following Starfire.

Starfire wondered around the park for awhile. He eventually found his way out and roamed outside of town. He walked for sometime thinking about the winter wind and that someone was there at the gate watching his brothers. He walked till he smelled the ocean. He walked through the forest not knowing he had Raspberry and Blizzard following him. He walked till he came to a cliff. Below him were sand and rocks. He stood and stared out to the ocean and feeling the breeze. He remembered when he was on Drakon Island playing with Luna on the beach. He remembered when he and Star Cluster played on the beach. Starfire sighed sadly at the thought of Star Cluster.
Just then he heard a noise. Starfire turned and saw something behind a tree.
"Who's there?" Starfire yelled, "Come out!"
But they didn't come out. Starfire walked towards the tree and saw someone running. Starfire ran after the pony. He had to use his wings to catch her quickly before she reached the sidewalk. Once he knocked her down, he quickly hid his wings under his cloak. Then he looked down angrily at the blue pony.
"Who are you and why are you following me?" Starfire asked.
When Raspberry turned her head and looked up at him, Starfire suddenly recognized her as the one in the park behind the bushes.
"I-I...I was ummm....I'm not the only one. That pony over there is following you too," Raspberry pointed but when she and Starfire looked across the small clearing Blizzard had disappeared.
"I swear he was there!" Raspberry cried.
"That doesn't explain why your following me!" Starfire exclaimed.
"I umm was....taking a walk," Raspberry lied.
Starfire looked at her seriously as if he didn't believe her, "taking a walk? on the cliff? I seriously doubt that. Just why are you following me?"
Raspberry laid on her back feeling scared. Blizzard watched from another spot in the forest with interest, he remember when Teriney towered over him like Starfire ready to fry him. Blizzard shook the thought out of his mind.
"I was...wondering why are you here?" Raspberry asked.
"Excuse me?" Starfire asked.
"Don't you remember me? and just what did you do with your horn?" Raspberry asked.
"Skyview," Thought Starfire surprisingly, "She must think I'm Skyview." Then he looked at her seriously, "I don't have a horn. I never did. Besides everyone know there is no such thing as a unicorn. Now get lost!"
Raspberry stood up and ran.

Starfire stood watching her till she was out of sight. He turned and followed the cliff to the beach then he continued into the forest again.
"I wonder if who ever it was that night left foot prints?" Starfire thought.
He continued walking through the forest till he heard birds chirping loudly. Starfire had heard birds make noises before but not like that. He turned and walked back to see what was going on. He walked to a large rock and looked behind it, to his surprise it was Raspberry trying to chase the birds way that was attacking her. Starfire noticed a nest inside a hollow tree right next to her.
"I thought I told her to get lost!" Starfire yelled angrily.
Raspberry gasped and than ran. Starfire ran after her. When she came to a clearing he used his wings and flew in front of her. Raspberry gasped shockingly and stopped suddenly. Starfire landed not caring she had seen his wings.
Blizzard was surprised that Starfire would even show his wings to her.
"Y-you have...w-wings!" Raspberry stuttered. She began to walk backwards as Starfire walk towards her angrily. Suddenly she tripped over a rock and fell to the ground.
"I do not have a horn. That would be my brother you had seen before," Starfire told her.
Raspberry glanced around, " he near by?"
Starfire didn't answer he was thinking about what he should do with her.
"I'm not the only one following you," Raspberry looked around and saw Blizzard peaking behind the bushes, "There!"
Starfire looked at the bushes but didn't see anyone, "There is no one there."
"He was there. I swear it!" Raspberry cried.
Starfire looked at her, suddenly he remembered her in the field behind the school when he and his brothers had caught her, "Well, well, I remember you. Me and my two brothers had caught you before and was going to get rid of you."
"Please!" Raspberry begged, "I-I didn't do anything!"
"My brothers said you were..what was it they said?....nothing but trouble to them and they were right. If you tell a soul about me or that you even saw my wings, I'll call them back." Starfire paused and smiled as he remembered when the girls told him her name, "Raspberry."
Raspberry gasped, looking frightened, "Y-you know m-my name?"
"Yes. I know where you live too. Just remember, me and my brothers will come and get you if you tell a soul about me."
Raspberry shook her head, "No, I-I won't tell anyone. I promise."
"Good, now get lost! I don't ever want to catch you following me again!" Starfire yelled.
Raspberry jumped to her feet and ran as fast as she could. Starfire smiled as she watched her disappeared in the distance, then he laughed, "Maybe I over did it a bit." He turned and walked up the hill, "I suppose I could ask Luna where she lives just in case."

He walked deep into the forest and continued till he came to the gate. Blizzard quietly followed him.
"Raspberry almost ruined everything!" Blizzard thought, "If she interrupts again, I'll have to take care of her. The last thing I need is her in the way."
He followed Starfire to the gate and watched him walk into the forest to the ditch.
"That's were I was hiding," Blizzard thought, "They know I'm here then. I'll have to be extra careful."
When Starfire couldn't find anything he left, leaving the gate behind. Blizzard followed him from a safe distance out of the forest and headed to the park.

Blizzard followed him into the park who just roamed around. He noticed Starfire stopping at the water fountain again.
"Well, well, if it isn't the little spy!" Raspberry exclaimed.
Blizzard turned and looked at her angrily.
"Get lost. You are nothing but trouble!" Blizzard cried.
Raspberry got mad, "Shut up!" he looked up at Starfire and watched, "Why are you..." When she realized Blizzard was gone she looked around but didn't see him. Blizzard had turned into a cluster of snowflakes and moved away from Raspberry where he could still watch Starfire. Blizzard hid behind some bushes and trees then he returned to his pony form.
"Why doesn't he just go to the Princess?" Blizzard thought.
Just then he noticed Raspberry sneaking out of the bushes and heading toward Starfire.
"She'll ruin everything!" Blizzard thought feeling angry. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew out of the bushes towards Raspberry. He flew around her, moving her towards the lake. Suddenly, she fell in making a large splash.
When Starfire saw Raspberry, he turned and ran out of sight.
"That little pony. I'll defiantly ask Luna where she lives to be on the safe side. I guess it'll be best if I don't roam around freely anymore," Starfire thought.
Blizzard looked but he had lost sight of Starfire. As he watched Raspberry climb out of the lake he got angry at her knowing she had ruined his plan. Raspberry stood on the grass dripping wet when suddenly a cold chilling wind blew around her. Her fur quickly turned to icicles. Snow fell on her back and face.
Raspberry gasped shockingly, "This can't be possible!"
Suddenly she noticed her feet felt very cold, she looked down and to her great surprise her legs turned to ice. The winter wind left her and flew high into the air over the park leaving Raspberry frozen to the ground.

Later that night at the dinner table. Starfire told Luna and her family of the things he did and how Raspberry kept following him.
"Starfire, you mean she knows you're a pegasus?" Rosebud asked surprisingly.
"Yes but I scared her pretty bad so I'm sure she wouldn't dare tell a soul about me," Starfire replied, "Luna, where does she live?"
"I'll have to show you sometime," Luna replied.
"Do you really think someone else was following you?" Buster asked.
"I don't know. I saw no one else but her all day long," Starfire replied.
"It may be best if you didn't go walking around, just in case Raspberry follows you here," Charades suggested.
"I thought of that, I don't plan to go out much," Starfire replied.
"Oh, that reminds me. You wouldn't believe what happened to Raspberry in the park!" Luna exclaimed.
"I know she fell in the lake," Starfire replied.
"Well after that," Luna told him, "She said a cold wind turned her feet to ice."
Starfire and everyone looked at her surprisingly.
"Are you sure?" Starfire asked her, surprisingly.
"I was there and her feet were frozen to the ground. The ice on her fur had melted by the time me and Blueberry found her," Luna replied.
Starfire kept silent as he thought about it. What was the winter wind doing at the park? Was it possible someone has the power of winter? As he thought about it, he realized something about the whole thing felt familiar.