Chapter 126: A surprise at Paradise Estate

Luna was in the large library reading on the couch. She had her hair up on her head wearing her princess crown and silver collar. Her mother sat next to her watching her read when a male white pony entered the room.
He stopped and bowed, "Your Majesty, King Stardust wants to see both of you in the throne room."
"Thank you," Royal Heart replied.
"Mom, What do you think he wants?" Luna asked curiously.
"I don't know but it's got to be important to interrupt your reading lesson," Royal Heart answered.
They stood up and left the library. Luna had left the book on the couch so she can return to it later.

They walked down the long hallway and approached the tall doors to the throne room. They entered the room and past several pillars to the stairs. They followed the red carpet past the water fountain and approached the thrones where Stardust sat and Blizzard stood next to him.
"Stardust is something wrong?" Royal Heart asked, "I was in the middle of teaching Luna."
"I don't know Royal Heart. I have just received a letter from my parents..." Stardust began to explained. Just then Skyview winked to the throne room with Starfire.
"We were in the middle of something," Skyview told him.
"I'm sorry but this is important. Mom and dad sent a letter telling us to go to Paradise Estate. They said it's urgent. They want the family to go, even Blizzard since he's part of the family now," Stardust explained. He stood up from his chair, "Now we're all here. Lets go."
"Now?" Luna asked curiously.
"Yes. I want to be back before nightfall," Stardust answered.
They all followed Stardust out of the throne room and out of the castle. They walked across the yard and stopped at the gates. Banner hurried down the steps and approached the King. He bowed and looked up at him, "Are you going somewhere?"
"Yes. Gather some soldiers for our protection. Banner, I want you to watch the castle while we're gone. Do not let anyone in till we get back," Stardust ordered him.
"Yes your Majesty," Banner replied. He turned and hurried up the steps to gather a medium size army. One by one, soldiers hurried down the steps and gathered behind the royal family. Then Banner had the soldiers open the gates.
Stardust and his family walked through the gates and was slowly approaching Dream Valley. Ponies in town paused and looked. It rare to see the whole royal family together. As the royal family got closer to town, ponies hurried out of the way. They stood on the sidewalk and watched at the Royal family walked through town with an army of soldiers.
Ponies whispered their names and wondered where they were going.
"Blizzard you've been quiet this morning," Luna observed.
Blizzard smiled, "I just haven't had a reason to talk."
"Oh," Luna replied, "Well you could ask some questions."
"About what?" Blizzard asked, "Your pretty good at asking all the questions."
"Gee, thanks," Luna replied.
Blizzard smiled, "Your just a bit more curious than I am. There's nothing wrong with that."
Luna looked at him and smiled.

They continued walking and soon they left town. They followed the dirt path up a hill and on flat land till the path disappeared.
"Stardust, you're going to have to build a road through here some day," Royal Heart told him.
"I know. That's on my list of things to do," Stardust replied.
"What list?" Luna asked.
"I just have a list of things I plan to have in Ponyland. It's not a written list though," Stardust answered.
"What things?" Luna asked curiously.
"So many questions," Blizzard whispered.
Luna blushed, "I can't help it. I just want to know."
"Stardust smiled, "It's alright Luna. I plan to have doors on the balconies so the castle will stay warmer during the winter and it'll keep intruders out. Then I have to have a road built through here and add more houses and stores this far out. And then I plan to have a school built for little ponies to go to so it'll give their parents some time to themselves for awhile. My big problem is finding someone to teach...someone who knows how to teach and is good with little ponies," Stardust replied.
"Doors on the balconies would be nice. It'll keep all the noise out. Especially Starfire's constant moving," Skyview exclaimed.
Starfire glared at him, "I can't help it if I'm an active sleeper."
"Oh would you two give it a rest?" Stardust asked.
The two walked silently glaring at each other while Luna just giggled.
Blizzard just looked at them curiously wondering what they were arguing about which made Luna laugh even harder.

They walked for miles till they saw the peak of Paradise Estate on cliff. They walked through the forest and up the hill.
"The first thing I'm going to do is make a road through here," Stardust complained.
"Yes, that would be a good idea," Royal Heart replied.
When they reached the top, Stardust saw that his parents were standing outside waiting for them.
Stardust approached them and smiled, "mom, dad. What's so important that we all had to come?"
"Go to the living room and you'll find out," Ribbon Lock told him.
The soldiers stood outside while the royal family entered the estate.

Stardust led the way into the estate and down the hall to the living room. When he and his brothers entered the room, they were shocked to see who was standing there waiting for him.
"Hi, I have come home," Star Cluster replied standing in the middle of the room. Stardust was to shocked to notice two unfamiliar ponies on the couch.
"Star Cluster?!" the black ponies asked surprisingly.
"Yes, I'm back," Star Cluster replied.
The black ponies gathered around him and hugged him, smiling.
"We thought you were dead," Stardust replied.
"I'm alive, I wasn't dead," Star Cluster replied still being hugged.
"We're so glad to see you," Skyview exclaimed.
"Really?" Star Cluster asked smiling.
The black ponies stood back and smiled.
"Of course we are. You're our little brother after all," Starfire replied.
Luna stood staring shockingly at Star Cluster. She could feel her heart racing. She wasn't sure if she was excited or nervous. When he noticed her and was approaching, she began to feel shaky in her legs. Her body felt tired and weak as he got closer.
Blizzard noticed Luna acting strange. He knew something was wrong.
"Luna, what's wrong?" Blizzard asked.
"I...I," Luna could no long find the words to speak. Her head began to spin. Stardust immediately knew what was wrong with her. He rushed to her side and picked her up just in time for her to faint.
"Stardust, what's wrong with her?" Royal Heart asked worriedly.
Star Cluster felt bad, knowing it had something to do with him.
"She fainted," Stardust answered, "I guess the shock was to much for her."
Stardust walked to the couch as the two unnoticed ponies moved out of the way. Stardust carefully set her down, letting her head rest on a small pillow, "I should had known this would happened. She fainted once before when she found out I was her father."
"She didn't always know?" Blizzard asked surprisingly.
"No she didn't. It's along story," Stardust replied.
"You can tell it when I'm not around," Star Cluster suddenly said.
Just then he heard a noise like a pony trying to clear their throat.
"Oh, I can't believe I forgot," Star Cluster exclaimed walking to a chair next to them. In the chair sat Amyarllis and Peaches watching them with fascination. It was then that everyone noticed them.
"This is Amaryllis and her daughter Peaches. I plan to marry her and live here in Ponyland," Star cluster told them.
"Marry?!" They all asked surprisingly.
"Well, well...our little brother getting married. Who would have ever guessed," Skyview muttered with a smile.
"I've changed a lot. I'm not the bitter pony you once knew," Star Cluster replied, "Amaryllis, these three are my brothers, the triplets I told you about. Stardust King of Ponyland, Skyview the second born and Starfire the third born. Next to Stardust is Royal Heart, Queen of ponyland and on the couch is her daughter, Princess Luna."
Blizzard looked at Star Cluster and smiled, "I'm Blizzard, her fiancee." He stood next to Luna watching her and hoping she would wake up soon. He looked around for a book or something and saw a magazine. He picked it up and began fanning her.
"One thing that bother's me, how did you survive the explosion on the island? Skyview asked.
"I don't' know. I remember holding the pearl. It was glowing, it was so bright I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw Amaryllis and Peaches in the forest where they found me. I was far from the island. At that time, all I knew was my name. I couldn't remember anything else so I lived with Amaryllis till my memories returned. We went to Drakon Island for a vacation but it was anything but a vacation once we got there. My memories flooded back to me," Star Cluster paused, "There's a small part that I still can't remember. I didn't know till I got here."
"What would that be?" Stardust asked.
"During those thirteen years that I took over Ponyland," Star Cluster answered, "Amaryllis heard about me and came to tell me everything. I can't believe I did that," He turned and looked at Royal Heart, "I know you must be mad at me for what I've done."
"Yes, I'm quite upset. I lost thirteen years with my daughter. I missed everything....but I have been told by Luna what happened on the island. She said you have changed. I didn't believe it till now," Royal Heart replied, "You are still part of the family so I will forgive you," Royal Heart smiled, "beside I have a chance to raise my baby...I'm a month pregnant now."
Star Cluster smiled, "Will you tell me when the baby is born? I wished I had stayed to see Luna born."
"We have a few pictures of her as a baby thanks to her adopted parents...and of course you can see the baby when it's born," Royal Heart replied.
"I'll be sure to get you when it's time. Believe me I'm not going to let you miss this one," Skyview told him.
"I'm just curious if it'll be a boy or girls this time," Starfire wondered out loud.
"Don't even start that. I give up on guessing," Skyview exclaimed.
Luna began to move her leg, moaning softly.
"She's waking up," Blizzard announced.
Stardust hurried to her, along with his brothers and everyone else in the room.

Luna slowly opened her eyes still feeling a bit weak from fainting. She was hot but Blizzard's fanning was quickly cooling her off.
"Luna, are you alright" Royal Heart asked worriedly.
"Just tired," Luna whispered.
"Just don't faint again," Star Cluster told her.
Luna looked up at him, she still couldn't believe he was there.
"Star Cluster, after you got blown up, Luna cried all day for you thinking you were dead," Stardust explained.
"Oh, I see. I'm sorry Luna. I'm not dead, I was blown off the island and lost my memories. It took me so long to gain them back but now I'm here just as I promised. I even made up with my parents. They felt bad for not noticing their baby boy desperately needed their attention," Star Cluster explained.
Luna slowly sat up still feeling a bit weak but her energy was returning quickly. Her eyes began to water and tears poured from her eyes. Luna cried and wiped her tears but it wasn't helping.
"I really thought you were..gone," Luna sobbed, "All this time...I thought about fifthteenth birthday I remembered you."
Star Cluster sat down on the couch, "I'm sorry but I'm here now and I don't plan to do anymore traveling."
Luna suddenly hugged Star Cluster still crying.
"Star Cluster, is she the important pony you told me about?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes, this is Luna, the one who changed me. She made me realize I was wrong how I felt towards my brothers and parents...She is quite important to me," Star Cluster answered.
Luna smiled at him, "Really?"
"Yes, you are," Star Cluster answered smiling at her.
"Ok, this is just to strange," Starfire suddenly said.
"What is?" Stardust asked.
"To see him smiling. I don't think I've ever seen him smile before," Starfire answered.
Everyone look but Star Cluster had stopped smiling.
"Really?" Star Cluster asked, "I guess I was always an unhappy little pony," then he looked at Amaryllis and smiled, "Now I'm a very happy pony."
"I like it when you smile," Luna told him.
"I know, you've told me once before," Star Cluster replied.
Just then Peaches walked up to him and held her front legs up, "daddy."
Star Cluster picked her up and hugged her.
"Daddy?!" everyone asked surprisingly.
"She's been calling me that since we left the island, that was when she found out I was gone to marry her mommy," Star Cluster explained.
Peaches smiled and hugged him.
"What happened to her real father?" Starfire asked curiously.
"He died when she was a baby. Peaches doesn't remember him," Amaryllis answered, "We came to stay with Star Cluster because there is nothing for us in the other world."
"No family?" Royal Heart asked.
"No, just me and Peaches," Amaryllis answered.
"Star Cluster, what happened to the Flaming Pearl?" Skyview asked quickly changing the subject.
"I don't know," Star cluster answered.
"Exploded, Stardust answered.
"But didn't Teriney say you can't destroy the Pearl?" Starfire asked.
"I never did find out what the Pearl is," Amaryllis remarked.
"It's a large pearl," Luna answered, "It's always on fire. It's also talks. It know as Power and wisdom. It can tell you anything you ever wanted to know, it can also grant you wishes."
"Like a genie?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes, but the pearl has the right to say no if she chooses to. Only the guardian or the pearl and force it to grant unlimited wishes," Luna answered.
"What Guardian...oh you mean the white dragon?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes, the dragon's name is Kesia. I used to be Kesia in my old life but I'm still Guardian of the peal. I'm to protect it from harm. If the pearl was no destroyed then I must find it," Luna exclaimed.
"I can't see how your going to find it. Besides the pearl contacted you before, I'm sure she'll do it again if she's in any danger," Stardust said.

While they talked Blizzard looked around, he had never been inside Paradise Estate. A painting hanging on the wall caught his eye. He walked up to it and stared at it. He recognized Paradise estate and what looked like a small version of Dream Castle but the human girl he didn't know. He had never seen a creature like her before. She resembled the elves but she was much taller. The pony next to her had a heart locked similar to Luna's but the girl had on a golden round charm, much like his.
Royal Heart was the one who noticed Blizzard had wondered away from the group. She walked over to him and looked at what he was staring at.
"That girl is Megan. She's a human. You won't find humans in this world," Royal Heart explained to her.
"But where did she come from?" Blizzard asked.
"No is really sure. She didn't come through the gates," Royal Heart answered.
"What's the pony wearing around the it's neck?" Blizzard asked. He was very interested in the painting.
"That is the rainbow locket," Royal Heart answered.
Just then Stardust approached him with his brother and everyone else behind him.
"I think we still have that. It's in the treasure room, somewhere," Stardust added.
"You could have used it on me," Star Cluster told him.
"How could I. You were sitting in front of it all those years," Stardust answered.
"Oh, I forgot about that," Star Cluster replied.
"That necklace around the human's neck looks a lot like mine," Blizzard pointed out.
everyone got a close look and saw that he was right.
"It sort of does," Stardust replied, "But her's has a rose on it and no diamonds."
"So, I've seen lots of necklaces that are round with pictures on it," Starfire exclaimed.
"Yeah, maybe your right," Skyview replied but he wasn't totally convinced, he couldn't help but feel there was some connections to her necklace and Blizzard's.
Just then, Sunlight and Ribbon Lock walked into the room with a large tray of cookies and drinks for everyone.
"I hope you're all hungry," Ribbon Lock exclaimed suddenly.
"Please sit and eat before you leave," Sunlight proposed.
Everyone sat in the chairs and couches eating and talking. They had quickly forgotten all about the painting and before long it was time to leave. Luna hugged Star Cluster and left with her parents, heading for home.