Chapter 126: The Crowning Ceremony

It was in the morning and Starfire entered Luna's room. Instead of finding her asleep on the bed, she was on the balcony leaning over the railing.
"Luna," Starfire called to her.
Luna turned and smiled, "There's so many soldiers, kings and queens. Starfire, what are the soldiers carrying into the castle?"
"Sea ponies," Starfire answered, "You didn't think they would walk in on their own did you?"
"Well I never thought about it," Luna replied.
Just then a male dark red pony entered the room and sat a tray on a square table, then he left the room.
"Come here and eat your breakfast. You have a lot to do so don't take your time. Once your done eating, I'll take you to have your bath, then you'll have your hair done and coat shined, then you're to wait in your room till I come and get you," Starfire explained.
"My hair done?" Luna asked. She had forgotten about her hair.
"The crown will fit easier with your hair up or so I'm told," Starfire answered, "Now hurry and eat your breakfast.
While Luna left the balcony and began eating her breakfast. Starfire went to the balcony and peaked over the railing.
"Are they all here?" Luna asked with a mouth full of pan cakes.
"Just about. Only a few more Kingdoms. Luna, are you done yet?" Starfire asked.
"Almost," Luna answered. She quickly eat her last two pancakes, then she turned and smiled, "Ok I'm done."
Starfire left the balcony and approached her, "Good, now come with me."
"Wait, I got to brush my hair," Luna quickly said.
"You don't need to brush your hair, your getting a bath."
"Oh, Well I got to get Blizzard's necklace," Luna replied, she looked at her dresser and saw the green pillow but her silver collar and the key was gone, "Starfire, They were there last night!" Luna was worried that someone had stolen them.
"It's ok Luna. Your collar is getting polished and the golden necklace is in a safe place for today."
"But I was going to wear the necklace today," Luna exclaimed.
"No Luna. You can not wear it today. Your only to wear your collar and nothing else. Now come with me," Starfire told her and led her out of the room.

He took her to a light green bathroom. It was big with a tub the size of a medium pool. Towels hung on several racks on either side. There were two unicorns in the pool with a floating bucket. Next to a wall were two pegasus holding towels. On the other side of the room were two female earth ponies with brushed and a few other bottles that Luna didn't recognize.
"Luna, they will give you a bath, dry you and do your hair. Do as they tell you. When you're done, you are to wait in your room till I come and get you," Starfire told her.
"Ok," Luna replied.
Starfire left the bathroom leaving Luna alone with the girls.
"Princess Luna please come into the water so we can clean you," The misty rose coled unicorn said.
Luna walked down the steps into the water and approched the two unicorns. The deep pink colored unicorn poured water on Luna's head.
"Ok, get out so we can put soap on you," the misty rose unicorn told her.
Luna left the water with the two unicorns behind her. Then she stood while the two unicorns covered her in bubbly pink soap. Luna could smell roses coming from the soap on her body. The two unicorns scrubbed the soap into her coat and hair.
"Ok, go back into the water," the misty rose unicorn told her.
Luna walked down the steps and into the water. The two unicorns followed her and then poured water on her while scrubbing her.
"Ok, Princess Luna, you can get out now," the misty rose unicorn told her.
Luna left the water and stood while the two pegasus approached her with towels. One pegasus was light yellow and the other was pale green. They covered her in white towels, lines in gold and green. The two pegasus rubbed her till every part of her body was dry.
"Ok, Princess. Please go over there to have you hair done," The pale green pegasus told her pointing to the earth ponies.
Luna approached the two earth ponies. The orange pony brushed her hair while the white pony brushed her coat and wings.
The two unicorns left the water and dried themselves, then they left the bathroom with an arm full of wet towels.
Luna stood still noticing she was lone with two ponies. The pegasus had left with the unicorns and the unicorns left with the towels.
Luna's coat was brushed and so was her hair. Then they sprayed her hair and brushed it again. The orange pony worked on her mane, trying to put it up on her head while the white pony did her tail. Luna stood watching while trying not to move her head. She wondered if her hair was going to be like her mothers. She couldn't stand to have curly hair and she didn't like the thought of having it up on her head either but maybe she'll get used to it.
The orange pony was now doing her hair in waves, the white pony had finished and she began to help the orange pony. When they were done, they stood back and smiled.
"Am I done?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Yes Princess Luna. If you want, you can look in the mirror," The orange pony told her.
Luna walked to the mirror while avoiding the wet spots on the floor. She looked in the mirror and was surprised at how pretty she looked with her hair up. She almost didn't recognize herself. She looked at her tail and saw curls hanging down in strings over her wavy tail.
"Princess Luna," The orange pony began to say, "I'll come and see you in the mornings to teach you how to put your hair up like that. It's not to hard and you don't have to do your tail if you don't want to."
Luna actually like her tail like that, it matched the style of her mane.
The two ponies left the bathroom, Luna followed them and was greeted by a medium turquoise colored male pony.
He bowed and smiled, "Princess Luna. You look so beautiful."
"Thank you," Luna replied smiling.
"I've come to escorting you to your room," The male pony replied, "Please, follow me."

Luna walked as she had been taught and followed the pony to her room. He opened the door letting Luna in.
"Princess, I've been told to tell you to stay away from the balcony. It's a bit windy," The male pony said and then left shutting the door behind him.
Luna went to her mirror on her dresser to get a better look at her hair. She couldn't get over how pretty it made her look. As she admired herself in the mirror, she suddenly noticed her silver collar. It was back on her green pillow and it was shinier than she had ever seen it. She picked it up and placed it around her neck while making sure not to mess up her coat. Then she noticed her white coat, it was very clean and shined like new snow on a sunny day. She felt her coat with her hoof and noticed how smooth and silky it was. She lowered her wings and saw each feather was in it's place, it was just as white as her coat was. Just then Starfire walked into the room with a black shinny coat and neatly brushed hair, "It's time, Luna."
Luna looked at him worriedly. Starfire smiled, "There's nothing to worry about."
"I'm nervous. I mean all those ponies and watching me get my crown and..."
"Luna, don't be nervous. You'll do just fine. Just remember what Stardust taught you and you'll be fine," Starfire said.
"What if I mess up or something?" Luna asked.
"You won't mess up. You've been practicing for three days straight. Now come on. We can't keep them waiting," Starfire told her.

Luna left the room following Starfire and thinking about how worried she was. Today was the big day she had been told about for several years. It was the day she would be engaged, the day she was no longer a little pony. They walked through the halls and down the wide stairs. A flowered garland hung on the railings of the stairs. The two pillars at the base of the stairs hung with flowers from the top. Luna could feel her heart beating in her ears. Her legs was as nervous as she was. Starfire led her to the tall throne room doors and stopped.
"Luna, wait here till the soldiers open the door. Then you can go in. Just remember what Stardust taught you and calm down. Take deep breaths, it'll help," Starfire told her, then he walked through the door.
Luna stood taking deep breaths as the soldiers next to her watched. She was to nervous to notice them watching her, all she cared about was how many ponies in the room was going to be watching her.
"Princess Luna, if you don't mind me asking. What are you so nervous about?" the dark green soldier asked.
"So many ponies are going to be watching me," Luna replied.
"How do you know there's going to be a lot in there?" The light peach soldier asked.
"Princess, you've seen them at your birthday party before. You've walked through town on a busy day. Walking up to King Stardust with ponies watching you shouldn't be to hard," the dark green solder said.
Just then the doors opened.
Luna looked up at the two soldiers and smiled, "Thank you. It helped me a lot."

She walked through doors and saw Buster and another soldier who had opened the doors for her. She smiled at them and continued walking. Ahead was Charades and another soldier at the top of the stairs. She approached the stairs and smiled at him knowing she wasn't allowed to say anything to him. She turned and saw many ponies, standing and watching her. Luna took a deep breath, trying to remind herself that she had ponies watching her before. She followed the red carpet while reminding herself not to look at the staring ponies. She approached her father and slightly bowed, then she stood and smiled at him. Stardust smiled, he was pleased that her practice had worked.
Royal Heart smiled at her, seeing how pretty her hair looked. Starfire and Skyview stood on either side of her parents. Luna noticed Skyview was holding something but she dared not to look.
"Kings, Queens, Princes, Princess and friends," Stardust began to say, "Today is a special day for our daughter. She has turned sixteen, making her a young pony. Today is her crowing ceremony. Some of you have traveled very far to be here and we thank you for coming. Princess Luna my dear daughter. You were born in this Castle as a Princess and even though you are a Princess you have not received a crown. In every Kingdom, there is a law that once a Prince or Princess is the age of sixteen that pony is to receive their crown. Today you have turned sixteen and there for you must receive your Princess crown." Skyview approached Stardust with a golden silk cloth. Stardust picked up a diamond tiara. There were large swirls coming from a large heart. In the center of the heart is a silver crescent moon. At the base of the tiara was were golden crescent moons with a diamond between them.
Stardust held the tiara over Luna's head and continued his speech, "You are to take care of this crown like it was yours till the day you become Queen. By excepting this you have taken full responsibility and care of the ponies in Ponyland. Princess Luna, do you except this crown and the responsibility that goes with it?"
"Yes," Luna answered.
"Then I crown you Princess Luna of Ponyland," Stardust replied as she place her tiara on her head.
The ponies began to cheer for her. Luna was anxious to see who came to her ceremony.
"Luna, you can turn around now," Stardust told her.
Luna turned and saw many ponies standing and watching her. She instantly recognized nine of them as her friends and Blueberry. She had never expected to see them in the castle.
"Surprised?" Royal Heart asked.
"Y-yes," Luna replied surprisingly.
"Ok, we have a few more announcements. First we want to introduce you to her fiancee, her future husband," Stardust looked to his right and nodded his head. Blizzard came out from behind a pillar and approached Luna and stood next to her. He wore a plan golden collar and he also had his golden necklace around his neck.
"This is Blizzard. He isn't a prince but he loves my daughter and she loves him. I realized she would be happier with the one she loved the most and that pony was Blizzard. Some of you may recognize him as the ice blue pony. He was only taking orders from...a pony who thought was his father but it turned out he had murdered Blizzard's parents and had taken Blizzard to do his dirty work. He had not expected Blizzard to fall in love with my daughter and turn against him. That pony is named Teriney. He is very dangerous and has golden cat like eyes. If you ever see him or hear from him, stay far away from him. Blizzard is an orphan so I have taken him in and will teach him to be a Prince and when he's ready, he'll be taught to be a King," Stardust paused taking a deep breath while watching the ponies smiling and excepting him, "Now for one last announcement. This is a surprise. We have not told anyone, not even my daughter. We found out a month ago that Royal Heart is going to have a baby."
The ponies smiled greatly and cheered. Luna looked at her mother surprisingly.
"Sorry Luna, I couldn't tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise," Royal Heart whispered to her.
"You..don't look it," Luna muttered.
"It'll be awhile before I start showing," Royal Heart replied.
"Don't worry Luna. Those two didn't tell use either," Starfire whispered to her.
Luna smiled at him and even gave a slight giggle.
"Now lets have a birthday party. Start the music. There's cake on either side of you at the tables if you want some," Stardust announced, he looked at Luna and smiled, "I'm glade my speech is over."
Luna giggled.
"Oh, one more thing, Luna," Stardust nodded at two familiar ponies in the crowed, "Luna do not call them mom and dad. Remember ponies in this world don't know about your adopted parent."
Her parents approached her and smiled.
"Hello Princess Luna," Rosebud said to her.
"You came?" Luna asked, " Mean I didn't think I'd ever see you here."
"We didn't think we'd ever see your home," Booster replied.
Luna noticed leg wrapping on Booster's feet.
"Blizzard thought it was best if I wrapped my feet so no one will notice my hairless feet," Booster replied.
Luna giggled, it sounded funny to have her adopted father call his feet that.
Just then Luna's friends approached her.
"Luna...I mean Princess Luna. You look so pretty," Melody exclaimed, "and that hair style it's so pretty."
"Thanks," Luna replied smiling.
"I can't believe this is your castle...your home. You actually live here?" Patch asked.
"Yes, I do," Luna replied. She looked at Raspberry and Blueberry who also had his feet wrapped, "I'm glade you two came...all of you. I always wanted to show you Dream Castle."
"You can show us tomorrow morning," Bright Eyes suggested.
"We're staying the night," Bon Bon added.
Luna smiled greatly, "You are?"
"You girls can talk later. Right now these two need to dance," Stardust told them.
"Oh, of course. We're sorry," Starlight quickly said.
Blizzard stood on his hind legs and smiled, "Lets dance."
Luna stood on her hind leg and smiled then she noticed how clean his coat was. Blizzard pulled his fur back reveling his skin, "No dark patches. A few unicorns cleared them up for me. It looks as if I was never burned."
"I thought your legs looked different," Luna replied smiling.
"Come, lets dance," Blizzard told her.
"You can dance?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Yes, you'd be surprised what I know. I learned a lot when I was exploring Luna. I'm not the clueless pony you once knew. I don't fight without knowing the enemy first," Blizzard smiled, "You'll have to know me all over again."
"Well I have plenty of time for that," Luna replied.
Blizzard led her to the dance floor and began dancing with one hoof around her and the other hoof holding hers.
They danced and smiled at they talked.
"I can't believe I'll be marrying you. I thought for sure I'd marry a pony I didn't know," Luna muttered to him.
"I'd never let that happened. I'll be with you for the rest of your life," Blizzard replied smiling.

Luna spent the day dancing and talking to ponies. She was even happy to see King Sea salt making friends with a few of the Kings. She had ate cake with Blizzard and opened her presents after the party was over. Her friends and adopted parents spent the night with her till morning. Luna showed them around the castle till it was time for them to leave. It tool all day to transport them to Mooney Mountain. Luna was sad to see her friends and go but was happy that they were able to come and see her. She stood and watched as Blizzard lead them through the gate.