Chapter 124: Knowing the Kingdoms

It was morning and Starfire went to Luna's room and shook her till she woke up.
"It's morning time to get up," Starfire told her.
Luna yawned, "Too early."
"Not for us. Now get up and come downstairs for breakfast," Starfire told her, then he turned from the bed and left the room.
Luna threw the covers off her bed and yawned. Just then Skyview walked into her room, "Oh, Umm about last night."
"Don't remind me. I'm sorry I ever tried to see a male sea pony," Luna yawned again as she stood up.
"Well, King Sea Salt thought it over and realized it was stupid to hide. So he decided he will go to your birthday party....oh he also said he was sorry," Skyview replied.
Luna looked at him surprisingly, "Really?"
Luna smiled, "Well I can't wait to see everyone reaction when they see a male sea pony there."
Skyview smiled, "They'll be surprised. King Sea Salt will be a bit nervous though."
Luna took her brush from her dresser.
"Hurry up, We'll be waiting for you in the dinning room," Skyview told her then he left the room.
Luna smiled greatly. She was excited that King Sea Salt was coming and that she would soon get a crown of her own. She was also scared to find out who she was going to marry since she didn't pick a prince. When she brushed her white hair, she sat the brush down and looked at herself in the mirror. Who was she going to marry? Would it be someone she had already meet? Luna picked up her silver collar from the green pillow and slipped it on her neck, then she took Blizzard's golden necklace and wore it around her neck. She looked at the golden necklace known as the key and thought about Blizzard. What was he doing now? Where was he? She imagined him traveling and meeting other ponies and making friends. As she stood thinking about Blizzard she saw Skyview suddenly appearing behind her.
"Hurry up," Skyview told her.
"What's the hurry?" Luna quickly asked, "I hardly have time to brush my hair now."
"Sorry but your breakfast is on the table and we're all waiting for you," Then he lowered his head getting close to her, "You're a Princess and starting to day you might want to be careful how you respond to someone."
Luna sighed, "I'm sorry. It's just that, Starfire was in here telling me to get up and hurry, then you come and returned for the second time."
"Try getting up early. Sneaking out last night didn't help. Now come with me to the dinning room before Stardust gets impatient."
Skyview winked out with Luna right behind him.

They appeared in the dinning room where her parents and Starfire sat waiting.
"Sorry," Luna quickly replied.
"Good morning, I see your finally up. now we can eat," Stardust said.
She walked around the table and sat down next to her mother. As soon as she sat down everyone began eating.
"Luna, you'll be with me today. I want to show you the big map," Royal Heart told her.
"Big map?" Luna asked.
"Yes it's a large map of ever kingdom around. Which is about six kingdoms," Royal Heart explained.
"Six kingdoms?" Luna asked. She knew she had heard it before, "I think Grandpa or someone said something about it."
Royal Heart smiled, "you'll learn more when your done eating."

After breakfast, Stardust left and went to the throne room while she and her mother went the other direction. They walked down several long hallways till they came to a tall white and gold door. Royal Heart opened the door and lead Luna into the white room. The floor was a light green carpet and the windows were tall. Above them was a crystal chandelier. In the center were two dark green velvet couches with a glass table between them. Luna saw other tables with flower vases and a stacks of books. Luna noticed a very large map that hung on the wall framed in gold. She instantly recognized it. She had been in the room once before.
Luna walked up to the map looking for Dream castle which sat near the center.
"This is why we came in here. I'm going to teach you the names of each kingdoms and who lives there and what they're famous for," Royal Heart explained.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"Because you are royalty....a Princess and must know all the Kingdoms. They are all going be at the ceremony so you need to know who they are when you meet them," Royal Heart explained.
Luna stood and listened to her mother as she began telling her about Dream Castle. Luna looked on the map and saw Paradise Estate, there were pictures of many mountains behind it, Luna guessed that's where The Volcano of Gloom was. That was also the last time she saw Blizzard. It had been awhile since she thought of him.
"Luna!" Royal Heart shouted suddenly.
Luna snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her upset mother.
"You wasn't listening, were you?" Royal Heart asked.
Luna looked at the floor sadly, "I'm sorry mom."
"Look at me, Luna," Royal Heart told her, "You need to learn this."
"I'm sorry mom," Luna said again. It surprised her at the tone of her mother's voice. She had never heard her yell or look so mad. Luna listened and thought if Blizzard had visited those.
"Now tell me what I just said," Royal Heart told her.
"Oh, umm..." Luna paused, she had no idea what her mother said.
"Luna, you wasn't even paying attention. Just was is so important that you can't listen to me?" Royal Heart asked.
"I'm sorry mom, I...I can't help but wonder where Blizzard is right now," Luna quickly answered. She felt bad that she couldn't listen to her mother for a minute without thinking of Blizzard.
"Luna, try and not to think about him now. Can you do that for a few hours?" Royal Heart asked.
"I'll try," Luna replied.
Royal Hear smiled which made Luna feel relieved.
Her mother began to tell her about Dream Castle again, this time, Luna did her best to listen and feel interested.

After half the day had gone by Luna had learned all six pony Kingdoms including the ones that weren't pony kingdoms. Royal Heart was happy that her daughter was finally able to stop thinking about Blizzard and learn the kingdoms. She stood at the door and hugged Luna, "You did it. You learned them all."
Luna smiled greatly hugging her mother.
Royal Heart let go and looked at her without smiling, "I'm sorry I got...upset with you. I haven't been myself lately. Why don't you go see your father, I'll meet you there shortly."
"Where are you going?" Luna asked.
"To the kitchen," Royal Heart answered.
Luna looked at her curiously wondering if her mother was alright.

Royal Heart left the room and continued walking down the hall while Luna walked towards the throne room. She approached the guards waiting for them to stop her but they didn't move. She opened the doors and entered the throne room. She walked past the pillars and down the wide stair case. She followed the rug around the water fountain and sat in her mother's chair.
Stardust smiled at her, "So how did it go?"
"Fine. I learned them all. I just hope I don't forget them," Luna replied, "Dad, is mom alright?"
"Why do you ask?" Stardust asked curiously.
"Well, mom, she...gets upset easily and...seems a bit impotent with me," Luna replied worriedly.
To her surprise Stardust chuckled, "Oh...Well, she's just fine. There's nothing to worry about."
"You sure?" Luna asked.
"Yes, trust me," Stardust replied, "Where is your mother? I thought she would come here with you."
"She went to the kitchen and didn't tell me why," Luna answered.
Stardust laughed suddenly. Luna looked at him suspiously, she knew something was wrong. There was something he wasn't telling her.
"I'm sorry Luna. Just trust me, she's fine. Just promise me you won't tell Starfire and Skyview about her unusual behavior," Stardust told her.
"Ok, I promise," Luna replied.
She couldn't help but wonder why. Was there something he's not telling her?