Chapter 123: Sea pony trouble

Almost three weeks had gone by since Blizzard went to explore. Luna was living the life of a Princess, keeping busy and spending time with her parents. She had at times gone through the gate to see her adopted parents and friends but it was always a short visit.

Luna was in the throne room with her father. Her mother was sleeping in which seemed unusual but Luna was to tired to think much more about it. She had fallen asleep in her mother's chair while her father talked to a few ponies about living on his land.
"Yes, your majesty," the white pony replied.
"Go to Property Lands with the written letter you signed to find where you may live," Stardust told them.
The two ponies bowed then they turned and left.
Stardust had a few minute to himself before the next pony came. He looked at Luna and saw that she was fast asleep. He reached over his chair with his hoof and shook her. Luna woke up and yawned, then she suddenly realized what had happened.
"Sorry dad," Luna quickly said staring at the floor, "I got board and mom's chair was so comfortable."
Stardust smiled, "I've done that a few times but you have to try not to fall asleep. Sit up straight, don't get comfortable in the chair. Think of something to keep from falling asleep."
Luna looked up at him and smiled, "Ok. Dad, when will mom be here? is she alright?"
"She is fine. She's...just tired. She'll be down to join us soon," Stardust answered.
Just then another pony approached him, bowing his head, "Your majesty. Two of our cooks are sick and they don't think they'll be up to cooking at the ceremony."
"Go to town and find two of the best cooks in the land. Make sure they know their job and the rules they are to follow. If I catch them braking any rules, they'll be thrown out of castle," Stardust told him.
"Yes your majesty," Then he bowed, turned and left.
"Dad, isn't that a bit..harsh?" Luna asked.
"No Luna. This is my castle. I'm hiring them to cook. I have rules and they are to follow them. The ceremony is your birthday but it's a special birthday that every royal family has. Every King, Queen and their family will be here to witness your crowning. They're will be a few friends as well, Like the summer wings, Windy wings and the sea ponies. That day will be very important and I don't want any of the cooks or servants to mess it up," Stardust explained.
"Oh," Luna replied. She realized her father was taking her birthday serious. It wasn't like her last birthday where he had let a few things slide, this time he was being strict.
As they sat and waited for the next pony, Royal Heart suddenly walked into the throne room. Luna smiled greatly when she saw her. Royal Heart walked down the long wide stairs and around the long water fountain. She smiled when she approached Luna in her chair.
"Had a nice day with your father?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes," Luna answered as she got up from the chair letting her mother sit down.
Stardust smiled, "She had a nice time alright, spending most of it asleep in your chair."
Royal Heart laughed, "I guess you find my chair comfortable.
"Yes, just a little to comfortable I guess," Luna replied, "mom, feeling better?"
"I was just tired Luna but yes, I'm better now," Royal Heart answered.
When a pony was let in, Luna walked around her mother's chair and sat between her parents.
A golden pony with a white mane and light pink tail approached them. He bowed and then looked up at Stardust.
"Your majesty, All the invitations has arrived. Every kingdom and their family is coming except for King Sea Salt. He and his group won't come but his Queen is coming," The pony reported.
"What a shame," Queen Royal Heart muttered, "I was hoping they would come this time."
"Who is King Sea Salt?" Luna asked.
The pony was a bit surprised that the Princess didn't know.
"He's King of the Sea ponies," Royal Heart answered.
"We asked him to come to our parties but as always he says no," Stardust answered. He looked at the pony, "Thank you for your report." The pony bowed and left them.
"Why?" Luna asked, "Is there something wrong with our parties?"
"No, Luna. For some reason male sea ponies don't like being seen," Stardust answered.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"I don't know Luna. It's rare to see a male sea pony so count yourself very luck if you happen to see one," Royal Heart answered.
Luna was curious at what a male sea pony looked like. Did they look so strange that they had to hide? or are they just shy? The more she thought about it the more she desperately wanted to see one.
"Where can you find King Sea Salt?" Luna asked.
"At the big lake, that's where we send and receive messages to them. They don't actually live there but I hear they have been known to be in that lake," Stardust answered.
Luna decided she would invited the king herself and hope he would come to her party.

Later that night, Luna laid awake in her bed. She waited till long after midnight to make sure everyone was asleep. Luna knew Skyview could hear her walking around since he's a light sleeper. She winked out and appeared in Starfire's room making sure he was a sleep. Then she winked to Skyview's room and saw that he too was a sleep. Then she winked to her parents room and saw them sound asleep hugging each other. Luna smiled, everyone was a sleep, now it was her chance to talk to King Sea salt. She winked out and appeared at a large lake near the castle. The crescent moon shined brightly but it wasn't enough to see the middle of the lake. The night sky was pitch black, the forest at the edge of the lake was silent. Everyone and every creature was asleep.
Luna looked at the lake trying to see in the darkness but she couldn't see a thing. She lit her horn, lighting up the area. She could now see the lake and the water ripples. The reflection of her light danced on the lake.
"Umm...hello," Luna whispered. She listened for a reply but there was non.
Just then she heard a splash. She turned her head and looked only to see water moving wildly. She turned her head from left to right thinking she saw something moving on the surface of the lake but all she saw were ripples and splashed.
"Hello!" Luna cried, "I umm...want to talk to you."
But there was no answer.
"Please," Luna begged.
She walked to the edge of the lake and leaned closely at the water. Her breath made tiny ripples on the surface. She could see her reflection in the water as she looked at the dark depths of the lake but still she saw nothing.
Just then Skyview appeared behind her, "Luna!"
Luna jumped, her front hoofs slipped and she fell into the lake head first. The glow of her horn instantly faded away. Her white hair covered her face, wrapping around her legs and face. She was falling deeper and deeper into the lake. She held her breath but she wasn't sure how long she could hold it. She looked around in the darkness trying to figure out which way was up but she didn't know. She kicked her legs while trying to move her hair from her face but it only made it worse. Then she saw something move in the darkness, she began to panic, she kicked his legs wildly in fear. She couldn't hold her breath much longer and her mind screamed for fresh air. Luna squinted her eyes crying, when something pushed her from behind, turning her on her stomach. Then two creatures pushed on her stomach, lifting her towards the surface. When she had surfaced, she took a deep breath and tried to get on land but her legs was caught in her hair. Skyview grabbed her front hooves and dragged her on land.
Luna laid in the grass breathing heavily and feeling soaked to the skin.
"Luna, I'm so sorry. I honestly didn't mean to scare you," Skyview quickly said.
"It'll help didn't pop out of now where," Luna replied while catching her breath.
"I know but winking is so much easier to get around," Skyview replied, "I'll be careful from now on though. Luna, just what are you doing out here anyway?"
Luna sat up from the grass, "I thought I was going to drown," She unwrapped her long hair from her legs, "I wanted to talk to the male sea ponies."
"Don't bother Luna. No one sees them and they never want to talk to anyone," Skyview replied.
Luna looked up at him curiously, "I thought you were asleep."
"I was till I heard someone yelling."
"I wasn't yelling...well not loud enough for the soldiers to hear," Luna told him.
"I'm used to hearing soldiers walk by my room. I'm used to hearing Starfire moving in bed and hearing the ponies in the castle snoring but I'm not used to someone yelling in the middle of the night," Skyview told her.
Luna sighed sadly, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to see a male sea pony and invite them to my birthday party."
"Luna," Skyview began to say, "Your wasting your time. Stardust has asked them to come to Dream Castle parties and every time they said no."
"But why?" Luna asked, "I just don't get it, Why hide?"
"I don't know Luna," Skyview replied, "Come on, let me get you to bed before anyone else finds you out here. Your going to be very tired in the morning, you must get to bed, you have a busy day tomorrow."
Luna stood up, "everyday is a busy day for me."
"Of corse, there's a lot to teach you before your crowning," Skyview replied.
Luna scanned the lake for any signed of sea ponies but it was to dark to see.
"Don't bother Luna," Skyview told her.
Luna lit her horn to see, "I just want to ask them."
"They'll say no," Skyview warned her.
Luna sighed sadly, she had hoped they might change their minds if they saw her. She looked up at Skyview, "They must be lonely down there."
"What makes you think we're lonely?" a voice echoed from the darkness.
Luna and Skyview looked at the lake in surprise. It was obviously a male voice.
"You can't possibly have any friends, you never let anyone see you," Luna replied still trying to see the sea pony.
"We have each other, that's good enough," The voice answered.
"No it's not. Come to my birthday party and make some friends, then you'll see what you've been missing," Luna suggested.
"No, we will not show ourselves so don't ask again."
"But why?" Luna asked.
Then she heard a splash. At first she thought the pony had left. Suddenly the pony jumped on land next to her. He held his salmon colored body up with his large fins. His tail curled under him like a normal sea pony would. On the sides of his tail were tiny set of fins that were so thin you could see through it. His hair was light pink but mostly white. He looked up at Luna with his cyan colored eyes.
"We are different and don't like being stared at....kind of what your doing now," the sea pony answered.
"I can't help it. I've never seen a male sea pony," Luna replied. Even Skyview was surprised that Luna actually got a sea pony to show himself.
"We hide because so many ponies stare at us," the sea pony told her.
"Of corse the do, your body shines with rainbow colors. Your pretty and ponies just can't help but look," Luna explained.
"Pretty or not, they shouldn't stare," the sea pony told her.
"Who are you?" Skyview finally asked.
"I am King Sea Salt. Who are you?"
"I'm Prince Skyview, King Stardust's brother and this is his daughter Princess Luna."
"Your King Sea Salt?" Luna asked surprisingly, "I came here to find you."
"I know. Now leave us," King Sea Salt told her, turning his body around to face the lake.
"Look at me, my horn is pearly. My wings are real. I'm the first winged unicorn. I'm different than anyone because there is no one like me. I used to hide myself and try to fit in with everyone. Ponies would stare at me and whisper my name. They would talk behind my back. It used to worry me but I was told once that I was special, that other ponies envy me. They wish they were like me. Stores about me has spread all over the land, ponies can't believe when they hear the stories so they come to Ponyland in hopes to see me. There are more than one of you and there is only one of me. You think your different?" Luna exclaimed. Tears began to fall from her check. She wiped her tear away with her hoof, "I thought you male sea ponies were special not different. I'm sorry to have bothered you. You won't see me again. Goodnight Skyview."
"Goodnight," Skyview replied surprised at the speech she made. He knew she would be a great Queen some day.
Luna winked out and went to her room trying to cheer up. She was finally able to see a male sea pony but she knew it was going to be the last time.

King Sea Salt sighed sadly, "I never thought of her being the only winged unicorn but...She's right, I've never seen or heard of one," He looked up at Skyview, "I guess it was pretty stupid of us to hide ourselves but to have all those ponies stare..."
"You'll get used to it," Skyview told him.
Just then five male sea ponies surfaced at the water's edge.
"Go to the party," The white sea pony said.
"I would love to make some friends that don't have a par of fins," the peach sea pony added.
King sea Salt smiled, "Yes, it's time we stopped hiding." he looked up at Skyview, "Tell Princess Luna that I am sorry and that I'll be there at her party."
Skyview smiled, "Wonderful, she'll be thrilled. Now I must get to bed, goodnight." Then he winked out.
King Sea Salt used his fins and pushed himself back into the water.