Chapter 122: Teriney's rage

Tierney stood staring at Blizzard angrily, "on second thought...why wait and kill you later when your right here," he opened his mouth and blew fire at Blizzard.
The black ponies jumped out of the way, Blizzard ducked low to the grass laying flat as he could. The heat of the flames felt hot to his back. He could only guess the flames were with in inches of him.
Soldiers in armor gathered around Tierney pointing their swords at him. Tierney glared at them annoyingly. When they came close to him, Tierney made his wings appear from the flames shooting out from his sides. The soldiers flew back to the ground, some got burned from the flames. Tierney spread his wings and smiled, "I haven't had a fight in centuries. Of corse if this is all you got then your nothing but a bunch of weak ponies."
Stardust ran towards him, Tierney blew fireballs at him. Stardust ran as fast as he could around Tierney, all you could see was a black and blue blur.
"You're the speedy one...huh?" Tierney muttered.
Just then Starfire flew as fast as he could and hit Tierney on the side. Tierney fell to the ground taking Starfire with him, then he kicked Starfire over his head, sending him to a tree. Starfire hit the tree and fell to the grass, feeling to sore to get up.
Skyview turned into a cloud and flew around Tierney, just as he was about to close in on him, Tierney spread his wings and flapped them causing a guest of wind. Skyview was instantly blown away. He flew to Starfire's side and returned to his pony form.
"Are you ok?" Skyview asked him.
"I'm not going to be laying on my back for awhile but yes I'm fine," Starfire replied.
Tierney looked at Blizzard with cold uncaring eyes. Just as he was about to take a step, Stardust ran in front of him, knocking him to the ground. Stardust stopped next to his brothers and turned around facing Tierney, "Now!..get him!"
Soldiers stood up and ran towards him. Tierney stood up looking angrily, he swirled around ruffling his leather wings. The soldiers suddenly stopped when they heard him growl. Blizzard was shocked, he never heard Teriney growl or knew that he had wings.
"Your getting on my nerves!" Tierney hissed, "I'm through playing." Fire appeared from his body, swallowing him till not a fur or hair could be seen. The flames grew taller than the trees and then the flames dissolved. There stood a tall red, white and green dragons. Two sharp fangs stuck out from his mouth. The stripes on it's back was white, his feet and plated belly was red. He had to four long sharp alicorn horns with five pointed spikes on his head. Two small spikes on his jew and long fins on his neck. From his shoulder to half way past his tail were spikes. At the end of his tail were four sharp ships. His large leathery green wings hung at his sides.
Blizzard gasped shockingly. The soldiers backed away. Stardust and his brothers were surprised, he looked different than Fallon did and much older too.
"And to think he was chasing me that night," Starfire whispered not daring to take his eyes off him.

Luna had left Dream Castle without her mother knowing it and winked to Paradise estate. She knew her mother had said something about it and figured her father was going past it. She flew from the estate and continued flying long after Paradise estate was out of her site. She immediately saw Tierney as a dragon and stopped in mid air.
"I'm to late," Luna thought, "I got to do something."

Tierney lowered his large head towards Blizzard.
"I do believe you never seen me like this and it'll be the last time you see me too," Tierney said.
He lifted his large front foot and went to stomp on Blizzard but missed him.
Blizzard rolled out of the way, he wanted to get to his feet but there wasn't enough time. Tierney stomped his foot but missing him every time. Blizzard jumped to his feet in fear and started to run but then Tierney's tail knocked him to the ground again, this time it was to late to move out of the way. Tierney stomped his foot on Blizzard, trying to crush him. Blizzard cried in agony but soon lost his breath to yell. The soldiers and the black ponies ran to attack Tierney but with one swing of Tierney's tail, they all flew back.
"Now to end your life," Tierney told him.
He leaned his weight on Blizzard watching him trying to gasp for air. As he watch he began to hear a noise. It sounded like a bird in his ear but he knew that wasn't possible. He stopped pressing on Blizzard's body and looked up, before he realized what was happening, Kesia landed shaking the ground with her dragon body and then she spit a green slime at his face. Tierney instantly let Blizzard go and roared in agony. Kesia spit again and again, hitting his side and wing. Blizzard laid on the ground trying to catch his breath again.
Flames surrounded Tierney, shrinking him to pony size. When he returned to his pony form, the green fur had been eaten and the green slime had covered most of his body. Kesia lowered her head growling angrily at Tierney. She opened her mouth to grab him but he dashed from her. She continued snapping her mouth at him missing him by inches. Tierney ran for the forest and was just about to reach it when Kesia had grabbed the hair tips of his red and white tail in her mouth. He pulled hard till the hair came out from his tail, then he ran as fast as he could. Kesia lowered her head, chasing him into the forest but he was in to deep for her large body to follow.
"You got me by surprise this time but you won't be so lucky next time!" Tierney yelled.
Kesia turned her head and looked at Blizzard who stared at her fearfully.
"Change back and you better have a good explanation why you're here!" Stardust yelled.
Kesia sat down, wrapping her tail around her, she closed her eyes and began to glow. A white sparkly water appeared surrounding her as she shrunk. When Luna had returned to her original form, stood up feeling a little weak in the legs.
"Well?" Stardust said as he approached her.
"I...wanted to warn you about Tierney but I guess I was to late," Luna quickly explained.
"Warn me about what?" Stardust asked curiously.
"That Tierney was a dragon."
"How could you have known that?" Skyview asked.
"I remembered Tierney had spit a slimy stuff at Blizzard. It took me awhile to remember that only dragons can spit like that. They spit in case of an a last resort. To a pony it hurts their skin and eats their fur but to a dragon it eats their scales which is like skin to a dragon," Luna explained.
"So that's why Tierney changed back to a pony," Starfire finally understood.
"Yes, to keep it from eating his scales," Luna explained. She looked at Blizzard and hurried over to him. He looked up at her suspiciously not sure what he just saw.
"What?" Luna asked wondering why he's staring at her.
"W-what happened?" Blizzard finally asked, "What was that big...thing?"
"A dragon," Stardust answered.
Blizzard looked at Luna curiously, "Are you a dragon too?"
"Sort of," Luna answered, "I used to be. I died as a dragon and was reborn as a winged unicorn. I can still change to my dragon form but it will never again be my true form."
Blizzard sat up still taking deep breaths, "He tried to crush me to death. I could barley breath." Luna could see the scared look on his face knowing he came close to dying.
"Are you alright?" Skyview asked.
"I feel crushed," Blizzard looked at the ground worriedly, "I don't ever want that to happen again." He looked up at Luna, "I would have died if it wasn't for you."
Luna smiled and nuzzled him not caring what her father might have been thinking about them. Blizzard stood up feeling sore. He walked around trying to get the crushed feeling out of his body.
"You said you were coming back," Luna exclaimed, "You said you were but you didn't!"
Blizzard sighed sadly, "I was coming back, it just took me a little longer. fath-I mean Tierney had chased me into my room. He slept their and was going to let me die of starvation. When he finally fell asleep I left. Tierney woke up and began to chase me. That's when I saw an army at the base of the volcano."
"That was a very stupid thing to do," Stardust suddenly said, "You should have known better than to return home. You of all the ponies should know what he would have done to you."
Blizzard sighed shamefully, "I know. I was stupid in returning home. I thought I could face him without fear and destroy him but...I was still scared of him and probably always will."
"Now that I know my parents are dead I have no where to go," Blizzard said changing the subject.
"What?" Luna explained, "Your parents are dead?"
"Yes, Tierney killed them. I'm all that's left of my family," Blizzard answered.
"You can come with us to the castle. I'm sure I can get you some kind of job in town and have your patched body cleared like new," Stardust proposed..
Luna looked at her two uncles sadly. Starfire and Skyview looked at her knowing why she was so sad. Luna still worried about who she was going to marry.
Blizzard walked past Stardust and stopped, he looked at the forest, then at the mountains and towards Dream Castle. He turned facing Stardust, "Thank you for the offer but...I think I'll go exploring. See the world. meet other ponies and see what strange creatures I can find. I was born and lived in this world but I don't know this world."
"Your leaving?" Luna asked.
Blizzard smiled at her, "I'm just going to explore. I'll be back to see you again."
Luna looked worriedly at him, "Are you sure?"
"Luna, I feel there's so much to learn, so much to see. I can't do that here but I will be back." He stood on his hind legs and took off his golden necklace, then he placed it around her neck, "hold this till I get back. That's pure gold and I don't want to loose it. I'm sure my parents gave that to me so it's all I have of them," Blizzard smiled, "With that on you can see your friends and family anytime you want, day or night."
Luna hugged him, "Thank you."
He let go, "I must go now," He turned and faced the black ponies, "Thank you for helping me. I thanks to you three." Blizzard walked from Luna, "Bye." Then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew past the volcano towards several mountains.

Stardust looked at Luna, "Does your mother know you're here?"
Luna sighed sadly, "No."
"Get home immeaditly. I will talk to you later," Stardust told her.
"I'm sorry dad," Luna muttered then she winked out.
"You know Stardust, Blizzard is an orphan and he's good at taking responsibility," Starfire pointed out.
"You can change the rules. I don't think the kingdom will mind," Skyview added.
"Besides he does have a special ability like us," Starfire added.
"Just let her marry him," Skyview said bluntly.
"I will have to give this some great deal of thought," Stardust said to them, "Alright I want every soldier in line!"
The soldiers lined up in rows of two behind the three black ponies.
Stardust turned and began walking home with the soldiers marching behind him.
"Tierney said he found his parents in a tent during a blizzard. What would they be doing in a tent in a blizzard?" Skyview wondered out loud.
"Maybe his parents are travelers and traveled a lot," Starfire suggested.
"Travelers are poor ponies, how could his parents get a hold of a golden necklace?" Stardust asked.
"From trades?" Starfire guessed, "I hear you can get all kinds of stuff from travelers who traded a lot. Some are not as poor as they look."
"And lets not forget that necklace is the key to the gates," Skyview added.
"A key?" Stardust asked, "how could any pony get a hold of that? It should be in our family if it's part of the gates and Blizzard is not part of our family."
They continued walking as they talked about Blizzard and the key.