Chapter 121: Meet Teriney

It was morning and the sun hadn't rose yet. They sky was a light blue and purple. Stardust had his breakfast early, he left the dinning room and stood in front of the stairs with Royal Heart. They wore their crowns and collars, their coats were clean and shinny. Royal Heart's hair was up in curls like it always is.
"Don't wake her up yet. I don't want her to know I left without her. Let her sleep in for awhile," Stardust told her.
"Ok," Royal Heart replied.
"I just don't want her to come with me. Teriney is very dangerous and I don't want her with me when I face him," Stardust explained.
"Be careful, Stardust," Royal Heart replied and then sh gave him a hug.
"Take is easy Royal Heart," Stardust told her.
Royal Heart smiled, "Stardust, I'll be fine, now get going before Luna wakes up."
Stardust turned and left the castle. He walked outside and across the large yard. At the gate stood an army of soldiers lined up in two rows. Skyview and Starfire waited for him on front, they too wore their collars.
"Is everything ok?" Skyview asked.
"It will if we can leave without Luna knowing," Stardust answered.
The gate opened and Stardust led the army through.

They walked on the road towards town. There wasn't very many ponies in town, most were still at home and was just waking up. The few ponies that were in town were mostly store owners, some stopped and watched as the army marched past them.
"Have you thought about what to do once we get there?" Starfire asked.
"Yes I have. I'll tell you once we get there," Stardust answered.
They walked through town catching everyone's attention till they left town. They walked along the road till it disappeared.
The grass came up to their knees and the sun was starting to rise. The birds started to chirp at the sunlight hit the trees.
"Luna should be waking up any minute," Stardust said.

Luna was sound asleep in her big bed. She was warm under the covers and her head rested on her soft pillow. She was in a deep sleep dreaming of the time she saw Blizzard covered in green slime and remembering what he had told them about his father spitting at him.
As she slept birds chirped loudly at her balcony waking her up. Luna opened her tired eyes and saw a yellow bird sitting on the railing of her balcony.
Luna rolled over but the chirping didn't go away. She was soon forced to get out of bed. She walked to her dresser and brushed her long white hair. She sat the brush down and saw her silver collar sitting on a silk green pillow. She took her locket off and sat it on the green pillow then she picked up her collar and placed it on her neck. It felt strange to have her collar on, It had been awhile since she last worn it. Just then Royal Heart walked into the room smiling, "I'd thought you would wake up soon." Just then Little Flitter flew into the room and landed on her face, "Welcome home. I missed you."
Luna smiled, "I missed you to."
"Luna, there's breakfast waiting for you downstairs," Royal Heart told her.
Luna left the room following her mother with Little Flitter on her head.
"Little Flitter, I thought you'd be outside with your friends?" Luna asked.
"It's more exciting in the castle," Little Flitter replied.
Royal Heart laughed, "She and her friends are having a ball cleaning the chandeliers in the castle. They're a big help and saved the servants a lot of time."
Little Flitter left Luna after they walked downstairs. Luna followed her mother down a long hallway where a solder stood by a door. When Luna walked into the room she saw her father and uncles wasn't there.
"Where's dad, Skyview and Starfire?" Luna asked.
"On a mission. They'll be back before nightfall," Royal Heart replied.
"On a mission to where?" Luna asked.
"That's not important," Royal Heart replied. She sat in the chair next to Luna, "Now sit and eat your breakfast."
Luna sat in her chair and began eating as she thought about where her father went. She thought about her uncles the night Blizzard left and remembered what they said. She could only guess that her father left to get Blizzard. She wished she could have gone with him. She wondered what Blizzard was doing. Was he still alive? or was he half burned? or was he suffering in the green slime again? She dreaded the thought of it as she remembered her dream. He looked like he was in so much pain and yet he was to tired to cry out loud. She thought about how Blizzard got the slime on him. His father had spit at him. How was that even possible? How can a pony spit like that? Luna felt troubled, there was something more about Teriney that she had forgotten, something very important.
As she imagined Teriney spitting she suddenly knew what it was. She knew what it was about Teriney that bugged her so much.
"Mom, did dad go to the volcano of gloom?" Luna asked.
"You don't need to know where he went," Royal Heart answered.
"But I got to tell him something about Teriney," Luna replied.
"Your father knows he's dangerous and has taken soldiers with him," Royal Heart suddenly paused realizing she had given her daughter the answer she wanted, "Luna you're to stay here!"
"But...Teriney...he's," Luna began to say.
"Luna finish your breakfast. What ever it is you have to tell him it'll have to wait till he returns," Royal Heart told her.
"Luna!" Royal Heart impatiently exclaimed.
Luna sighed sadly, "I'm sorry mom. I'm worried because....Teriney isn't a pony."
Royal Heart looked at her surprisingly, "What?"
"He's not a pony. He can't be. I have to warn dad about him," Luna exclaimed worriedly.
"Luna, there's no way of warning him now," Royal Heart told her, "You don't know if he's there already or close to town or near paradise estate."
Luna sighed sadly, she finally knew something important and couldn't tell her father.
"Hurry and finish your breakfast. When your done, you can unpack in your room and come to the throne room," Royal Heart told her. Then she stood up and left the room.
Luna quickly finished eating.
"I got to tell dad," Luna thought.

Stardust and the soldiers had walked all morning till the sun had completely rose from the horizon. They had past Paradise Estate and continued over the stream crossing a bridge. They came to the mountains but only one was all rocks. Stardust knew that had to be The volcano of Gloom. It had been centuries since anyone had seen it.
"Now what?" Starfire asked.
"Someone has to go in and get Blizzard," Stardust answered, "If Teriney comes out, we'll be here waiting for him."
"Who goes in?" Skyview asked, fearing the answer could be him.
Just then a large cluster of snowflakes flew out of a tunnel on the side of the volcano.
"Blizzard!" Starfire called knowing it was him.
Just then Teriney ran out of the tunnel and jumped in the air. Fire suddenly spread from his sides, reveling a par of leather dark green wings matching the color of his coat.
Stardust and his brothers were shocked at what they saw. Blizzard was just as shocked as they were. Teriney threw a fireball from his mouth towards Blizzard who quickly dodged it. Blizzard flew to the soldiers on the ground and landed next to Stardust. He returned to his pony form and hid next to Stardust. Skyview noticed a few small burns on his legs.
"You ok?" Skyview asked.
"No," Blizzard breathed fearfully, "I barley got out alive."
"I meant your leg," Skyview said.
"It'll be fine," Blizzard answered.
Teriney flew over them and landed in the grass in front of the black ponies. His wings disappeared in fiery flames. The soldiers gathered around the black ponies, pointing their swords at Teriney.
Stardust looked at Teriney's golden cat like eyes and immediately knew what he was.
"You're...a dragon," Stardust said.
Skyview and Starfire stared at him and realized Stardust was right. Blizzard of course had no idea what a dragon was.
"Wait a minute, you were the one who chased me that night," Starfire suddenly realized.
Teriney looked at him with cold eyes, "I would have killed you if you wasn't a little bit faster than me."
Starfire looked at him fearfully.
"You can fly? but I didn't...think you could," Blizzard muttered.
"That's what happens after you live for a very long time, most dragons can't make their wings appear in another form till they're past adult hood," Teriney explained.
"Is he bigger than Kesia?" Skyview asked Starfire.
"Don't' even say that word!" Teriney yelled angrily as smoke blew from his nose, "That...dragon was suppose to stay dead. I had not expected her to be alive. That is why I sent that...traitor to kill her." Teriney looked at Blizzard angrily who hid behind Stardust.
"You said Princess Luna, not Kesia," Blizzard exclaimed.
"Princess Luna is Kesia!" Teriney replied angrily, "I have plans and I won't let her or anyone else destroy them!"
"What plans?" Stardust asked.
Well, if it isn't the King of Ponyland," Teriney mocked, "it's non of your business what my plans are."
"If it's my Kingdom, then you can forget it," Stardust cried angrily.
"Your kingdom?" Teriney asked, "You got to be kidding me. I don't want your pathetic land. I want something better."
"The..Flaming Pearl?" Starfire asked, "Because you can forget it, it's destroyed."
"No, the Pearl is useless to me and you can't destroy the pearl," Teriney replied, "My idiot brother...Fallon stupidly thought he could control the pearl and make unlimited wishes so I set him free and gave him what he he's gone...out of my way."
"Brother?"Starfire whispered.
"You're a dragon but...Blizzard isn't is it that you can be his father?" Skyview asked.
"Ponies are so nosy and curious. They ask more questions than any creature I've ran across," Teriney exclaimed.
"What are you talking about?" Blizzard asked Skyview, "He's my father."
Teriney looked at Blizzard angrily, "I am tired of you calling me that. Lets get this straight once and for all. I'm not your father. I never was and never will be!"
Blizzard walked out from behind Stardust looking shocked at what he heard, "But...who are my parents?...where are they?"
"Dead...They're all dead," Teriney answered.
"W-wh-what?" Blizzard studdard.
"It was centuries after I killed those three pathetic witches at the Volcano of Gloom. I traveled far searching for something. It was during a bad blizzard when I had finally found it. I came across several tents. I went in one of them and saw your parents. They had what I wanted. I tried to bargain for it or trade for it but they refused. I was mad, I had came a very long way to find it, so I killed them instead. I searched for Blizzard but he had hid from me. I figured he couldn't have left the tent so I put it on fire, burning him and the tent. I also set the other tents on fire and killed everyone who crossed my path. When the fire had destroyed everything I went back and searched my surprised you were sitting there crying. You were unharmed, even the snow you sat on hadn't melted. I wasn't able to touch you either. You had made your whole body very cold, even the cold steam came from your body. I decided you would come in handy since you had an amazing ability. Once you had exhausted yourself, I took you back to the volcano and taught you only what you needed to know. I also learned that you were scared to death of fire because of what I did to the tent," Teriney smiled, "It worked my advantage that is. I taught you only fear and to obey only me. It worked, you did everything I told you without hesitation until you meet the princess. You had stupidly fell in love with her and turned traitor. Once I have killed her you will be next on my list."
Blizzard was to shocked to respond. His parents were dead...murdered by the one creature who he thought was his father. Tears suddenly trickled out of his eyes as he thought of his dream. He remembered being in the fire crying. He never knew why until now.
"I should have left you in the snow till you died. You were going to help me with my plans're useless...I wasted my time on you," Teriney said angrily staring straight at Blizzard who could only stand and cry.