Chapter 120: Sad departing

The sky was pitch dark, the full moon shined brightly in the sky. The stars twinkled as the drifting clouds past. Luna in her winged unicorn form stood at the Gate with her uncles, Buster and Charades. With five ponies glowing, the meadow lit brightly allowing anyone to easily see them. Luna approached her parents with a few tears dripping down her face.
"I'm going to miss you," Luna told them.
"So will we," Rosebud replied.
Luna stood on her hind legs and hugged her parents, "I wish you could come."
"You know we can't. Now that you'll be home schooled you'll stay at the castle. We do hope you'll come and visit us," Booster replied.
Luna began to cry. She didn't like the thought of not coming back but she knew her 16th birthday would soon come and she would have to live at the castle.
"I don't want to go," Luna told them.
"Lunarstar, you'll see us again. After all we are your parents too," Booster replied. He wiped her tear away with his hoof, "Cheer up. You can write a book about everything you've done so we can read it."
Luna smiled but still feeling sad about departing from her parents. She had lived with them for most of her life, she had many adventures with them. It was hard for her to leave.
"Luna," Skyview called to her, "We got to go."
"I can't imagine how a little pony has so much stuff," Starfire complained while looking at the large bag on his back.
"What are you complaining about. At least your not carrying two bags," Skyview told him.
"I'm sorry," Luna quickly told them, "But I don't want to leave any of it behind."
Skyview smiled, "It's quite alright. We offered to carry them for you."
"Besides, you don't know when you'll be back for them," Starfire added.
Luna smiled at them.
Booster looked at Buster and Charades, "I'll miss you two. You've done wonderful work for me. I just hope I can find two more ponies just as good as you two."
"It's been great working for you too. It gave us a lot of practice with wood which will come in handy someday," Charades replied.
"Goodbye," Buster said.
"Bye!" Booster replied, "Be good for us, Lunarstar."
Luna smiled, "I will." Then she turned and followed her uncles through the gate. Buster and Charades walked behind her.
As soon at they had all gone through the gate, Rosebud began to cry. Booster hugged her, "We knew this would happen someday."
"I know. Once she gets her Princess crown, she's never coming back to live with us," Rosebud sobbed.

Luna walked through the gate and stood next to Skyview.
"I'll be back for you two soon," Skyview told Buster and Charades.
"We'll be here waiting," Charades replied.
Skyview lit his horn and touched her horn. Then they turned into a cloud and left Mooney mountain. Starfire flew from the mountain following the cloud while keeping an eye out for a large creature. He hadn't forgotten the night he flew home and was almost eaten.

They had flown for a few hours and was relieved when they finally saw Dream Castle. Only a few lights still remain lit in the castle. They flew over the castle wall and landed in front of the castle steps. Skyview and Luna quickly returned to their pony form while Starfire landed next to them.
"Home...we're finally home," Starfire whispered.
Skyview smiled, "Yes, it's great to be home. Luna, go on in side. Your parents are waiting for you."
"How did you know that?" Luna asked him curiously.
"I can feel Stardust and I'm sure Royal Heart is with him too," Skyview answered.
Luna hurried up the steps and walked inside as the soldiers held the door open for her. Inside at the bottom of the steps was her parents. Stardust was still wearing his golden crown and collar. Her mother wore her diamond taira and silver collar. They smiled greatly, happy to see her again.
"Luna," Royal Heat exclaimed happily. She lowered her head and nuzzled Luna, "I missed you so very much."
Stardust then hugged her, "I missed you too. It's so quiet without you here."
"Now our little baby girl is here to stay," Royal Heart remarked.
Luna smiled letting her tear fall. She was happy to see them again but sad that she may not see her adopted parents again.
"What's wrong?" Stardust asked noticing her tears.
"I won't see my adopted parents again," Luna sobbed.
"Of corse you will. You can visit them anytime but since it's almost your 16th birthday you are to live here with us now. Your future is here," Stardust explained.
Luna sighed sadly at the thought of her 16th birthday. She was sure her parents had already picked someone for her to marry.
"Stardust, we have to talk to you," Skyview said suddenly, "Luna here's your bags," he took off the two bags and laid them on the marble floor.
"I'll carry one to her room," Starfire proposed and took one of the bags while Luna took the other bag.
"Come Luna, Lets get you to bed and you can tell me everything that's happened," Royal Heart proposed.
Luna smiled and followed her mother up the stairs with Starfire behind her.
Once Skyview was sure they were out of hearing rang he looked at Stardust seriously, "Blizzard is gone."
"Gone?" Stardust asked.
"He left last night. Luna said he went home to face his father. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life running and hiding. He went to try and stop his father from killing Luna," Skyview explained.
Stardust looked upset at what he said.
"There's more. He told us a lot. His father's name is Teriney and he lives at the Volcano of Gloom. He breaths fire. Stardust Blizzard...loves Luna. That's why he came back," Skyview added.
"What?" Stardust exclaimed, "I told her to forget it. She is to marry a Prince only."
"But...Would she be happy marrying someone she will never love?" Skyview asked.
Stardust remained silent.
"Let her marry Blizzard," Skyview added.
"You know the rules. She must marry a Prince," Stardust sternly said.
"I know the rules. The king makes the rules and the king can change them if he wants. She is your daughter, don't you want to see her happy?" Skyview pointed out.
"Of corse I do but the rules are rules. Every kingdom has those rules," Stardust explained.
Skyview looked at him angrily, "Are you doing this for the kingdom or for your daughter?" Then he turned and walked to the door. He opened the door and stopped, he turned looking at Stardust one last time, "Just be glad mom and dad never made you marry someone else." Then he turned and left the castle.
Stardust turned and closed his eyes at the thought of what Skyview said. He wanted his daughter to be happy but he also wanted to follow the rules of the kingdom. What was he going to do?

Starfire walked downstairs after dropping the two bags off in Luna's room.
"Stardust, I suppose Skyview told you about Blizzard."
"Yes and about him loving Luna," Stardust replied.
"He really cares for her and he's a smart pony," Starfire told him.
"Well he wasn't very smart going after his father," Stardust exclaimed.
"Well he did it for Luna," Starfire explained.
Stardust started walking up the steps passing Starfire. Then he stopped and turned around, "I want you and Skyview up in the morning before sunrise. Do not wake up Luna. Gather an army together and wait at the gates."
"Why? Where are we going?" Starfire asked.
"To the Volcano of Gloom. We are going to get Blizzard," Stardust replied and began walking up the steps, "Now I got to see Luna before she falls asleep."
Starfire smiled watching Stardust climb the marble stairs.