Chapter 11: Starfire visit to town

Starfire woke up in bed. He saw the sunlight trying to peek through the curtains. He sat up and yawned then he got out of bed and stretched. He brushed his hair and left his room leaving his golden collar on the night stand.
He went downstairs and heard a noise in the kitchen. He quietly walked in to the kitchen and saw Rosebud stirring something in a bowel.
"Good morning," Starfire exclaimed making her jump and almost dropping the bowl. "Sorry."
Rosebud turned and looked at him taking a deep breath, "Good morning but umm, Starfire, it's in the afternoon."
"Oh, it is?" Starfire asked.
Rosebud laughed. "You just like Lunarstar, getting up in the afternoon."
"Where is Luna?" Starfire asked.
"She went out to play with her friends," Rosebud answered.
"Oh," Starfire turned and looked out the back door. Curious as to what they were doing, Starfire folded his wings and walked outside in the back yard. Since the yard was fenced he didn't worry about someone seeing him. He walked to the shed and peeked in to see what they were doing. He saw Buster helping Booster with the wood cutting and Charades carving another wood. He stood for several minutes watching with interests til Booster saw him.
"Oh, I see your finally up," Booster exclaimed.
"I just got up. What are you doing?" Starfire asked.
"I'm a wood carpenter. I make things out of wood and sell them. I made most of the tables in the house. Buster and Charades are helping me," Booster explained.
"Oh, I see. Um well, I'll talk to you later," Starfire turned and left the shed, heading into the house. He stood and watched Rosebud putting a spoon full of cookie dough on a silver cookie sheet.
"Starfire, why don't you explore the town?" Rosebud suggested.
"I need to hide my wings to do that," Starfire told her.
Rosebud set her bowel on the counter, "I still have your cloak. Let me get it for you." Rosebud left the kitchen and went upstairs. A few minutes later she returned with a black cloak and handed it to him. Starfire put it on over his wings, "Thank you. I thought I was going to be stuck in the house for a month."
Rosebud smiled. "Dinner is at sunset."
"Ok, hopefully I don't forget my way back," Starfire told her, then he left the kitchen. Rosebud watched at him go to the door and leave the house.

Starfire walked through the neighborhood looking at the houses. Then he walked towards town and looked at the shop windows. He passed ponies on the sidewalk, it even got crowed at times.
"This town is very similar to Dream Valley and even the houses are similar," Starfire thought. Just then something caught his eye, He walked across the grass and looked in a window not realizing he was next to Blizzard.

Blizzard stared curiously at the Barber Shop window when he noticed a familiar pony reflection. Blizzard looked up and stared at Starfire surprisingly. At first he thought it was Stardust but then he noticed the cloak he was wearing and figured it had to be Starfire hiding his wings. Blizzard looked at his feet and noticed he didn't even bother to wrap his hairy feet. He slowly walked away and stood on the other side of the street watching him.
"If he is here, then Princess Luna is very close by," Blizzard thought. He had a plan, if he could follow Starfire, he would find Princess Luna. He stood and waited till Starfire was done watching the shop then he followed him through town. Starfire stopped a lot to look at all the stores, Blizzard was getting tired of it and hoped he would go back to the Princess.

Starfire walk along the sidewalk passing stores when he noticed a book store. He went inside and saw several bookcases and tables filled with books. Starfire picked up a book and looked at it.
"Skyview would like this place. I wonder if I can bring a book back for him?" Starfire thought. "He'll read anything so I don't think it matters which book I get." He put the book down and picked up another one but that too didn't seem so interesting so he put it down. He left the table and walked to the first bookcase. He stood up grabbed a white book when a little pony peeked under his cloak.
"Go away," Starfire whispered.
"But you have.."
"It's a costume," Starfire quickly said.
"Why don't you take it off?" the pink pony asked.
"It's stuck to me. Now please, go," Starfire told him.
Just then a bright pink pony arrived, "I'm very sorry," She took the little boy and walked out of the store. As Starfire put the book he noticed an ice blue pony walking to the other bookshelf. Starfire thought the pony looked familiar, as he thought about it, he remembered the Barber Shop window reflection.
"It looks like the same pony," Starfire thought. He left the store and continued walking. He walked till he noticed a hat shop. Se walked in and looked at the hats.
"I wonder if I can get Skyview to wear one?" Starfire thought.
After looking at the hats, he decided to leave since he couldn't find one tall enough for Skyview's horn. When he left the store he noticed the same ice blue pony looking in a show window. Starfire was staring to wonder if he was being followed. He decided to find out. Starfire walked past him and continued walking for awhile till he found the library. He walked in and wondered through the aisles hoping to loose Blizzard for a while.

Blizzard walked in the library and saw Starfire going to an aisles but just as he walked into the aisles he soon lost him. He wondered around and was starting to wonder if he had lost him. Blizzard eventually gave up and left the aisles when he suddenly stopped almost bumping into Starfire.
"Why are you following me?" Starfire asked in a whispering voice.
"I wasn't following you. I don't even know who you are," Blizzard lied.
"You were at the barber shop, the bookstore, outside the hat shop and now here," Starfire replied.
"I...uh...had just got a haircut," Blizzard showed his wrapping hoping Starfire would believe him, "I was looking for a book at the book store and since I didn't find what I was looking for I came here but I stopped at the store next to the hat store on my way here," Blizzard had made a convincing story and hoped Starfire would believe him. The last thing he needed was the black ponies to know he was in town after Princess Luna.
"Oh, then I'm sorry," Starfire smiled at him then he turned and left.
"That was too close. I'll have to follow him later," Blizzard thought.

Starfire left the library and walked through town. He was starting to feel hot. The sun beating down on him just made it worse. He soon left town and saw an ice cream shop. He peeked inside and saw Luna in her earth form at the counter talking to her friends. Starfire smiled greatly, he walked in surprising the girls.
"Hi, Luna," Starfire exclaimed.
"Starfire, it's the other name," Luna whispered to him.
"Oh, I'm sorry Lunarstar. I'm not used to calling you that," Starfire replied.
"She was just telling us you were here," Patch commented.
"We finally get to see you during the day," Melody exclaimed.
"I'm here for a month," Starfire told them.
"Are you hungry?" Starlight asked.
"Yes I am but I don't have the this world."
"It's alright. It's on the house. My mom owns this place," Starlight explained.
"Great. Well, I'll take anything cold. Being outside makes me hot," Starfire told them.
"Well, that cloak isn't helping you," Bright Eyes pointed out.
"You know I have to wear it," Starfire told her.
"Oh, I remember. I'm sorry," Bright Eyes quickly said.
"Have a seat, " Luna exclaimed excitedly.
Starfire sat next to Luna and looked at Starlight standing behind the counter. "Um I'll take what ever they're having."
Luna laughed, "It's a shake."
"Yes, I'll take a shake."
Starlight quickly made him a shake and then gave him a glass with a straw in it.
Starfire took the glass and sipped on the straw. He could feel it cooling off his body. The cool air inside the shop was also cooling him off.
"Do ponies really cut their hair?" Starfire asked.
"Sure, everyone does," Melody answered.
"There's one over there," Sweetheart added. "But only for girls."
"Why cut it? It'll just grow back."
Starlight laughed, "For you and Lunarstar but for the rest of us in this world it won't."
"Oh, I see now. You ponies are really different from us," Starfire told her.
"I noticed that a while back," Patch replied.
"It's great to know you girls. Perhaps you can sometime," Starfire looked out the window and noticed it was sunset. "Luna...I mean Lunarstar, we have to go." Starfire quickly finished his shake and left, thanking the girls. They walked through the park towards home.
"What do you think of it here?" Luna asked.
"It's not to bad. For once I got to look around town," Starfire replied, "Well, lets hurry back. We don't want to be late for dinner."
They walked to the house, enjoying the rest of the night together.