Chapter 119:  Retuning to Volcano of Gloom

The sky was dark leaving no trace of the sun. Clouds covered the sky, letting the moon peak through. Blizzard sat with Luna, her parents, uncles, Buster and Charades in the dinning room eating dinner. Blizzard still couldn't get his mind off what Skyview had said. What was he going to do once he was free from his father? how was he going to ever be free? He knew he couldn't continue to hide all his life and Luna couldn't run all her life. He had to do something about his father. Talking to him was a waste of time but still, he had to do something. Could he fight his father? or maybe find away to talk some sense into him. After all it is his father and yet he almost forgot his father didn't love him. What was he going to do?
"Blizzard?" Luna asked noticing his silence at the table, "is something wrong?"
"No, I was just...daydreaming," Blizzard lied. He didn't want to tell her what he was thinking. He knew she would be worried and he didn't want that.

After dinner, Buster and Charades left the house. Blizzard and Luna went to their rooms and laid on their beds. Skyview and Starfire followed Blizzard into the room. They laid their blankets, and pillow on the floor. then they laid down and put the covers over them.
Starfire was the first to fall fast asleep, then Skyview. Blizzard laid in bed awake for hours thinking about his future. When it was past midnight and everyone was fast asleep her sat up in bed.
"I must go," Blizzard thought, "I must stop my father once and for all. I will not spend the rest of my life hiding and having no future." He didn't know what he was going to do once he returned home but he was confidant that he would think of something. He looked at the floor to see if Skyview was asleep, knowing what a light sleeper he was. Blizzard didn't want to chance it by walking out the room, Skyview could hear him. Blizzard turned into a cluster of snow flakes and flew from the bed and under the door. He flew along the floor and under Luna's door. He flew around her bed and appeared beside her bed. He looked down at her sadly and lightly brushed the strain of white hair from her face.
"I'm sorry but I must go," Blizzard whispered, "I'll miss you."
Then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from her bed. Luna woke up at the cold touch of his hoof. She turned her head just in time to see Blizzard disappearing under the door.
Luna quickly sat up in bed.
"Go?" Luna thought remembering what he said. She climbed out of bed and went to the window. She saw him flying from the house and into the forest towards the gate. He soon disappeared in the darkness.

Blizzard flew in the air just above the tree tops. The forest was dark and silent, there wasn't mush light since the clouds covered the moonlight. He flew over the meadow towards the ruins. He landed on the platform and returned to his pony form. Just then Luna appeared in front of him looking worried.
"Where are you going?" Luna quickly asked.
Blizzard sighed sadly, he had hoped he wouldn't have to face her and say goodbye.
"Home," Blizzard answered.
"Why?" Luna asked as a tear came out her eyes, "Don't you like it here with me?"
"Luna, I love it here with you father is after me and you. I can't hide for the rest of my life and neither can you. I'm going home to put an end to him. He doesn't love me, nor does he care or feel love. He's very mean and will gladly kill anyone. I was stupid for not running for help when I should have," Blizzard explained.
Luna's tears continued to fall from her cheek, "You'll never come back. I'll never see you again and your father will kill you."
"No Luna. I won't let that happen. I'll come back no mater what," Blizzard told her. He stretched his neck and nuzzled her neck and shoulder. Luna rested her head on his neck still crying, "You promise?"
Blizzard stood on his hind legs and so did Luna. He wrapped her front legs around her, hugging her tightly, "You're my girl. I'll will always come back to you." he stood back hand kissed her on the lips. For several minutes, Luna had stopped crying and forgot that he was leaving. She didn't want the moment to pass.
Blizzard let got and smiled at her. then he turned and began walking. Luna grabbed his tail. Blizzard turned and saw her crying again.
"I'll be back. he is my father and I got to face him sooner or later.," Blizzard assured her.
Luna let go and sat on the ground crying as she watched him disappear through the Gate.

Starfire suddenly woke up which was rare for him. he immediately knew someone had walked through the Gate and he knew only one pony could have walked through it. Starfire quickly sat up and looked on the bed, Blizzard wasn't there and the covers wasn't thrown off, it was as if he disappeared out from under them.
"Skyview," Starfire whispered.
"Go to sleep," Skyview replied yawning.
"Blizzard is gone. I just felt him walk through the gate," Starfire whispered.
Skyview quickly sat up and looked on the bed.
"Are you sure?" Skyview asked.
Starfire looked at him seriously, "I don't wake up easily. Of course I'm sure."
Skyview stood up, "Lets go check it out then."
Starfire stood up and approached Skyview.
"Ok, I'm ready," starfire told him.
Skyview's horn began to glow, then he touched Starfire's forehead with his horn.
They instantly winked to the gate and was surprised to see Luna sitting in front of the gate.
"Luna?" the two exclaimed.
"What are you doing here?" Skyview asked.
They walked around her and saw her crying. She looked up at them trying to wipe her tears away, "He's gone."
"Blizzard?" starfire asked.
"Yes," Luna cried sadly, "he went home to stop his father from coming after us."
"What?!" They exclaimed.
Luna sobbed loudly, "he said he's coming back but...I don't think he will be able too." Luna stood up and buried her face in Starfire's mane.
Starfire and Skyview looked at each other worriedly wondering what his father was going to do to him. Was Blizzard ready to face his father without fear? Could he defeat his father?
Skyview and Starfire didn't know what would happen to Blizzard. They also worried what would Luna do if something ever happed to him. She obviously loved him very much. It will be impossible to separate her from Blizzard.
Skyview lowered his head and lightly rubbed his face on hers, "Lets go back to bed. Tomorrow is a full moon and you'll have to come with us back to dream Castle. I'll talk to Stardust and see if we can get Blizzard back."
Luna uncovered her face from Starfire's mane and looked at Skyview, "Really?"
Skyview smiled, "Yes, now go back to bed."
Starfire smiled at her, "Don't worry about Blizzard. He can take care of himself. He's a smart pony."
Luna smiled at them but she was still sad and worried. Blizzard had told her a while back about his father and she knew then he was a very dangerous pony but deep down she felt something about him was wrong. She wasn't sure what it was but she hoped she would find out what it was before it's to late.