Chapter 118: What to do with Blizzard

Morning came and Rosebud walked into Blizzard's room and shook him, "Wake up."
Blizzard opened his eyes and yawned.
"Hurry up or your breakfast will get cold," Rosebud told him, then she turned and left.
Blizzard climbed out of bed, yawing. He stretch his legs and grabbed his book from a nearby table and left the room. He hurried downstairs to the dinning room. Luna in her winged unicorn form had just finished.
"Morning, Blizzard," Luna exclaimed happily.
"Hi," Blizzard replied yawning. Then he sat down and began eating.
Luna went to the kitchen and saw her mother washing dishes.
"Mom, I'm going out to play," Luna told her.
"Ok, be careful," Rosebud replied.
Luna left the kitchen and went to the family room where Starfire and Skyview was.
"What are you looking for?" Skyview asked, getting annoyed with Starfire walking around the room.
"That box full of coloring books and crayons," Starfire replied.
"It's in the guest room in the closet," Skyview replied.
"What's it doing in there?" Starfire asked.
"Ask Rosebud. I saw her take it in there," Skyview replied, "Now get out so I can read."
Starfire turned from Skyview and smiled when he saw Luna.
Luna smiled, "I'm leaving. See you at dinner." She left the room and stood at the door, changing into an earth pony, "Blizzard want to come with me and play?"
"No, I just want to read to day," Blizzard answered.
"Oh," Luna replied feeling a bit disappointed.
"I've been playing a lot lately. I just want to read now. Maybe after dinner I can play," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled, "Ok, see you after dinner then." She opened the door and left the house.

Blizzard continued to eat as Starfire went up stair and came back down with a box. He went to the dinning room and sat down.
"Blizzard, want to color with me?" Starfire asked.
"No, I'm just going to read for awhile," Blizzard replied.
When he finished his breakfast, he stood up from the table, "I think I'll go outside to read. I'll have less interruptions." Then he took his book and his late and went into the kitchen, then he left the house through the back door.

Skyview read his book in the family room on the couch. Every now and then he thought about The Key and the gate. He and Starfire had been with him for a month, the gate would soon open. They would have to take Luna with them to Dream Castle but what about Blizzard? What would they do with him?
Skyview closed his book and sat it on couch. He couldn't read, he was to busy thinking about Blizzard's problem. He continued to ask himself questions but couldn't come up with any answers. Blizzard's father was still out there and Blizzard was to young to live on his own. Skyview stopped for a minute, it suddenly accord to him that he didn't even know how old Blizzard was.
Skyview stood up and walked to the living room expecting Blizzard to be there but he wasn't anywhere in sight.
"Where's Blizzard?" Skyview asked.
"He went outside to read," Starfire answered.
Skyview walked to the kitchen and saw Rosebud washing dishes. Then he turned and walked to the dinning room. He approached Starfire and whispered in his ear, "Come with me. I got to ask you something."
"Couldn't you ask me here?" Starfire asked but Skyview didn't answer he kept on walking without looking back. They walked across the living room and up the stairs. Skyview went into the guest room and closed the door.
"What?" Starfire asked once the door was closed.
"Are you sure Blizzard is outside?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, he said he was going outside. Now what do you want to ask me about?"
Skyview walked to the window and looked outside but Blizzard was no where in sight, "The moon will be full in a few days," He turned and looked at Starfire seriously, "We of course will have to take Luna with us to Dream Castle but what about Blizzard? What are we going to do with him?"
"Take him with us too I guess," Starfire answered.
"I mean what do we do with him?" Skyview asked, "He looks to young to live on his own and his father is still out there. I'm sure he looking for him and is still planing to kill Luna."
"I'm sure Stardust has that all thought out," Starfire told him, "You know he hardly tells anyone what he plans to do."
Skyview approached him, "Blizzard can't marry Luna. He can't stay at the castle for long and don't forget his icy ability."
"Don't worry so much, a pony like Blizzard can survive anywhere. He smart and has a very useful ability," Starfire told him.
"I'm not worried I just wanted to know," Skyview replied.
"Sure your worried, it's written all over your face. If I worried as much as you did I'd have gray hair," Starfire replied.
Skyview sat on the bed, "That's just a myth. You don't get gray hair by worrying."
"Oh really?" Starfire asked, "Then what's that strain of gray in your hair?"
"What?" Skyview asked surprisingly. He quickly stood up and hurried to the closet. He opened it to see himself in the mirror. He scanned his hair but saw no gray, only black and blue. He looked at Starfire and glared at him, "That wasn't funny."
Starfire chuckled, "I thought you didn't believe in that myth."
Skyview closed the closet door, "That wasn't funny."
Starfire smiled at him, "Don't worry. I'm sure Stardust has plans for Blizzard." Then he looked at him seriously, "As for him marrying you really want to see Luna happy and married to the one she loves or do you want to see her married to the one she hardly knows and may never love him?"
"I want to see her happy of course but you know the rules are rules," Skyview answered.
"The king made the rules, he can change them. It's happened before. If you and me stick together, I'm sure we can change Stardust's mind."
"It's almost impossible to change his mind. Luna's tried it," Skyview replied.
"Almost impossible but not impossible," Starfire replied smiling. He opened the door and was about to leave when Skyview stopped him, "Don't you ever worry?"
Starfire smiled, "Yes but you'll be lucky if you catch me worrying." Then he left the room.
Skyview walked out the door and followed Starfire downstairs.

Blizzard was sitting on the grass just below the guest room window. He had heard everything they said.
"What am I going to do with myself?" Blizzard thought.
He knew his father would come after him and would try to kill Luna. Blizzard shook his head and stood up.
"No, I won't let that happen," Blizzard muttered, "I will be free and father will be stopped."
He picked up his book, "I will be with Luna no mater what." then he walked to the back yard.