Chapter 117: The Key

When morning came, Blizzard woke up from his deep sleep and climbed out of bed, yawning and stretching. He opened the curtains and rubbed his eyes from the bright sunlight. He looked outside and saw Luna playing with Starfire in the back yard. He turned from the window and left the room. He went downstairs and saw Rosebud setting a plate and a glass of orange juice on the dinning room table.
Rosebud turned and noticed him in the living room, "I was just about to wake you. Your breakfast is on the table."
Blizzard went to the table and sat down while Rosebud went upstairs to clean rooms.

Luna held the rope in her mouth and jumped on the porch, then she dropped the rope smiling.
"I won!" Luna exclaimed.
Starfire stood on the porch and smiled at her, "This time but next time you won't."
Luna giggled, "We'll see about that." then she looked at him seriously, "I wish Skyview would play."
"Lets go ask him then," Starfire proposed.
The left the porch and walked into the house with Luna behind him. He walked to the family room and approached Skyview while Luna stood back watching.
"Skyview, why don't you play with us?" Starfire asked.
"No, I'm busy reading," Skyview replied without looking at him.
"Your always reading," Starfire complained.
"That's because I love to read," Skyview replied.
Starfire glared at him and then suddenly snatched the book from him, "Give it a rest for one day."
Skyview stood up and glared at him angrily, "Give me my book back."
"No, I think you need a brake from it," Starfire replied.
Skyview's horn began to glow and suddenly, Starfire was wrapped in a cloud ball floating off the ground. Skyview approached the cloud ball and waited a few minutes, then his book appeared from the cloud ball. Skyview took his book and his horn stopped glowing. The cloud ball dissolved and Starfire fell to the ground.
"You're a grouch!" Starfire exclaimed.
"I am not!" Skyview replied.
Starfire stood up looking at him angrily, "Keep your nose in your book. That's what you do best. You've done nothing but read since we got to this world."
Skyview winked out and appeared at the gate, he sat down and continued reading.

Luna sighed sadly, "I'm sorry, Starfire."
"Luna, you've done nothing wrong. I want Skyview to play too," Starfire told her, "Just you wait, before the day is over, he'll come back wanting to play."
"How do you know?" Luna asked, "He sounded mad."
"I know Skyview better than anyone...just you wait and see," Starfire replied, "Maybe Blizzard will want to play?"
Luna smiled greatly.
Starfire left the family room and went to the dinning room where Blizzard was almost done eating.
"Blizzard, want to play with us?" Starfire asked.
"Sure, let me finish this first," Blizzard replied.
"Meet us in the back yard then," Starfire told him. Then he and Luna left the dinning room and went outside through the kitchen.

Skyview sat and tried to read but he couldn't stop thinking what Starfire had told him. He closed his book and sat it down on the stony floor. He realized Starfire was right, he had spent to much time reading and not spending enough time with Luna. He looked up at the tall gate and thought of Blizzard how he used to walk through it anytime he wanted. How did he do it? Skyview knew no one can cross the gate when it's closed but Blizzard has always managed to do it. Was it because he was a special pony? Did he have an ability to open the gate? Skyview continued to think up more questions.
He had to talk to Blizzard, he was the only one who would know the answers. Skyview took his book and winked out, he reappeared on the porch, watching Starfire, Luna and Blizzard chase each Starfire for the rope. Blizzard took the rope from Starfire and ran to the porch. he jumped on the porch and dropped the rope, "I won!"
Starfire and Luna smiled when they saw Skyview on the porch.
"So you decided to play?" Starfire asked.
"Yes but first I got to ask Blizzard something," Skyview replied, then he looked at Blizzard, "I was at the gate and I couldn't help but wonder how do you go through the gate?"
"I just walk threw it," Blizzard replied.
"I know but how?" Skyview asked, "The gate is closed and doesn't open till the full moon. You shouldn't be able too go through the gate when it's closed."
"I don't know how. I just walk through it," Blizzard answered.
"I saw you walk through the gate once and it surprised me to see you do it. When I tried, nothing happened," Starfire remarked.
"I haven't seen you go through the gate," Luna commented.
"Blizzard, why don't you show us?" Skyview suggested.
"Ok," Blizzard replied.
"Luna tell your mother where we're going and meet us there," Skyview told her.
Luna went into the kitchen while Skyview winked Starfire to the gate.

After Luna told her mother where they were going, she winked to the gate and waited for Blizzard. In the sky just above the tree tops was Blizzard in a cluster of snowflakes. He landed next to Luna and returned to his pony form.
"Ok, Blizzard. walk through the gate and back," Skyview told him.
Blizzard stepped on the platform and walked through the gate disappearing into nothing. Luna hurried to the gate and put her hoof through it but nothing happened. Just then Blizzard walked back through the gate.
"Wow, you really walked through it," Luna exclaimed surprisingly.
"Now, you didn't do anything, did you?" Starfire asked.
"No," Blizzard answered.
"How though?" Skyview asked out loud.
Starfire stared at Blizzard's golden necklace and he remembered seeing Blizzard with it all the time.
"Blizzard, have you always worn that necklace?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, I never take it off," Blizzard replied.
"So you worn it going through the gate?" Skyview asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered, wondering where all the questions was leading to.
"Take it off and try walking through the gate," Skyview suggested.
"I'd rather not take it off," Blizzard told him.
"I'll hold it for you," Luna proposed.
Blizzard looked at her seriously and then took his necklace off, "Don't let anyone touch it."
Then he turned and walked through the gate but this time nothing happened. He didn't cross the gate to the other world.
Skyview smiled greatly, "It's your necklace that allows you to walk through the gate. I bet it acts like a key and unlocks the gate just for you."
Blizzard took his necklace and put it around his neck.
"Where did you get it?" Starfire asked.
"I don't know, I've always had it," Blizzard answered.
"The key," Luna muttered, she suddenly stared at nothing as she began to remember something. Her memory was blurry but she could hear someone talk.
"Take them!...hurry."
Skyview approached Luna and shook her, causing her to snap out of her deep thoughts.
"Luna are you alright?" Skyview asked, "You just said The Key."
Luna blinked as if she didn't know what he was talking about.
"I did?" Luna asked.
"I'm standing next to you and even I heard you say it," Blizzard replied.
"Luna are you remembering anything?" Starfire asked.
"I...I'm not sure," Luna replied trying to remember what it was that she saw.
"What did you see?" Starfire asked.
"Nothing, it was to blurry," Luna replied.
"Luna, do you know anything about Blizzard's necklace?" Skyview asked.
"No," Luna replied.
"The key, I like the name. It's plain and simple," Starfire said.
Luna smiled at him.
"The key. I wonder where it came from?" Skyview asked, "Who ever gave the key to Blizzard must know something about the gates that we don't know."
They all stood and stared at the gates wondering about it's mysteries. They thought they knew everything about the Gates but they were wrong. What secrets did the gate hold?