Chapter 116: The beach fun

It was in the afternoon and Luna in her winged unicorn form walked to the family room and saw Skyview reading, then she went to the kitchen and saw her mother making cookies. She went to the dinning room and saw Starfire looking at the books he got from the library. She didn't see Blizzard but should could only guess he's in his room reading. Luna walked through the kitchen and left the house. She walked to the shed and saw her father, Buster and Charades cutting wood.
Booster saw Luna and smiled, "Hi, What are you doing?"
"Nothing," Luna replied.
"Nothing?" Booster asked, "You're always doing something. How about playing with your friends?"
"It's to warm out to play," Luna answered.
"How about the beach and going swimming?" Booster asked, "In fact that's not a bad idea. How about you two?"
"Yes, we could use a time off," Charades replied.
"Swimming in cool water sounds great," Buster replied.
Booster put his saw down, "Ok lets go into the house and tell everyone."
Luna followed her father into the house with Buster and Charades behind her.

Booster approached Rosebud who looked surprised to see him in the house so soon.
"Lets take a brake and go to the beach," Booster suggested.
Rosebud smiled, "That's a wonderful idea. I'll pack some food." Then she left the kitchen and went upstairs to get the picnic basket. Luna went to Starfire and told him about the beach then she went to Skyview and then to Blizzard. Skyview left the family room and joined Starfire in the living room with Booster, Buster, Charades and Booster.
"I can't go so I'll just stay here," Skyview told everyone.
"You could sit outside and read. It's such a nice day," Luna suggested.
"I suppose I could," Skyview replied smiling.
Blizzard walked downstairs and joined the group, "the beach? What do you mean?"
"You don't know what the beach is?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"No I don't. I didn't have a beach in my house," Blizzard replied.
Luna giggled, "The beach is where the ocean touches land and it's covered in sands. It's not something you can put in a house."
"And we're going there?" Blizzard asked.
"It's fun, you'll love it," Luna exclaimed happily.
Rosebud walked into the living room with a basket full of food, "I got to get the beach towels." Rosebud hurried upstairs, took a large bag from her room and went to a closet, then she began packing several towels in a yellow bag. When she was done, she went down stairs and sat the bag on the floor.
"Now one of you can carry this bag," Rosebud said.
"Starfire are you going too?" Luna asked.
"Oh, yes. I better put on my cloak," Starfire replied and hurried upstairs. He went to the guest room and took his cloak from the closet. He folded his wings to his sides and put in on the cloak, then he hurried back downstairs.
"Now, I think we're all ready," Starfire told them.
"Luna, why don't you call your friends and see if they want to meet you at the beach," Booster suggested.
Luna smiled and hurried to the phone, she called all her friends then she hung up the phone and fallowed her parents out the door while Skyview stayed behind.

When they arrived at the beach, they saw a lot of ponies in the water or laying on the beach or playing. The ocean sparkled as the sun shined on it. There was so many ponies, it was hard to find a spot for Luna and her parents. Blizzard recognized the beach. He had walked to the beach once. He remembered how the sand felt beneath his feet. It was hot from the sun.
"Where do we sit?" Rosebud asked.
Booster looked around and spotted a an empty spot in the sand but close to the grass.
"There," Booster pointed.
They walked across the sand to the empty spot and stood together. Buster put the bag down, Rosebud took out several towels and past them around. Booster laid his down, then Rosebud, Charades, Buster and Starfire. Luna and Blizzard laid on their towels next to Booster.
Blizzard looked around the beach and saw a group of ponies playing ball over a net. He continued watching wondering what the point was in hitting te ball to the other side of the net.
"Lunarstar, Blizzard, Why don't you two go play?" Rosebud suggested.
"Ok," Luna replied standing up.
"Play what?" Blizzard asked, "This place doesn't look like fun to me."
"Go swimming or play volleyball or play in the sand," Rosebud suggested.
Blizzard looked at her curiously, "How do you play in the sand?"
"Make a sand castle or bury yourselves," Booster suggested, "Go on you two. Go find something to do."
Blizzard stood up and followed Luna. They walked to the water and soaked their feet in the water as it came on the beach.
"Lets go in," Luna suggested.
"Why?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"It's fun to swim," Luna replied, "come on."
Blizzard stood and watched as Luna ran into the water. She turned around in the water and looked at him worriedly, "Aren't you coming in with me?"
Blizzard looked at the water and was about to take a step when he heard someone calling Lunarstar's name. He turned and saw Luna's friends running towards her. Bon Bon and Bright Eyes finished setting the towels and basket down next to Luna's parents, then they ran after their friends.
Luna smiled greatly, "You made it!"
Starlight, Patch, Melody, Clover and Sweetheart ran into the water splashing. Raspberry jumped in and made a big splash.
The girls laughed.
"Did you guys brings towels?" Luna asked.
"Yes, they're next to your parents," Melody replied.
"They told us you and Blizzard was in the water," Starlight explained.
The girls realized Blizzard wasn't in the water with them. They turned and looked at Blizzard.
"Come on in with us," Bon Bon suggested.
Blizzard looked at the water then at the girls, not wanting to get in to the water close to the deep end.
"Are you afraid of water?" Melody asked surprisingly.
"No I'm not. I...just never swam before," Blizzard replied.
"Haven't you even been in a lake before?" Luna asked.
"Yes but I never gone in so deep that I would have to swim," Blizzard replied.

Starfire watched Blizzard closely and listened to the girls try to talk him into the water.
"Buster," Starfire called to him, getting his attention,"Seems to me he's won't go in. Lets help him into the water." Starfire smiled at Buster who smiled in return. They stood up and approached Blizzard.
"Go in, Blizzard," Starfire told him.
"I can't swim," Blizzard replied.
"Well, there's only one way to learn how to swim and that's going into the water," Starfire replied.
"That pointless," Blizzard replied.
Starfire stood on his hind legs and knocked Blizzard down, then he grabbed Blizzard two right legs. Buster grabbed Blizzard two left legs. The two lifted Blizzard who was surprised and worried.
"Wait, what are you going to do?" Blizzard exclaimed.
"Going to teach you how to swim," Starfire replied.
Blizzard wiggled his legs but couldn't get free.
"Ok, on the count of three," Starfire told Buster and they began swinging Blizzard. The girls swam out of the way, "One...two...Three." They let Blizzard go and he flew into the water causing a big splash. It took a minute for Blizzard to surface the water. He looked angrily at the two ponies, "I can't swim!"
Starfire smiled, "Really? look like your swimming to me."
Blizzard looked down at the water surprisingly and realized he was swimming.
"Every pony knows how to swim, it comes natural to them," Starfire explained, "Have fun." Then he and Buster turn and left.

Blizzard looked at the girls surprisingly.
Luna smiled, "Don't stand there. play!" Luna splashed at Blizzard who in return splashed back. Soon all the girls tried to splash Blizzard and drown him in splashes but he ducked in the water and swam to the girls. One by one they all were pulled under water. Blizzard surfaced and ran with a smile on his face. The girls surfaced and ran after him.

Blizzard learned that the beach was fun and there was always something to do on the beach. he and the girls spent the rest of the day playing and teasing each other.