Chapter 115: Dreaming of fire

It was after midnight and everyone was sound asleep. Starfire slept on the floor next to Blizzard's bed under the warm covers. Skyview laid on the other side of the bed under his warm covers but an annoying sound kept him from sleeping. He tried to ignore it and sleep but just couldn't. He rolled over and gasped when he saw the bed turning to ice. Skyview quickly sat up and saw Blizzard moaning, groaning and kicking his feet. Skyview shook Blizzard, "Wake up!"
Blizzard opened his eyes and gasped in fear. He kicked his feet and fell off the bed, landing next to Starfire facing him. Starfire woke up surprised to see Blizzard laying next to him.
Blizzard blinked and looked around, he was relieved he was in his room. Skyview walked around the bed to see if Blizzard was alright.
"Umm...What are you doing sleeping next to me?" Starfire asked in a tired whispering voice.
Blizzard sighed sadly, "Sorry, I fell off the bed." He stood up and looked at the bed. Seeing that the bed was all ice he turned and began to leave the room.
"Blizzard, want to tell us about the dream?" Skyview asked.
Blizzard was to deep in thought over his dream to hear Skyview.

Once Blizzard left the room Skyview looked at Starfire who was about to fall back to sleep.
"Come on, lets go talk to him," Skyview suggested.
Starfire yawned, "Tomorrow."
Skyview walked up to him and shook him, "Lets go and find out what's bothering him."
"Why?" starfire asked, "He probably had a dream."
"More like a nightmare and he froze the bed. New get up," Skyview sternly said.
"Alright if it'll make you happy," Starfire replied and slowly stood up. Then he followed Skyview out of the room and down the stairs. Skyview could hear noises in the kitchen. He could only guess that's where Blizzard is. They walked into the kitchen and saw Blizzard filling a glass of water from the faucet.
"Blizzard," Skyview whispered.
Blizzard looked at him with a tired face, "What?"
"Tell us about your dream," Skyview replied.
"Why?" Blizzard asked, "It's just a dream."
"Because it reminded me of how Stardust acted in his sleep when he had nightmares," Skyview replied.
"Does he still have them?" Blizzard asked.
"How did he get rid of them?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"It stopped one day. Now why don't you tell us about your dream," Skyview replied.
"Sooner the better," Starfire yawned.

Blizzard carried his glass of water into the dinning room and sat down. Skyview and Starfire followed him. The three of them sat silently for a few minutes.
"It starts with me as a baby pony still wearing my necklace. I'm sitting in the snow crying, I'm scared and upset. Fire surrounds me but it's not touching me. I'm to upset to realize it. There's nothing I can do but cry," Blizzard explained.
"It's probably dreams based on Teriney burning you," Skyview guessed.
"I doubt it," Blizzard replied, "I had the same dream when I was little. Father used to get mad when I had the dream. He tried everything to get the dreams to stop and eventually they did...till last year just before fall. The dream came again one night, I always wake up freezing my bed. I don't know how I do it or why. I can't get the dreams to stop coming."
"A recurring nightmare?" Starfire asked suddenly waking up.
"Yes," Blizzard replied and took a sip of his water.
"Stardust had a recurring nightmare. It stopped when he remembered it was not just a dream. I'm guessing that it's the same with you. Your nightmare really happened and you only remember it in your dreams. The nightmare won't stop coming till you remember what happed in the fire."
"It can't be real. I've never been anywhere but Volcano of Gloom. I never been in a fire like that," Blizzard exclaimed.
"I'm sure you have, you just don't want to remember it or your to afraid to," Skyview replied, "Close your eyes and try to remember."
Blizzard closed his eyes and thought of his dream but he saw nothing else only what he had told Skyview and Starfire.
Blizzard opened his eyes, "I don't remember nothing, just the dream. Like I said it's just a dream."
"No I believe your dream actually happened and someday you'll remember it," Skyview replied.
"Blizzard, didn't you say you were wearing that necklace in your dream?" Starfire asked.
"Yes I was," Blizzard replied.
"Have you always worn it?" Starfire asked curiously.
"I never took it off. I don't know where I got it or who gave it to me," Blizzard replied, staring at the diamonds on his golden necklace. He watched the diamonds twinkled and observed how white they looked. As he watched the twinkles the diamond gave off he suddenly felt as if he had seen those same twinkles before. Something about it was very familiar. Suddenly a blurry memory came to his mind. He saw a pony with ice blue diamond eyes. He couldn't make anything else out, only the eyes.
"Blizzard?" Skyview and Starfire called to him noticing his deep stare.
Blizzard blinked a few times and looked up at Skyview, "Have you ever seen a pony with diamond eyes?" Blizzard looked down at the table, "sorry, I know that sounds stupid. A pony with diamond eyes."
"Actually Blizzard, there are ponies like that," Skyview answered.
Blizzard looked up at him surprisingly.
"Those ponies are called Twinkled eyed ponies. They had diamond like eyes. They are very few in Ponyland, most lives in other kingdoms and the farther away you go from Ponyland the more you'll see of them," Skyview explained.
"We can thank Star Cluster for that," Starfire suddenly said, "When he took over Ponyland, most of the ponies left including the twinkled eyed ponies. Stardust is trying to regain all that he lost including the population of Ponyland."
"I thought you didn't leave the Volcano of Gloom. How do you know about Twinkled eyed ponies?" Skyview asked curiously.
Blizzard stood up from the table holding his necklace in one hoof and a glass of water in the other, "I'm not really sure. I looked at the diamonds in my necklace and that pony's face popped in my mind. All I see are the eyes. I have no idea who that pony is." Then he walked into the kitchen with Skyview and Starfire behind him.
"It's got to be a girl pony, most twinkle eyed ponies are girls. There's not very many that are boys," Skyview remarked.
Blizzard sat his glass on the counter and turned looking at them, "a girl?"
Starfire yawned and then smiled at him, "Could be your mother."
"My mother?" Blizzard asked. He had never dreamed that he would remember his mother. Could it be possible that the pony he is remembering is his mother?
"Or a pony you saw once or something," Skyview added.
"My mother," Blizzard repeated, "Could she really?
"Only you would know for sure," Skyview replied, "We should be going back to bed."
"My bed is all ice. It'll take a few days to melt and another few days for the bed to dry. I guess I'll be laying on the couch tonight," Blizzard told them.
"Ok, goodnight," Skyview replied.
"Goodnight," Starfire said and left following Skyview out of the kitchen.
Blizzard walked out of the kitchen, past the stairs and into the family room. He took a couch pillow and laid on the couch. He rested his head on the pillow and closed his eyes still thinking about the twinkle eyed pony and wondering who she was. Was it a girl pony or a boy? He didn't know for sure. As the hours flew by and the sky was still dark, Blizzard slowly felt himself slip into a deep sleep. He was to tired to realize a tear trickled out of his eye and dripped from his cheek.