Chapter 114: Out of books to read

It was in the afternoon and Blizzard had just finished reading his book. He closed the book and climbed off the bed. Then he left the room and carried the book downstairs. He walked into the family room where Skyview was reading. Blizzard put the book on the table with the rest of the books. Then he searched for another book but he had read all the books on that table. He walked to the small bookshelf and searched through it but he had read those too. He walked to another table with books and saw that he had read those.
"Just pick a book," Skyview told him getting annoyed but Blizzard walking around the room.
"I can't. I read all of them," Blizzard replied.
"So have I and I'm rereading them," Skyview replied.
"I just want more books to read," Blizzard complained.
"Ask Luna and see if she has more books around the house," Skyview suggested.
Blizzard left the family room and walked into the living room where Luna in her winged unicorn form and Starfire sat on a table coloring.
"Luna, do you have any more books?" Blizzard asked him.
"No," Luna answered, "But I can take you to the library in town. It's a building full of books."
"Great, lets go then," Blizzard replied happily.
Skyview walked into the living room after hearing what Luna had said.
"Luna, take Starfire with you," Skyview told her.
"What?" Starfire shouted, "go to the library?"
"You don't get out much. Just go with them," Skyview exclaimed, "Oh, Luna can you get some books for me?"
"What kind of books?" Luna asked.
"What ever looks interesting to you," Skyview replied.
"Ok, just let me get my bag first," Luna replied. She winked out, a minute later she reappeared in the same spot with her school bag around her neck. Her horn began to glow, then her hair turned purple and her wings and horn disappeared.
Starfire stood up from the table and stacked the coloring book together and put all the crayons in the box.
"Starfire, maybe you'll find a book there you''l actually like," Skyview commented.
"I highly doubt that,"starfire replied.
"You never know," Skyview replied smiling.
"let me get my cloak, then we can leave," Starfire said.
He left the dinning room and walked through the living room to the stairs. Then he walked upstairs to the guest room and went inside the room to a closet on the right. Hanging on the hanger was his black cloak. Above it was a shelf with his and Skyview's golden collars. Starfire put on the cloak and left the room. He walked downstairs and met them at the door.
"Now Lets go," Starfire said.
Luna, Blizzard and Starfire left the house and walked down the street.

Blizzard walked next to Luna while Starfire behind them. He watched them glance at each other and smile. He wondered how Stardust was going to take it when he finds out Luna loved Blizzard. Luna turned her head and smiled at Starfire, "We're almost there."
They walked into town moving with the crowds. When Luna finally saw the library, she pointed at it, "There it is."
"I've been in there once," Starfire commented.
Luna turned and looked at him surprisingly, "You have?"
"I was trying to loose Blizzard. he was following me once," Starfire explained.
"Well I lost you after the library," Blizzard replied.
"Lets go inside," Luna proposed.

Starfire followed Luna and Blizzard inside as ponies stopped and stared at his black coat and hairy feet.
Luna stopped and turned facing him, "I'm going to find books for Skyview, I'll see you two later."
"Ok," Starfire replied and left Blizzard. He walked towards the row of books and looked at the titles to a few books. Non of them interested him. He continued walking through each row of bookcases till he saw something big sticking out from the top shelf. Starfire turned around and looked again. The book showed part of a castle. Starfire approached the book but it was on the top shelf. Starfire looked around to be sure no one was looking. Then he stood on his hind legs and reached high for the book. Just then a baby pony walked by and stopped, noticing Starfire. His coat was gray, his mane was red, yellow and green, his tail was blue and purple.
What caught the little pony's fascination was the feather sticking out from under the cloak. The baby pony approached Starfire and looked under his cloak. Starfire looked down at the baby pony and gasped.
"Hay," Starfire muttered to the little pony and he moved his wing pushing the little pony back.
The gray pony fell and looked at him surprisingly.
"That's just great," Starfire thought.
The gray pony stood up and left crying for his mother.
"Time for me to leave this spot," Starfire thought. He took the book and walked several rows down and stood looking at his book.

The gray pony took his mother back to show her Starfire but he saw gone.
"But mommy, he was just here."
"Who?" the mother asked.
"The pegasus," the gray pony replied.
"Stop playing games, this is a library. Now stay with me. Do you understand?" the mother asked.
The baby gray pony sighed sadly, "yes, mommy."

When Starfire saw the gray baby pony leave, he went back to the castle books and began taking them and setting them on the floor in stacks. Then he picked up the books and went to a table in the corner. Then he picked the top of the books and began looking through it.
Luna walked around looking for Starfire and soon found him in the corner. She approached Starfire.
"Wow, that's a lot of books," Luna whispered. She looked at the book binders, "And all on castle and royal ponies."
"Yes, that interests me. The kingdoms in this world and our world are slightly different. Some Kingdoms in this world has legendary stories about Unicorns and Pegasus being seen or born in the family," Starfire explained.
"Really?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Like I said, those are just legends, something that is almost impossible to prove is true," Starfire replied.
"And your going to take all those books home?" Luna asked curiously.
"If I like them I will," Starfire replied.
Just then the baby gray pony saw Starfire, "Mommy it's him." then he left his mother and ran to Starfire. The mother went after him.
The gray pony stopped next to Starfire and pointed, "See mommy, it's a pregasus."
The mother picked up her boy, "I'm so sorry."
Starfire reached under his cloak and pulled a small fuzzy feather and laid it on the table.
"See mommy?" the gray pony pointed.
"That is a feather from my cloak. I'm always losing feathers from it," Starfire explained.
"Well, that certainly explains it," The mother smiled, "I'm so sorry for the trouble he's caused you."
"But mommy..."
"I'm taking you home. You can explain this to your father and I know he won't be happy about it either," the mother turned from Starfire still holding her baby boy.
"Mommy, he really is a pegasus," the baby pony pleaded.
"It's was just a feather from his cloak," the mother explained as she left the library, "I think we've read far to many fairy tale books to you. The first thing I'm going to do is put them away for awhile."
"Mommy," The baby pony began to cry.
Luna looked at Starfire suspiciously.
"He saw my wings when I was reaching for a book," Starfire quickly explained, "He looked under my cloak so it wasn't like my wings was sticking out."
"That poor pony, he's telling the truth though," Luna replied.
"You know as well as I do that no one in this world can find out about us," Starfire told her. He stood up and began to restacking the books, "Maybe I'll take all these back to the house. Luna, did you get any books for Skyview?"
"Yes I got some for him to read," Luna replied.
Just then, Blizzard approached them with a large stack of books.
"Are you seriously thinking of carrying all those home?" Luna asked him.
"I thought I'd fly them back to the house. I can't possibly carry them back," Blizzard answered.
"Well, lets go home," Luna remarked.
The three of them checked their books out and left the library.
"I guess the library isn't to bad despite the little trouble I had," Starfire commented.
Luna smiled at him.