Chapter 113: Alone with Blizzard

It was in the afternoon and Luna walked into the house. She went to the kitchen to see what her mother was up to.
Rosebud was washing dishes when Luna approached her.
"Your back already?" Rosebud asked.
"My friends are busy today," Luna replied.
"Why don't you ask Blizzard to go with you somewhere?" Rosebud asked.
"I don't know...he seems busy," Luna replied knowing what Blizzard's answer was going to be.
"I'm sure he can take one day away from what ever he's doing. Go on and ask him," Rosebud proposed.
Luna turned and left the kitchen. She looked into the dinning room and saw no one. She went to the family room and saw Skyview but Blizzard wasn't there. She knew only one place he could be. She went upstairs and knocked on his door, "Blizzard?"
"What?" Blizzard asked.
"Can I come in?" Luna asked.
Luna opened the door and saw that Blizzard was reading a book but a different on this time. It seems like every time she saw him he was reading a different book.
"Want to play with me or walk around or something?" Luna asked.
"No, I want to finish this book," Blizzard replied.
Luna looked at him sadly and left the room, closing the door behind her. She hurried down the steps and left the house.
"Why do I even bother asking him?" Luna thought as she ran down the street.

Blizzard tried to read his book but the thought of Luna raced through his mind. She never said bye or anything else to him, she just left. He thought of her sad disappointed face as she left. Blizzard put his book mark in his book and closed it. He hugged the book and sighed. He got off the bed and left his room. He hurried downstairs and left the house. Skyview turned his head just in time to see Blizzard leave the house. Skyview put a piece of paper in his book and sat it o the couch then he hurried tot he door and cracked it open. he turned himself into a cloud and flew out the door. Starfire went to the door and quickly closed it.
"He could at lest close the door," Starfire complained.

Blizzard ran down the street and turned the corner hoping Luna was there walking but she wasn't there. No one was around. Blizzard hurried to the park and ran to the ice cream shop looking for Luna but she wasn't there. He left the shop and walked through the park hoping to see her. He walked all over and came upon the lake. There on the docks sat Luna in her earth pony form. He stared at the boats the floated by. Blizzard walked on the docks and approached her.
"Luna?" Blizzard called to her but Luna didn't look at him. She was still upset with him. Blizzard sat down next to her, "I'm sorry. I just get to deep into the books, it's hard to stop. All my life I've read only a few books and always wanted to read more but father never let me. Now that I'm no longer living with father I have a chance to read as many books as I like."
Luna looked at him with calm face and then leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Didn't you say you wanted to walk around or something?" Blizzard asked, "Where do you want to walk to?"
Luna lifted her head and smiled, "To my special place on the hill."
Blizzard hadn't forgotten her special place. It was a pretty spot to sit and watch the world go by. Blizzard stood up and smiled, "Lets go then."
Luna stood up and left the docks taking him to her special place.

They walked out of the park and through town. They turned the corner and quickly left town, heading towards the forest.
They walked into the thick forest till they could no longer see the houses or town. The sounds of ponies walking and talking eventually couldn't be heard. They began climbing a hill and soon came to a cleaning. Luna smiled greatly when she saw the hill. She ran up the hill with Blizzard next to her. When she reached the top and stopped and turned, gazing at the town below.
Blizzard saw her horn glowing, he turned his head and watched her as she changed back to a winged unicorn. Her long white hair blew in the wind, her pearly horn shined a rainbow color. Her coat was so white it was almost blinding in the sunlight. Luna looked at him and smiled, "What?"
"Your so pretty," Blizzard muttered.
Luna blushed not knowing what to say to him.
Blizzard laid down in the tall grass and watched the distant town. Luna laid in the grass facing his side. She rolled on her side and rested her head on his shoulder.
"You're the first I ever cared about...the first I love," Blizzard muttered, "When father sends me out on a mission I have to be careful no one sees me and if they do see me, I turn them to ice. I don't even give them time to say hi. I never really cared for anyone or even gave it a second thought, I just wanted to finish what father sent me to do," Blizzard paused looking at the grass sadly, "but at the time I didn't know nothing. I didn't even realize how...stupid I really was. Sometimes when I think about father, I get the feeling he wanted me to stay stupid, keeping me from learning but...I don't know why."
"How could your father do those things to you?" Luna asked.
"What things?" Blizzard asked.
Luna looked at his front leg that was tucked under him. She parted his fur to see the dark patch, "Burn you and isolatating you."
"That is quite simple. He doesn't care about me nor does he love me," Blizzard replied.
"Are you quite sure about that Blizzard?" Luna asked, "I mean, How can he not love you?"
"I don't know but for as long as I can remember I have never known what love was so I didn't know what I was missing till I meet you and your friends. I soon learned about being a family, having friends and falling in love," Blizzard turned his head and looked at her, "Father is mean, he keeps to himself and has the strangest eyes I've ever seen on a pony. he tells me nothing or why I'm suppose to go out and do things for him," Blizzard looked at the town in the distance, "I feel I know a lot and there's so much more I still don't know."
luna looked at the grass sadly as she thought of what her father was going to say when he finds out she loves Blizzard, "Father wants me to marry a Prince but I love you."
"Ask your father to change his mind," Blizzard suggested.
"I have and he won't change his mind," Luna replied.
Blizzard smiled, "Don't worry I do not intend to loose you to anyone. Maybe I'll ask Stardust when I go back with you to Dream Castle."
Luna knew her father was never going to change his mind. She would end up marrying a Prince and loving someone else.
"Good Luck. your going to need it with father," Luna replied.

Skyview sat behind them hidden among the thick threes listening.
"Stardust is going to had a hard time pulling those two apart," Skyview thought, "So Blizzard is wising up. He's a fast learner."

Luna looked up at Blizzard, "do you remember your mother?"
Blizzard stared blankly thinking hard but he could remember anything, only his father scaring him with fire.
Luna looked at eh grass sadly, "I wonder what my mother is doing?"
"Rosebud?" Blizzard asked.
"No, my real mother. It's been a while since I last saw her," Luna replied.

In the other world Royal Heart stood on her balcony in her room looking at the land that stretched to the horizon. She thought of Luna and began to miss her terribly. Her long light blue hair blew in the wind. Her silver jeweled collar sparkled in the sunlight. She had left her crown in her room on a pillow. She wanted to rest from a long day work.
Stardust walked in the room and sat his crown on a pillow next to Royal Heart's crown. He looked up and saw her on the balcony looking out with a sad face. Stardust approached her and nuzzled her neck, "What the sad look for?"
"I miss Luna," Royal Heart replied.
Stardust looked at the land in the horizon, "I'm sure she's enjoying herself with Skyview and Starfire."
"I feel so alone here at the castle," Royal Heart commented.
"You got me and so many workers in the castle," Stardust replied trying to cheer her up.
"I.." Royal Heart paused a if she was hading a hard time saying it, "I raised Luna till she was three. Stardust, That's not fair. I want a baby I can raise to an adult. Seeing her grow, saying her first word. Getting in trouble. Helping her with problems. Teaching her to be a Queen. Stardust I missed all that with Luna. As the years go by I'll be getting older."
Stardust smiled greatly, "Oh, Royal Heart." He stretch his neck and nuzzled her cheek down to her neck and to her sides, "Why didn't you say so sooner."
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "I tried but you didn't get it."
"I do now," Stardust replied.
They stood on the balcony and continued to rub each other.