Chapter 112: Being with the boys

It was in the afternoon and Luna was in her earth pony form. She walked upstairs to Blizzard's room. Since the door was closed, she knocked, "Blizzard!"
Blizzard was on his bed leaning against his pillow and reading his book when he heard Luna, "What?"
"Want to go outside and play in the park with my friends?" Luna asked.
"No, I'm busy reading," Blizzard replied.
Luna felt disappointed and signed sadly. She turned and left walking downstairs. Starfire was in the dinning room coloring when he noticed the sad look on Luna's face.
"Is something wrong, Luna?" Starfire asked.
"No not really. I'm going out and play with my friends. Bye," Luna exclaimed putting on a fake smile. Luna left the house and ran down the street. Skyview walked out of the family room and stood at the steps.
"Was there something wrong with her?" Skyview asked.
Starfire stood up from the table and walked across the living room to the steps.
"I don't know. She came downstairs looking a bit sad so I asked her if there was something wrong and she said not really," Starfire explained.
Skyview looked at him suspiously.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Starfire flattened his wings and cracked the door opened while Skyview remained hidden behind the door. Starfire smiled and was relieved to see it was only Blueberry, "I'm afraid you missed Luna."
"I know. I didn't come here to see her. I wanted to talk to Blizzard. I was hoping he could play with me and my friends at the park," Blueberry replied.
"Come on in," Starfire told him and opened the door for him. Blueberry walked into the house and stood in front of Starfire.
"He's up stairs in the second room on the right," Starfire told him.
Blueberry went upstairs and found the room but the door was close. He knocked on the door, "Blizzard?"
Blizzard sighed, he was getting tired of interruptions, "What?"
"Can I come in for a minute?" Blueberry asked.
Blueberry opened the door and walked in, surprised to see Blizzard reading in bed.
"I was wondering if you want to come to the park and play with me and the my friends?" Blueberry asked.
"No," Blizzard replied.
"We need one more pony on the team to play soccer,' Blueberry explained.
"No, I'd rather read this book," Blizzard replied.
"Oh," Blueberry replied, "Go ahead and keep your nose in the book then," Then he turned and left.
Blizzard didn't know what he meant and didn't care, he was too interested in the book to leave it.
Blueberry went down stairs feeling disappointed.
"What's wrong?" Starfire asked, "Don't say nothing. I can see it written all over your face."
"Blizzard doesn't want to come. He's busy reading," Blueberry replied, "Well, I shouldn't be to surprised, he never wanted to play with us before." Then he opened the door and was about to leave when Skyview stopped him.
"Wait, Blueberry," Skyview exclaimed and shut the front door, "Starfire, he's been reading since he got up this morning. I think it's time he left the house for awhile."
Starfire smiled, "What are you waiting for then?" The two black ponies went upstairs and into Blizzard's room interrupting him again.
"What?" Blizzard asked.
"Your going out with Blueberry," Skyview replied sternly.
"No," Blizzard replied.
"Yes you are," Skyview exclaimed.
"I'm not going outside, especially to the park," Blizzard yelled annoyingly.
Starfire snatched his book from his hooves while Skyview picked up Blizzard.
"Your going out," Skyview boldly told him.
Blizzard wiggled, "No, I don't want to go out!"
Skyview walked downstairs, "Blueberry opened the door."
Blueberry quickly opened the door and Skyview went outside and dropped him to the ground, "now go and play with Blueberry."
Blizzard stood up and glared at him, "fine but I need to wrap my feet first."
"Why?" Starfire asked peaking his head out of the house.
"I can't walk around and have ponies stare at my hairy feet," Blizzard replied.
Blueberry walked outside and stood next to him, "It doesn't bother me."
"Your used to it and you know our secret," Blizzard pointed out.
"Buster, Charades and Starfire walk around showing their feet all the time. You can do the same. Now leave and have fun. Blueberry, make sure he plays with you," Skyview told him.
Blueberry smiled, "I sure will."
Skyview hurried into the house before anyone saw him.
Blueberry turned and left with Blizzard at his side.

"Starfire, I'm going to follow Blizzard to the park and watch him. Don't tell Luna and Blizzard," Skyview told him.
"Ok but why are you spying on him?" Starfire asked curiously.
"I'm just going to keep an eye on him. When I returned Stardust to the gate, he asked me to keep an eye on Blizzard," Skyview answered.
Starfire glared at him, "And you didn't tell me? Thanks a lot."
"He asked me," Skyview told him.
"It would still have been nice if I knew about it," Starfire told him.
"I'm sorry, perhaps I should have told you sooner. I'll see you later," Skyview replied and then he turned into a clouds and flew out of the house.

Skyview flew along the grass following the boys to the park. When the boys came to a cleaning on a hill, Skyview hid at the edge of the clearing. He ducked low to the grass and watched from behind a bush.
Ace, lancer and Teddy were surprised to see Blueberry had managed to bring Blizzard and was even more surprised to see his feet was hairy.
"Your feet," Ace exclaimed surprisingly.
"What about my feet?" Blizzard exclaimed.
"I was just surprised to see you have hairy feet," Ace replied, "I mean there's no one around with feet like that."
"I've seen two ponies like that. Blizzard are you related to them?" Lancer asked.
"Who?" Blizzard asked knowing who lancer was talking about.
"Those two ponies that walk around with feet like yours," Lancer replied.
"No," Blizzard flatly answered.
"So is that why you keep your feet wrapped?" Teddy asked.
"That's one of my reasons," Blizzard answered, "I didn't come here to talk about my feet. What it is that you want me to play?"
"Well, It's soccer," Blueberry replied.
"How do you play it?" Blizzard asked.
"Are you serious? Teddy asked, "You don't know how to play soccer?"
"If I did I wouldn't ask," Blizzard replied. He was still upset that he was kicked out of the house to go and play.
"We have to team up. It's me and Teddy, against you and Blueberry. Lancer is goalie. What you have to do is get the ball in the net past Lancer. The one with the most points wins. Now remember, we play as a team," Ace explained.
"You are to kick the ball, don't pick it up. Only the goalie can pick it up. The rest is pretty much learn as you play," Teddy explained.
The two boys went to the center of the clearing while Lancer stood at the goal post watching the ball. Ace kicked the ball. Teddy ran for it but Blueberry managed to get it from him. Blizzard ran and stood in front of Lancer. Blueberry kicked the ball to Blizzard, "Kick it past him!"
Blizzard kicked the ball but Lancer managed to catch the ball.
"This isn't as easy as I thought it would be," Blizzard thought.
Blizzard spent the rest of the afternoon playing and learning to play as a team. As the sun began to set, he and Blueberry finally won.

Blueberry stood next to Blizzard trying to catch his breath, "Now are you glad you stopped reading and came with me to play?"
Blizzard smiled at him, "Yes, this game is actually fun," Then his smiled faded, "I think I just got to deep into my book. I guess it's a bit hard to tear me away from book now that I can read as many as I want."
Blueberry smiled, "It's fun to read but there are other things to do than just reading."
Blizzard looked at the sun and saw it was starting to set, "I got to get back to the house. Rosebud should be having dinner very soon."
"Bye," Blueberry told him.
Ace, Teddy and Lance waved at Blizzard ran through the park heading back to the house. As he ran he thought about Luna and how she asked to play but he said no. Blizzard sighed sadly, he felt bad for not going out with Luna when she had asked.