Chapter 111: Blizzard's playfulness

It was in the afternoon and Blizzard was in the dinning room eating breakfast when he finished. He stood up and took the plate to the kitchen.
Rosebud wasn't in the kitchen for a change, he had always seen her there and he knew she didn't leave the house through the front door. Where did she go?
After a few minutes he heard laughter. It sounded like it was coming from the back yard. He walked to the boor in the kitchen and went outside. He stopped and stood on the porch watching Luna and her friends playing a game. Two ponies stood on a white sheet with colored dots on it. Melody had her feet on several colored dots, Bon Bon had her feet on colored dots in a rather strange position.
"It's about time you came outside," Starfire exclaimed standing next to him.
Blizzard continued to watch Luna in her winged unicorn form and her friends. He sat and watched Melody and Bon as the girls laughed at them. Blizzard stared at them but not really watching them, his mind was somewhere else. A faint picture came to his mind, it seemed more like a distant memory, like he had long forgotten something important. He was a little pony, running and laughing. Someone was there, chasing him.
"Umm...Blizzard?" Rosebud called who stood next to Starfire.
Blizzard blinked and saw Buster, Charades and Booster all sitting on the porch looking at him worriedly.
"What?" Blizzard asked.
"Your staring at nothing," Booster told him, "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine. I was...just thinking," Blizzard replied.
"Thinking a bit to hard," Skyview commented.
Blizzard didn't know if that was his memory or something he thought up. Had he played before? Who was he playing with and when? As far as he knew, he had never played before and yet the image in his mind told him he had.
"Why don't you play with them?" Starfire suggested.
"No, I'll just watch instead," Blizzard replied flatly.
"There's no fun in watching. You spent hours a day in the house reading, It'll be good for you to go out and play," Starfire told him.
"I don't want to play," Blizzard exclaimed.
"Luna!" Starfire called to her.
Luna turned from her friends and approached the porch.
"Luna go get the rope," Starfire told her.
Luna winked out, a minute later she reappeared in the same spot but with the rope in her mouth.
"Luna, I want you and your friends to play rope toss with Blizzard," Starfire told her.
"I'm not playing," Blizzard exclaimed.
"Why?" Skyview asked, "Or is it because you don't know how to play."
Blizzard sighed, looking at the ground, "Father does not allow me to play."
"Your joking" Rosebud exclaimed in disbelief, "Your living with us now so forget what your father said."
"Blizzard, your father isolated you in your house which is not a good thing. Your growing older and need to get out with other ponies," Booster told him.
"Now play with her friends," Skyview told him.
"Play what and how?" Blizzard asked
Starfire left the porch with Luna following him and Blizzard behind him.
"Girls, come here for a minute," Starfire called to them.
The girls stopped and approached Starfire.
"Would you girls mind playing with Luna and Blizzard for a while?" Starfire asked.
"Sure," Starlight replied.
"Play what?" Patch asked.
"Rope toss," Starfire replied.
"Sounds like fun," Sweetheart commented.
"How do you play?" Bright Eyes asked.
"It's a game me and my brothers made up. One pony takes the rope and toss it in the air. Then you catch it and race back to base before someone takes it from you. The base will be the porch. Your to say in the back yard and do not go in the house. Luna, no flying or unicorn magic. Blizzard no ice or blizzards," Starfire explained.
"So we get the rope and run to base?" Clover asked.
"We can take the rope from another pony and run to base?" Raspberry asked.
"Yes. Now have fun," Starfire turned and walked back to the porch, then he sat down and watched.

Luna took the rope in her mouth and tossed it high. Her friends gathers closely to catch the rope. They stood on their hind legs reaching for the rope. When the rope came down it bounced on their hoofs and flew from the group. Bon Bon ran and caught the rope. The girls turned and cased her around the yard. She ran around the shed while Bright Eyes ran around the other way. Bon Bon gasped when she saw Bright Eyes but it was to late to avoid her. Bright Eyes ran into her and fell on her, then the other girls ran in them and fell on each other. Clover managed to get the rope and squeeze out from under the group, then she ran as fast as she could.
"Blizzard, don't stand there, get the rope from her!" Skyview yelled.
Blizzard dashed after Clover but wasn't able to reach the rope in time. Clover jumped on the porch and dropped the rope, "I won!"
The girls managed to get off each other and went to the porch.
"I guess I won so it's my turn to toss it," Clover said.
"What's the point in winning?" Blizzard asked.
"The satisfaction of winning," Starfire replied, "try winning, you just might like it."

Clover took the rope and walked some distance from the porch. The girls gathered around, even Blizzard stood close. He was curious about the feeling of winning. What was the point in winning? Did he have to win to find out?
Clover tossed the rope high and the girls reached for the rope but when it came down, it bounced on their hooves. Blizzard jumped up and caught the rope in his mouth. Then he ran toward the porch with the girls behind him. They ran on each side of him hoping to corner him and take the rope. Blizzard had to think fast, he had to get rid of them in order to get to the porch safely. Then he had an idea, He suddenly stopped surprising the girls. He turned and ran with the girls behind him. He went around the shed and hurried to the porch. He glanced back to see how far the girls were when he looked forward, he saw Luna and fell over her. Then the girls fall on top of them.
"Get off!," Melody cried.
"No...wait...someone get the rope first," Patch cried. The girls started grabbing each other.
"Ouch...Watch it!" Raspberry yelled.
"That's my tail!" Bon Bon yelled.
"Ouch...that's me," Starlight exclaimed.
"Let go, that's my horn!" Luna yelled.
"Sorry," Clover replied.
As the girls continued searching under them, they began to hear a faint laughter. They knew non of them was laughing and yet it sounded familiar.
The girls turned their heads and looked. Blizzard was sitting next to them holding a rope and trying not to laugh. It was a strange sight to see. Non of them had ever seen him laugh.
"" Starlight studdard.
"I just flew here," Blizzard replied.
"You what?" the girls asked.
"How?" Melody asked, "You don't have wings."
"There's more than one way to fly," Blizzard replied, "and if I do remember right, Starfire didn't tell me I couldn't fly."
The girls remained silent knowing he was right.

Skyview looked at Starfire questionably, "You forgot to tell Blizzard no abilities."
"I told him no ice or blizzards," Starfire replied, "I forgot about flying."
"It's ok, Starfire, I think he having fun teasing the girls with the rope," Rosebud told him.

Blizzard stood up, "Now if you excuse me." He put the rope in his mouth and walked toward the porch.
"Get off and go after him!" Starlight yelled.
The girls climbed off each other and ran after him. Blizzard ran as fast as he could towards the porch. Grass flew in the air as he races for the porch. When he approached the porch, he jumped and skidded on the wooden beams, then he stood up and looked at the girls smiling. He dropped the rope, "I won."
"So I take it, you like playing?" Skyview asked.
"It's not so bad," Blizzard replied, "Lets play again!"
Skyview, Starfire, Rosebud, Booster, Buster and Charades smiled when they saw how happy he seemed. It was clear that he really enjoyed playing despite what he had told them.

"Since I won, I toss the rope," Blizzard told them. He picked up the rope and left the porch. The girls smiled and followed him. He stopped and tossed the rope high. The girls gathered around for the rope. This time Luna managed to get the rope and run with it. Blizzard and the girls chased her all over the yard. Luna thought her friends was far behind her but she didn't realize how close Blizzard was. When she turned the other direction to look, Blizzard grabbed the rope from her and ran. Luna gasped and ran after him.
Blizzard led them all over the yard. He would at time quickly turned into a cluster of snow flakes and fly through them then he'd return to his pony form and continued running. The girls were getting frustrated with his teasing.
"Patch," Starlight called to her, "Come on, lets wait by the shed when he runs around it."
Patch and Starlight smiled. When Blizzard led the girls back to the shed, Patch and Starlight waited in front for him. They stood and listened for hoof beats. When it got loud, the two girls jumped out and gasped. To their surprised, it wasn't Blizzard coming at them, it was their friends.
The girls ram into each other and piled on top of each other.
"Where did he go?" Patch asked.
Blizzard flew next to them in a cluster of snow flakes and returned to his pony form, laughing.
"How?" Starlight asked, "You couldn't have known we were there."
"I saw your shadow long before I saw you two," Blizzard replied smiling at them, "Now I got a game to win."
Suddenly Luna ran past him, grabbing the rope in her mouth. Blizzard was surprised, he had forgotten about her. He turned from the girls and ran after Luna. She giggled when she saw how anxious he was to get the rope back. When she reached the porch, she jumped on it and turned, dropping the rope.
"I won!" Luna exclaimed smiling.
"Lets play again," Blizzard proposed.
"Forget it," Melody replied approaching him.
"We're sore from running into each other," Clover explained.
"How about card games or board games?" Sweetheart suggested.
"That's fine, as long as it's fun," Blizzard replied as his smiled faded.
Luna left the rope and led them into the house.

Starfire smiled, "He really is enjoying himself."
"That rope game was a good idea," Skyview replied.
"See I do have some good ideas once in a great while," Starfire told him.
"It can't be that often. I find it hard to remember the last time you had a good idea," Skyview replied.
Starfire glared at him, "Maybe your just getting to old to remember."
"I'm not that old. You were born a minute after me," Skyview exclaimed.
"But your still older than me," Starfire replied.
"Being old has nothing to do with not remembering," Skyview told him.
"Then your just forgetful," Starfire told him.
"Umm..excuse me but what are you two arguing about?" Rosebud asked.
"I don't know but it's his fault," Skyview replied and walked into the house.
"It's not always my fault," Starfire replied.
Buster and Charades laughed.
"Don't take them seriously," Charades told Rosebud and Booster, "They just like to argue."
"Well lets go in the house and join the girls in their game," Booster proposed.
They smiled and walked into the house.