Chapter 110: Discovering books

It was morning and the birds chirped wildly outside his window. Blizzard woke up and yawned, then he stood up and left his room. He walked downstairs and stopped at the bottom steps. He looked at the dinning room but there was no sign of Luna, Starfire or Skyview. He looked to his left around the corner and didn't see Skyview in the family room or anyone else. He left the stairs and walked through the living room and into the kitchen. He stopped and saw Rosebud cooking which seems to be about all she does..
What are you doing?" Blizzard asked startling Rosebud.
Rosebud smiled, "Making cookies for you, Lunarstar, Starfire and Skyview."
"Where are they?" Blizzard asked her.
"Out in the back yard playing," Rosebud replied.
Blizzard walked to the screen door and saw Luna being chased by her uncles, in her mouth was a rope. He stood for a while curiously watching. He couldn't figure out why they would want to take the rope from her. What was the fun in that?
Rosebud turned and saw that Blizzard was still watching Luna play, "Why don't you go outside and join them?"
Blizzard looked at her with a calm face, then he turned and left the kitchen. He didn't want to admit he didn't know how to play.

He walked into the living room and stood looking around, wondering what he could do? He decided to lay somewhere quiet. He walked from the living room to the family room. It was quiet and hardly anyone goes into the room. He sat on the couch and was about to lay down when he noticed a dark red book with a piece of paper sticking out. He picked up the book and read the cover, "Magic and Mysteries, "So this is the book he's reading. I wonder what it's about?"
He flipped through the pages for pictures but didn't find any. Then he flipped the pages to the beginning and began to read the first page. Before he knew it he had read three pages and found himself drawn into the book. He forgot he was reading Skyview's book.

Booster walked into the kitchen with Buster and Charades behind him. Booster walked up to Rosebud and nuzzled her cheek, "Where's Blizzard? Is he up yet?"
"Yes he is," Rosebud answered
Buster walked back into the kitchen, "Where? I don't see him."
"He's in the house some where," Rosebud replied and left the kitchen to search the living room.
Booster walked to the Family room and saw Blizzard on the couch reading.
"Over here," Booster whispered.
Buster, Charades and Rosebud looked into the room quietly. Rosebud couldn't help but smiled when she saw him reading. Charades approached Blizzard smiling, "I see you like to read."
Blizzard was startled and dropped the book on the floor.
"I'm sorry," Charades replied.
Blizzard picked up the book along with the piece of paper that had fallen out.
"Sorry to bother you. I didn't know you like to read," Charades quickly said.
Just then Skyview, Starfire and Luna walked into the room. Skyview stopped and saw the book that Blizzard was holding, "You lost my place? It'll take me a while to find where I left off."
Blizzard set the book down with the paper on top, "I'm sorry. I saw it here and I was just going to take a peak at it."
"Blizzard, we have lots of books for you to read if you ever get board," Booster told him.
"You don't mind me reading them?" Blizzard asked.
"Of corse not," Rosebud replied smiling, "Why would we mind?"
"Father never lets me read no more than a few books. There a big library at home but he keeps it locked," Blizzard replied.
"Why?" Rosebud asked.
"I don't know," Blizzard replied.
"Blizzard why don't you find a book to read besides mine?" Skyview suggested.
"We have quite a few books around this room," Booster told him.
"He can read mine," Luna suggested, "It's about pony pirates."
"I think it'll be best if it's something he'll learn from it," Skyview told her.
"Pirates are real and who knows maybe he'll learn from it," Luna replied.
"What's a pirate?" Blizzard asked.
"See?" Luna asked, "I'm going to let him read it," She winked, then a minute later she reappeared. She handed the book to Blizzard who took it and curiously looked at it.
"Thank you," Blizzard told her and left the room. He went up the stairs to his room and laid on the bed as he began reading the book. He was happy to be reading another book besides his own.
He spent rest of the day reading the book, the only time he stopped was for dinner then he would continue reading.