Chapter 109:  Curious little pony

Blizzard was sound asleep dreaming when he's a baby surrounded by fire. He tossed his head then he suddenly wakes up. He sat up in bed and looked on the floor. Skyview and Starfire wasn't there under their blankets. The room was dark and the curtains were closed letting very little light in. He could hear the birds chirping and the sounds of wood being cut. He climbed out of bed and opened the curtains. He blinked a few times from the brightness of the sunlight. Then he turned and was about to walk towards the door when he noticed his bed had frost on it. He was relieved to see it wasn't ice, he guessed it was probably because he had woken up in the middle of his dream. He left the room and went downstairs.

When he reached the bottom steps he noticed Starfire in the dinning room with a small box and several thin books. He was curious as to what Starfire was doing. He walked across the living room and stood at the table in front of Starfire. He noticed Starfire coloring in a book, it looked quite interesting to him and yet he wondered what the purpose in coloring a book was.
Starfire put a crayon down and went to pick another one up when he noticed Blizzard watching him.
"What?" Starfire asked.
"Nothing," Blizzard replied, then he turned from him.

He walked into the kitchen and saw Rosebud stirring something in a large bowel. Blizzard approached her quietly and watched for several minutes. He was curious to see what was in the bowel and why she was doing it. Rosebud looked to the right and noticed Blizzard staring at the bowel.
"Good morning, Blizzard. I'll have your breakfast done soon," Rosebud told him.
Blizzard remained quiet not sure what to say to her. He walked around her and continued to the living room.

He walked to the stairs and saw something black in the family room. Blizzard peaked in and saw Skyview sitting on the couch. Blizzard walked up to him and looked over his shoulder.
"What is it?" Skyview asked, looking up at him.
"Umm...nothing," Blizzard replied.
He turned and left the room, he walked to the living room and watched Starfire for a bit. He had wondered around the house and there was no sign of Luna. He wondered where she went?
When Starfire caught him watching, Blizzard quickly left and hurried into the kitchen.

He stood at the kitchen counter curiously watching Rosebud pour something onto a pan. Blizzard approached her and stood next to her watching closely. Rosebud smiled greatly when she saw how curious he was.
"Is there something you want?" Rosebud asked.
"No," Blizzard turned and left the kitchen.
Rosebud finished pouring the batter onto the pan, then she went into the dinning room and peaked around the corner. She watched as Blizzard walked into the family room to see Skyview.
"Starfire, what's he been doing since he got up?" Rosebud asked.
"Going back and forth," Starfire replied, "from Skyview, to me and then to you. I ask him what he wants and he says nothing."
"He said the same to me," Rosebud replied, "He seem curious though and just watches."
"If he's so curious then why don't he just ask?" Starfire asked her.
"Let ask him why," Rosebud suggested.
Starfire stood up and walked from the dinning room with Rosebud to the family room. Blizzard was leaving the room when they walked in.
When Skyview heard Blizzard was out of the room he stood up leaving his book on the couch.
"What is wrong with him?" Skyview asked, "He watches and when I ask him what, he says nothing."
"Lets ask him then," Rosebud proposed.

The three of them left the room and walked into the kitchen to find Blizzard staring at the pan and watching the batter cook.
"Blizzard," Rosebud called to him.
Blizzard turned and stood looking worriedly at them. he was nervous to see the three of them together looking at him.
"Is there something wrong?" Rosebud asked.
"No, nothing's wrong," Blizzard replied.
"You've been watching us" Skyview told him, "If you have a question to ask, just ask."
Blizzard remained silent wondering if it would be alright to ask a lot of questions. He knew he was never allowed to ask curious questions with his father.
"You...don't mind me asking?" Blizzard nervously asked.
"No not at all," Rosebud answered.
"How are you going to know something if you don't ask?" Skyview asked him.
"Father has always told me not to be curious and don't ask questions, just do it," Blizzard answered.
"Your still listening to your father after what he's done to you?" Skyview explained.
"Blizzard, you're a little pony. Little ponies are always curious, it's normal. It's how you learn by being curious and asking questions," Rosebud explained.
Blizzard sighed sadly, he had not realized he was still listening to his father. He knew Skyview was right. Blizzard looked up at him, "Really? You don't mind?"
They smiled at him.
"Not at all," Skyview answered.
"Oh, so...What's this stuff in the pan?" Blizzard asked.
"That is pan cakes I'm making for you. I hope you don't mind, I'm always making them for Lunarstar," Rosebud replied walking up to the stove.
Blizzard looked at Starfire curiously, "What were you doing?"
"Coloring. I was bored this morning so I decided to color in a coloring book."
"A coloring book?" Blizzard asked.
"Don't tell me you don't know what it is?" Starfire asked.
"I never heard of one," Blizzard answered.
"It's a book you color in," Starfire answered.
Blizzard looked curiously at Skyview, "What were you reading?"
"It's a book I found here this morning called Mysteries and Magic," Skyview replied.
"Mysteries and Magic?" Blizzard asked not sure what it meant.
"You sure don't seem to know much," Starfire commented.
"Father never let me read more than a few books. I've never gone out and talked to other ponies. All I know is what father told me," Blizzard explained.
"Well, You'll learn a lot now that your living here," Rosebud remarked.
"Why don't you come with me and color. it's fun," Starfire suggested.
Blizzard turned and looked at Rosebud, "Where's Luna?"
"In school. Why don't you color till breakfast is ready," Rosebud proposed.
Blizzard had nothing else to do so he followed Starfire into the dinning room.

Skyview approached Rosebud, "I can't imagine why his father kept him isolated from everyone."
"Well he's here and he'll learn to be a normal little pony like he should have been," Rosebud told him.
Skyview turned and left the kitchen still thinking about Blizzard.
"But he isn't normal. I wonder where he really came from? It's not possible for someone outside the family to have abilities like his, it's just not possible," Skyview thought. He sat on the couch in the family room and continued reading his book. Starfire spent some time showing Blizzard how to color. Blizzard found it quite interesting and didn't want to stop coloring.